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 Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.

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PostSubject: Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.   Fri May 13, 2016 1:15 am

Steam Name: Sophia Voidwalker. (Or as others know. The Edgiest of Edgelord that everyone hates. Or loves. Take your pick legion.)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37284122
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034833973/
Rp Experience: Fuck. Eight years now. I’m getting old for this shit. But I’m not that old.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Elcor are like. Living facking tanks. That’s pretty FUCKING NIFTY HUH!? Oh also Quads exist. Quad-bikes. I mean Krogan has quad-bikes. I MEAN BALLS FOUR BALLS DAMN MAN THAT’S LIKE MORE SPERM!

Character Name: Sophia Orr/Laura Spears.

Age: 27
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Muscle
Character Equipment: heavily Modified M-23 Katana, Death Mask (modified),  Heavily customized heavy Armour, Modified M-5 Phalanx,

Moral Alignment: True Neutral.
Strengths: Friendly: Sophia tends to be a friendly woman. For the most part anyway. Just don’t piss her off.
Joking: Sophia can take a joke. She can also dish a few out.
Loyal: Sophia is Loyal to those she can trust. And will most likely not betray them no matter how much credits you would offer her.
Young: Sophia is young not fully understanding everything of the galaxy yet. Not even knowing about some facts on aliens.
Blunt: After all that had happened Sophia took a more blunt way of talking to people. She won’t keep quiet if she thinks you’re a fucking idiot.
Ayano: Sophia having known Ayano for a good of two years cares for the woman. She sees her as the closest friend she had on Omega.

Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph)
Sophia was born onto the planet earth. Specifically in Canada which tends to be a rather cold place. She was born to the man Cordell Nelson a bastard of a man. Her mother was a nice woman for quite awhile. She was at least nice to her daughter but sadly she was fed up with Cordell. Not having the money to even pay for a Divorce so she had up and left. Having to live with her Father Cordell for a good twenty four years. She was getting sick of putting up with her father’s abuse. She didn’t have an idea where to go anymore. Nor what to do she didn’t have the money to go anywhere she could try to get a job. Though she knew of one place where she might be able to make a slight living. Omega. She did have the money she saved up for years to get there. After sneaking out one night and not looking back she had left to go for Omega.

Not giving a second thought to it she had packed what she could. Few cloths, The Credits she saved up. Some books to read on her way to Omega. She was ready for her new life to start her new life. She didn’t know what she would do when going there but she could figure it out once she got there. Sophia bought the ticket needed to get to Omega. Afterwards of landing on Omega. Having no other idea on what to work at in Omega she had found a bar to work at. It was not the easiest job to get but she did atleast get it.

She had worked there for a fair bit of a month or more. But one day a pair of mercs had come into the bar talking to eachother and sat down at the bar. Sophia did what she had done other every day for the past month serve drinks and chat up the people who came into the bar in hopes of getting tips. She did manage to get quite a bit out of the mercs a lot infact she had heard their stories and was almost awed by them. It sounded like a life that she would love to enjoy. She had known how to handle a gun and some VERY basic training that her father had once given her the only good thing he had ever done. So after quitting her job at the bar and using the money she had managed to make and the saved up money form before she had bought a small-arm pistol and some very basic armour. Having no more credits she started out her merc work. Her first job was to go get payment from three low-lifes who refused payment. She didn’t question it as much as she heard the risks from the mercs. The Mission she was sent on was rather odd. She had meet someone she got close to. Pretty much Best Friends Ayano.

Sophia's First mission.

Ayano and Sophia, two very different species, with very different reasons for being on omega, but one very similar mission. To retrieve payment from a small group of mercs, which, in all honesty, wouldn’t or shouldn’t have been very difficult. Quite unfortunately, perhaps for the gang, the two had different tactics.

Ayano had a plan, to lay in wait from a distance and trap them, force them to drop the credits to leave with their lives, or her rifle would claim their lives.

Sophia planned to step up to them and demand it, to try to strong arm her way past the three. Force them to pay ‘or else’.

Ayano’s plan disrupted, she watched through the dual scopes at the girl, at the gang which laughed, and began to wail on her, shooting at her feet and forcing her to move from them in an erratic, panic filled little dance. She was a confused woman stuck in a world where she had heard tales of glory, but never the tales of those that died for the stories.

Ayano, perhaps out of hatred more for the races harassing her, or perhaps out of genuine concern, pulled the trigger, causing one of their shields to drop. They turned, fired up towards the glint of the rifle, and off did they fighting go.

Sophia popped the shieldless one in the back of the head, dropping him onto his head. The others turned, firing into her shields and dropping them as she scrambled for cover. The watchful batarian fired again, cocking back the rifle’s bolt and loading in another round to the mantis. Her second shot found it’s mark, forcing it through the man’s neck and spine.

He dropped to the floor, drowning in his own blood while the final member flung a grenade, right up to the would be snipers little hideaway. She leapt from the window, landing with a heavy thunk onto the steel below, and took a shotgun blast for her troubles. From her palm came her omni-tool, frying his shields in a sudden shock and bringing her own up, which the human took for a chance. She fired again, this time landing him on his back, going still.

The batarian turned to the human, sweatshirt flapping harmlessly behind her as she examined the armor clad girl.

“Yo.” Her nail tipped hand offered a little wave. Sophia wasn’t looking at her, only gazing past the batarian for a moment.

“Lookout!” The woman brought her gun up, firing once more just beside the batarians head, causing all four eyes to widen and turn, watching the turian fall, face completely destroyed and blood staining the batarian’s sweatshirt.

The two women looked to one another, one wearing a sweatshirt with a sniper rifle in hand, the other wearing armor with a pistol in hand.

They shook with their free hands, exchanging names, and promising to split the pay.

So began their little adventures, almost bestfriends, sisters of another race.


Meeting Ayano was more of a milestone in Sophia’s life of being a merc. She knew her for two years by now. Having been with her on many missions and her helping work on her armour and weapons. It was a rather good deal they had going on they both split the pay though Sophia had run into a bit of big trouble one that had her having to change her name and contacting a man to get new fake IDs for her new name. She didn’t know much about the guy other then the Name being Brayton. He seemed like an okay man and he helped her out. After that she had started her merc career in full. Changing her name to Laura Spears. Though Ayano had taken to calling her raven due to her black hair she got later down in Omega after realizing her normal hair colour was a bit of a clear sign of who she was. Afterwards Sophia had gotten another job. But this one was gonna take her outside of Omega.

Brian’s encounter with Sophia:

One night during Brian's overnight shift, after he finished washing his hands in a restroom and was about to walk out, he got shoved back into the bathroom by a woman armed with a Carnifex. The woman shoved him to the other side of the bathroom, yelling at him to stay down. At first, Brian was afraid that this person was going to mug or murder him, but then the woman turned and gunned down two Eclipse mercenaries who rushed in, armed with SMGs. That only scared Brian even more, because he just got involved unintentionally with a merc job. The woman then turned to Brian, staring down at him.

"The fuck are you doing here?"
"I-uh... I-I work here..?"
"Can you fly a ship?"
"I-I only... Played military sims..."
"...Good enough. Come with me, but keep your fucking head down."

Brian wasn't sure what to do, but he figured that if he didn't follow this woman, he would be gunned down by the Eclipse mercs. He complied, and the two ran towards the docks. Brian mostly hid behind boxes as small firefights sprung out, but when one merc got too close to the two, the woman disarmed and killed the merc. She slid the gun over to Brian, the weapon being a simple M3 Predator, and told him to start firing. Brian hesitated rather heavily since he has never been in a firefight, but he soon lifted the gun over the crate he was hiding behind and started blind-firing. His aim was off, but it was enough to throw the two mercs into cover. When they attempted to pop out of cover, the woman scored headshots on them both. After that was over, the two ran for one of the Kodiaks parked by the sky cars, Brian moving into the pilot's seat and the woman to the co-pilot's. Brian was slightly panicked at first since this was his first time messing with actual controls on an actual ship, but after a minute, he understood most of the controls and started up the Kodiak. As it sparked to life, more Eclipse mercs came towards the Kodiak and started firing. The unnamed woman slammed on the panel to shut the door, soon moving back to the cockpit and yelling at Brian to get moving. Brian nearly panicked when he lifted the Kodiak in the sky, nearly crashing into the ceiling before he stopped it. He thrusts the Kodiak forward, flying it out of the docks and into traffic.

At first, as if he was literally in any tutorial session, he was able to get used to flying the Kodiak. He shifted through the panels, learned how to bank and roll... He seemed to be enjoying the flight. That was until he noticed two red blimps behind him on the radar. Before he could do anything, the Kodiak started beeping. Lights were flashing red and Brian began to panic. It was almost too late when he realized those were missile lock warnings. He banked right and pulled up, watching as two missiles fly past the cockpit windows. His eyes widen as they followed the missiles, watching as they just simply explode as they lose their energy. "Lose them!" The woman shouted as Brian glanced around. As he did, the Kodiak began to shake a bit more violently than before. He glanced down at the console and noticed that his shields were dropping, and fast; he was taking machine gun fire. He had to act quickly, so he scanned the area. As he noticed the buildings below him, the beeping started up again. He glances down at the console, glancing around quickly before he slammed his fist on a button. He had found the countermeasures button as the missiles fly off course. He then dives down towards the buildings.

Before long, he found himself maneuvering in between buildings, twisting and turning the Kodiak rather violently as collision warnings blared in his ear. It was a good thing the woman was in the co-pilot seat, or else she would've been bouncing off the walls. Meanwhile, the Kodiaks behind the them were trying their best to keep up with them, but they weren't able to obtain a lock on them or fire their guns. This bought Brian enough time to let the shields recharge on his Kodiak. Before long, three new blimps light up on Brian's display, displaying them as authority figures. It was C-Sec. There were three Kodiaks flying just above the buildings, tailing the scene. He also notices the Eclipse Kodiak blimps beginning to lag behind, soon flying straight as if they weren't maneuvering through the buildings before. They got behind the C-Sec Kodiaks. Before long, one of the C-Sec blimps suddenly disappears off the radar; The mercs had just shot down a Kodiak. All four remaining Kodiaks immediately break off their pursuit on the two and engage in dogfighting, soon disappearing off of Brian's radar completely as they fly out of range. Brian soon finds a place to land the Kodiak while keeping low to the ward. As Brian pulls over the landing spot that they found, he starts to descend the Kodiak. He however descends too hard as the Kodiak slams into the ground, causing the two to slam their heads into the dashboards. After the botched landing, Brian pulls his hood up on his hoodie as the woman opens the side doors, the two soon jumping out and running as far away from the Kodiak as they can. Surprisingly, no one came looking for the two, although C-Sec swarmed the Kodiak not long after. They both hid in an alley for a few hours before C-Sec called off the search, allowing the two to finally part ways.

The next day, Brian quit his job at the dock, not even giving them a reason why or a two-week warning. He wanted to get away from that dock and never return because of what happened. Thankfully since there was no warrant for his arrest or any signs that C-Sec showed interest in him, he started applying for new jobs a week after and continued going to college. He landed a job as a bartender for a local bar near his college, serving drinks and socializing with the regulars. He enjoyed his new job, and even though he saw the occasional bar fight, he found it to be safer than working at a dock. After two days of working his new job, the very girl who got him into the mess walks into it and immediately walks up to him. Brian was afraid at first, but the two talked and even exchanged names. Her name was Laura Spheres. She complimented him on his flying, saying that he wasn't that bad for a first-time pilot. After a small while of them talking and him serving Laura drinks, she finally left for good.

Arglack’s encounter with Sophia

Sophia walks into a bar, tired, looking around a bit, she walks to a stool, sitting down and waving to the bartender, ordering a strong drink, she leans her head on the balcony, sighing as the drink is served, she grabs a glass of it, taking a shot , filling the cup again.

Heavy footsteps could be heard from behind her as a Krogan sits down on the next stool, having a cigar lit on his mouth, he orders some Ryncol.

Sophia looks up at the Krogan, pouring one more shot on her glass.

“Hey there.”, she said, taking another shot

The krogan gives a nod, taking a sip from the Ryncol bottle, putting out his cigar, fidgetting the counter, Sophia straightens up, sitting at the stool,

“So what are ya doing here big guy? Don’t see Krogan often.”

The Krogan looks at her after taking a sip of Ryncol

“Just.. drinking, guess you are doing the same too.”

Sophia just nods her head a bit as she drinks down her vodka rolling her shoulders a bit “I’m Laura Spears. A freelance Merc. Any spefic reason you’re here on Omega?”

“Name’s Arglack, I was just looking for a job here but now… just bored, without anything to do.” the large Krogan named Arglack takes another sip
Sophia sighed a bit as she rolled her shoulders a bit giving a faint smlie and chuckle “Eh who knows. A Krogan like you will find work at one point. Anyway good luck ya?” Sophia just gave him a pat on the shoulder best she can before paying for his drink and hers before waving her hand “I needa head off back to work. Gotta look for something. See ya Arglack. Maybe one day we will run into each other again eh?”

He nods, looking back at his drink “Alright, see you.. And thanks for that.”

Sophia in the end after finding what she was looking for rolled her shoulders a bit “Eh...I feel like doing some smuggling shit...Let’s see what Trouble I can get into.”

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PostSubject: Re: Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.   Fri May 13, 2016 9:56 am

e d g y
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PostSubject: Re: Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.   Fri May 13, 2016 10:42 am

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PostSubject: Re: Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.   Fri May 13, 2016 12:27 pm

This needs some work. Dial it down just a bit please.

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PostSubject: Re: Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.   Fri May 13, 2016 8:04 pm

Updated. I'm garbage. Please do kill me.
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PostSubject: Re: Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.   Fri May 13, 2016 8:37 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.   

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Sophia's App that is basicly shit. Because I'm shit.
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