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 General concern brought from other thread

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PostSubject: General concern brought from other thread   Mon May 16, 2016 1:46 am

The other thread did indeed become a pissing contest, but I genuinly do have some concerns I'd like to voice. Based on our entrance event and what has happened so far.

Xenoxia wrote:
I've seen so many other people do worse things OOC and have them overlooked, simply because their characters are more wanted/worthy and that upsets me. For example, if someone who was a Senior NCO or CO on the other MERP server (Or an OOC admin) came up with an idea for something; they would more than likely actually have it run through and succeed, even if it was stupid as hell. But if an Enlisted or a junior NCO suggested something, it was quickly thrown away as one of the most stupidest ideas ever. (E.G, when Dio told me that I was stupid for suggesting we split up a bit more and have more eyes over other areas; setting up tripwires or proximity beacons. That and we should have split up incase they used explosives. Anyway, I was told stupid and not a few moments later we were under attack from rocket launchers and explosives and the people who were in the medbay who I asked to go down and help also... Well they nearly died, as did a lot of others; because legit ideas were neglected. And not soon after that, the other ideas I came up with were put into practice by a senior NCO/CO much later after it was all over. Anyway, I digress.) I hope I don't see anything like this happen on this server, but I have this feeling it more than likely will; from a few things I've saw already.

So far, yes I know it's only been two days, but I've yet to be truly impressed by this server either. No ones been given jobs, when we gave out our names and specialties when we got on the ship I was half expecting there to be several events right after where people were gathered together in their specialties and told to do some things. Or be used when things actually went bad on the ship, the only event I saw of this happening was when some Qaurians had some servers put infront of them and told to fix them because of that fire. Our first event was a map change, waiting for the admin to get back on after a crash, walking into a building while people complained of noises ooc and then moving three small boxes of red sand not even worthy of the size of our giant confusing smuggler ship. The only people involved in that was admins and a few people who chose they wanted to pick up some boxes, very interesting. Even shore leave on the Citadel had more event than that.

On singularity, people often felt left out of things because they weren't included or had their ideas dismissed because of their IC or OOC rank/reputation. I can say while I myself was never on this end of the stick and obviously stuck out enough to make it to Sergeant. Not only that but I had several people question me how I ranked up so quickly and why they were still privates. I don't really have an answer to that, I wish I did. Apparently people thought I was good enough for that kind of thing, but personally there was only ever a few times where I actually felt I deserved those promotions over others. Point is, a lot of people were left out on Singularity. Some even because they could not be as active as others.

I don't want to see this Server end up like Singularity did, I really don't. I hope how I feel and what I think might happen is just worry and it's not going to happen, but I don't know how to feel about that. What I'm hoping for is that you can get something for everyone to do, to rotate between people so everyone can have fun. Sometimes a lot of people can get left behind, because of their roleplay skills, their language barriers, etc.

This is, it wasn't just Singularity I know of that has done this. It's a rampant problem in things like HL2RP and FalloutRP and other RP's just as much. Think of it like all the admins are Metrocops and the normal players are Citizens.
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PostSubject: Re: General concern brought from other thread   Mon May 16, 2016 4:04 am

I'd like to put in my input towards this by simply saying we're generally avoiding such circumstances.

Clearly we've been under performing in our duties to put this across, but we have more intention of allowing players to craft our world and story rather than simply shitting out events and pretending they're going to go somewhere. We've generally avoided giving admin out ridiculously towards people we favour or have some sort of unanimous opinion towards. At best all we've allowed is a few operators and left the actual serious roles to the people who run the damn place.

I myself will always note that putting admins in a giant place of power causes issues at times, but that's solely on if you squeeze roles into every single high ranking, high positioned character. All we really have in a place of power is a captain, and that's practically all there is. It's free game on the ship, as long as people roll with the punches and treat each other like a little family of sorts.

We'll try to give people chances and ways to add their own variety into the roleplay, but respect needs to be given and lines need to be drawn on what you can or cannot do. Until that's understood, until people understand that things are just made to create a balance, then you'll finally have something you can fully enjoy.
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PostSubject: Re: General concern brought from other thread   Mon May 16, 2016 4:10 am

This is literally the proper answer I wanted to my other thread, thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: General concern brought from other thread   

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General concern brought from other thread
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