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 Satan's Serious Application for Event Staff.

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Lord Commander Satan

Lord Commander Satan

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PostSubject: Satan's Serious Application for Event Staff.   Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:21 pm

Steam Name:Satan
Steam ID:
Experience with Roleplay: Six Years

Any prior admin experience: Singularity Gaming Super Admin/Event Moderator(On-Going!), SuperNova(Brayton Edition) Event Admin, Powerforce Gaming, Cranberry Gaming(I regret nothing!), Exotec Gaming, Exogen Gaming, [INSERTTHENAMEOFHUMPERSFANTASYRPHERE].

An example of how to structure an event (Four paragraphs minimum): Four Pargaphs? Great, I make my events in four steps!

Step One; To Begin the construction of a event I first begin to think and gather ideas for a interesting scenario. The Scenarios I create usually come to me via inspiration from Books, TV Shows and Movies. Because let's be honest! Who doesn't want to rob a train? While I gather these ideas I begin to nit-pick and chance things to fit the current genre we are in. After fixing it to said genre I would begin to think of what I'm looking for in the event. Will it be a Michael Bay Action Flick or something with a bit more story? Once deciding on the type of story I move onto the next part

Part Two; Once I move into this step I begin to search for my favorite part of making events; The Map. To Start off for the map I begin to look for what fits the genre and tone of the event I am looking for. I type up the keywords within the Workshop and begin to look through the screenshots of the maps. After finding the maps I would download them and begin to shuffle through them manually as I explore. Looking at the size, whats where and how it would look from a Players View. I think of possible encounters and visual effects within the map and how the Group should move within the event. If I cannot find a map that fits my event idea, seeing as I have no skill at all at making maps VIA Hammer I go return my first step and begin to think again. Or If I found a map I enjoy I will think of a event that would fit it.

Step Three; After finding the map I wish to use I would go through it slowly and carefully checking it and thinking "What's going on here?", I would plan the event from where the players start and where they will finish. Writing down the descriptions of the area, the events going on and the actual /event themselves within the map. I find it easy and free flowing for me to be able to write what is actually going to happen over the course of the event while playing the map itself. This way I can get a feel of how It'll be for players. It also helps whoever is helping me or myself see what they'll see and plan around that. Hopefully to create some interesting scenarios.

Step Four; After finding the map and planning how the event would proceed. I would begin to move through it again, this time laying down props and other visual effects. I would make certain things tell a story instead of just having them thrown down in the middle of the map to add clutter or look like something was there. IE; The Players bust through a apartment room during a deal gone wrong, the apartment itself is cluttered with overturned objects and the dinner still left on the table obviously signalling someone bolted. It's always fun for me to make neat-little visual stories using props. Being the longest part of the event process of mine I plan this a few days before the actual date so I can spend time building and making sure things are placed right. Making sure everything is planted right before the event day comes. After finishing the prop placement I would weld them all together in save them in a large or several ADV. Duplication for swift placement and deployment. Cutting the wait time for players.

An example of how to make an event more interesting without relying on NPCs (Two paragraphs minimum): Being able to create a event without relying on rooty-tooty-point-n-shooties and acutal hostiles to fire at is a great feat for any event admin. I have done this several times on servers such as Singularity during my time as a admin there. One of the basis things of making a event that doesn't require NPCs is help. You want people to RP within the event so It is always great to recruit other admins or players themselves to be a Event Character to create a bit of flavor within the event and not have the Playerbase walking around and asking "what is going on here?" every time they wish to know. They can learn themselves and create a interesting setting.

A way I've done it before is actual physiological events that mess with the players. Having something that effects them in any way is always a interesting way to go on about the event. Be it a Artifact of sort creating lucid and visual nightmares and fears of the characters or being a survival situation in where they are lost in some jungle. There are alot of situations you can create without the use of NPCs during the process of the event and /still/ make it interesting for the player base and admin staff.

An example of how you would deal with disruptive players during an event (Two paragraphs minimum): Disruptive players are always a bane of any Event. The players that just don't take it seriously or minge around are the worst. It's always a good idea to have another admin on that is not helping move the event forward to grab them and pull them aside to talk with them. This way the Event can continue smoothly without a hold up.

If you have to get involved with the disruptive player It is best to leave the players themselves doing something while you deal with it. One of the First Steps is giving a warning and asking them to stop. If they continue onward It is best to give a final warning before saying they'll be kicked from the server and or event. If it comes to this and the players returns and continues give them a final warning before issuing a temporary ban for the remainder of the event. This way the disruptive player will be removed from the event until It is over and allow it to continue on its path.

Do you swear to take your role seriously, professionally and with the utmost maturity?: As much as It hurts me, Yes.

Do you understand that any documented abuse of power will result in an instant removal of power?: My Pants are buckled and I understand.
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PostSubject: Re: Satan's Serious Application for Event Staff.   Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:46 pm

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Satan's Serious Application for Event Staff.
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