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 The Creativity Thread

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PostSubject: The Creativity Thread   Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:05 am

Welcome to the creativity thread!
Its a long tradition amongst the many communities that I have been in to show what we can do with Garry's Mod. From posing ragdolls, to creating bases, to assembling vehicles.

There are a few rules before we get started:
-No nudity (Garry's Mod is a game for all ages, do I need to say more?)
-Don't post anything that you didn't make;
-Put effort in your work;
-Give feedback and receive feedback.

If you need inspiration, look back at things that happened on the server in-character!

I'll get started to break the ice!

Laboratory Raid

Abandoned Hospital



Combine Trauma Auto-doc
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The Creativity Thread
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