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 [kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari)

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[kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari) Empty
PostSubject: [kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari)   [kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari) EmptySun May 22, 2016 5:06 pm

Steam Name: [kiloSE7EN]
RP Experience: 10+ years
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[kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari) 596d24aef058ccc9a535dbc273f487fc


Character Name: Shiavi Myradri
Monikers: Shia
Race: Asari
Age: 156; Maiden-stage.
Birth Year: 2027
Homeworld: Illium

Skin Color: Light indigo.
Markings: Indigo.
Eye Color: Green.

Affiliations: Citadel; Asari diplomat.
Commission and Duties: Diplomatic Relations
...of sorts:

What can your character do for our ship?: Nothing, really. She is a passenger and only takes up space. If anything, she introduces danger to the ship; diplomats with ties to the Council can be highly disliked. But perhaps something favorable could be arranged.

Character Equipment: None. She travels light and inconspicuously.
Clothing: Depends on the occasion. She prefers clothing that breathes well, and in colors that don't stand out.
Clothing Examples:

Personality Type: ENTP
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

  • Charismatic. The young diplomat has been trained well in the art of conversation. She is also aware of the tropes that Asari are categorized in and plays into them where possible to bend others to her will.
  • Knowledgeable. She rarely will pass up a good opportunity to learn something new, especially abstract concepts. This makes her missions worthwhile to her.
  • Privacy. The asari is talented in keeping a neutral facade; it aides her in carrying out her duties and in politics.


  • Argumentative. Shia enjoys the mental exercise of debating an idea, and nothing is sacred. Many people rarely appreciate the vigor with which she will try to tear down their beliefs and methods.
  • Intolerant. Unless people are able to back up their ideas in a round of mental sparring, Shia is likely to dismiss not just the ideas but the people themselves. Either a suggestion can stand up to rational scrutiny or it's not worth bothering with.
  • Loyalty. The diplomat is incredibly loyal, to a fault. She will defend and stand up for something or someone she trusts in, even if it means putting herself in danger or if it is wrong.
  • Pureblood. Due to the increased chances of producing Ardat-Yakshi, it is considered disgraceful and shameful to descend from two Asari parents, this is a dark and deep secret that the diplomat holds onto. Very few, if any, know of her origins, but if brought up, she would defend it loyally.

Mostly untrained - chaotic at best - but viable in fight-or-flight situations.

  • Advanced Barrier. Rank 7. The diplomat spends extra time training this ability, as it has saved her life and the lives of her companions. Barrier absorbs moderate damage and lasts for 16.5 seconds.
  • Stasis. Rank 5. Used to escape and buy herself time. The target is held in a mass effect field for 14.5 seconds.
  • Lift. Rank 2. Using this ability is very draining and, in most cases, unfeasible. The target is lifted from the ground for 6.4 seconds.

[kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari) CCcVDxI

Character Backstory

Some would say that Shiavi was bred for politics -- if not just heavily groomed for them. Born to two Asari parents on Illium, Shia was taught from an early age that being pureblood was not shameful, but that it must remain a secret; these early installations of lying and deception arguably may have shaped her to be the spy she is today. Her natural biotic powers came to fruition just before puberty, which she reached later than others at the age of 112, but she spent little time honing them and most of her time studying politics and notable diplomats and political figures in the Citadel.
Around the age of 120, she began working as an intern for a promising politician, Tevos, on the Citadel; Shia dedicated herself to logging several hours of paperwork and errand-running, focused solely on working her way up the rungs. While other maiden-aged Asari she knew set out on adventures, she spent time restlessly behind a desk, toiling away for a glimmer of recognition, but quietly itching for an adventure herself. When Tevos announced she would be running for appointment to the Citadel's Council, she confided in Shia that her chances of winning were slim - afterall, there were other candidates who were more strict and more Asari-focused than she. They formed an alliance, with Tevos promising to bring Shia up with her should she succeed, and so Shia devoted herself to the campaign. She traveled all over the Asari-controlled galaxy, promoting her bureaucrat and quietly but effectively collecting information on their opponents for slander.
Her hard work paid-off when Tevos, her long-time employer and friend, was finally elected to the Council. As promised, Tevos brought Shia up to be her "right-hand" - someone she relied on no matter what, and whose opinion was highly valued and considered.

The first assassination attempt on the Councilor's life happened in 2179. It was discovered that there was a small group of human colonists who disapproved of Tevos' favoring of the Asari race, and aimed to eliminate her to eliminate future threats against Humankind. The second attempt happened a year later, when human survivors from another colony discovered and revealed her to be behind the evacuation of Asari-only colonists shortly before their colony was ransacked by mercenaries. Tevos' foundation was shaken by the second near-death experience. In desperation and fear for her own life, she asked Shia to leave the Citadel and, without involving the Citadel fleet or Spectres for fear of drawing more attention to herself, to try to discover other plots against her demise. The request caused tension between the two; what she was asking could essentially ruin Shia's chance at the political career she wanted if she were discovered to be a spy, but also satisfied Shia's natural desire to explore and be free in her Maiden age. Eventually she agreed, leaving her hesitation behind; though she was incapable of fighting, knew little of colonies, and had no means of safe transportation, she believed Tevos would always defend her and was loyal to her unquestioningly.
She traveled, at first, in a small vessel Tevos provided to her under the guise of campaigning and raising her approval ratings. Tevos, highly circumspect, hired another assistant (much to Shia's chagrin). When visiting Horizon in 2180, her ship was hijacked and dismantled, and she was taken for ransom by an unnamed mercenary group who discovered her identity. They sent the ransom to Tevos herself, who responded by discreetly sending a Spectre to recover Shia and dispatch the mercenaries.

Upon return to the Citadel, Shia discovered that though her life had been put in danger, Tevos still relied on her to carry out the duties she had asked of her, and that Tevos' new assistant was irreplaceable. If Shia would not carry out Tevos' missions, she was now disposable.
With some hope that she could still someday rise to join the Council, she agreed to continue her quests, but on her own terms. Tevos agreed and the two parted ways, and have not met in person again since. Any findings and logs were henceforth transmitted via encrypted datapads and emails, and Shia found herself more willing to do a little information work on the side for the person with the right credits - though she vowed to never relay sensitive information about Tevos, for whom she was still fiercely loyal to despite their falling out.

Now, Shia travels the systems in creative and discreet ways, the nature of her travel rarely disclosed. She finds herself stranded in Hiromi City, following news of the attack on the Citadel, and no knowledge of what became of her distant friends and Councilmember. With little knowledge of the Hoplos System and a fresh arrival to Trident, she keeps her ear out for her clients and also seeks a means of discrete travel. In the right place at the right time, she catches wind of a ship known as The Geisha.

[kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari) VulU5yL

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PostSubject: Re: [kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari)   [kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari) EmptyMon May 23, 2016 2:55 am

[kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari) Cowboy%20Bebop%20-%20Spike%20Saying%20'Bang'
Welcome aboard.

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[kiloSE7EN] - Shiavi Myradri (Asari)
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