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 Kobolds: General Info

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PostSubject: Kobolds: General Info   Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:00 pm

Kobolds are a race of sentient Draconian/Reptillian beings that travel the continent. These people travel in clans and stand a head shorter than most humans, although physical attributes vary based on the point of origin.

A Kobold whos origin lays in the deserts of Bakri.

Kobolds are highly motivated by coin, which has caused them to take up professions such as roving traders, mercenaries, thieves and rouges. (Which in turn has given them a bad reputation in the lower lands.)

Due to their draconian decent, Kobolds have a natural resistance to fire, scaled bodies, razor sharp claws and show skill in incendiary based magic. The average Kobold fighter prefers stealth and long ranged combat to close range as they are a physically weaker race.

A Kobold Mercenary

The Crowns new taxation on non-human species has caused a split between different Kobold clans. Many have moved into the northern territories while clans with political and market ties staying within Victorian territory.

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Kobolds: General Info
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