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 Darkstar's Shit App

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PostSubject: Darkstar's Shit App   Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:32 pm

Steam Name: Darkstar_TG
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:38330553
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/shoblokdo/
Age: 16
Rp Experience: 3 years.
How did you stumble upon our server?: Friends. (Arglack, and Kept you waiting, huh?)
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: This shit was going to be called Science Fiction X.

Character Name: Travis Ford
Character Race: Human
Why did you choose this race?: I like to not make mistakes when I'm RPing. Which I tend to do when I'm roleplaying a different species.
Age: 28
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.):  Muscle, Comedic Act
Character Equipment: A set of Medium armor, an M-23 Katana, M-3 Predator.

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good.

Strengths: Good with the use of biotics, decent in close quarters, compassionate.
Weaknesses: Has a need to help others that are in danger, talkative, can really hold a grudge.

Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):
Travis Ford was born in 2155 in the city London, United Kingdom. He had a hardworking father and a mother who used to be an engineer for an Alliance ship but was put on medical leave. His mother works as a full time mother. Travis was an only child, and had a decent life in London. He had a good education, grades, and had a roof over his head. Even some friends to play with before 7. Years after, Travis' life goes south. His mother passes away from terminal cancer, managing to stay for almost 5 years and his father has to worry more about bills. Travis still continues doing good in school despite the hardships his father and him have faced.

During his late teen years, Travis was discovered that he was a biotic as two men approached his father to speak about it. They offered to take his son to an Alliance Biotic Training Facility. If Travis were to accept he would be joining the Alliance Military and to be trained to be a Vanguard where he is to be outfitted with L3 Biotic Amplifiers. During his time in the facility, he kept contact with his father, telling him how taxing it is but that he's catching up, his father is proud to hear he's doing fine. At the age of 21, Travis made it to be a private within the alliance military and served in various deployments, becoming a corporal at the age of 24.

A year after, Travis and his platoon were assigned on a new found but growing colony close to the terminus systems. They were meant to fend off any possible attacks from batarian pirates. After a few months, the colony is well populated and more alliance soldiers are tasked with defending it as well. During one of the shift changes, the intercom in the colony outpost would order the troops to get their gear and head to the colony as there are batarian pirates intruding the grounds. The colony is ordered to evacuate, as the troopers fend off the large scale of pirates. 2 hours later, Ford's squad was tasked with taking a medical evacuation team around the colony as they did not know the grounds. The team makes it to the batch of wounded soldiers as one of the evacuating civilians tells one of Ford's squadmates that there are some civilians trapped inside. The sergeant leading the med-evac team states that it's not their call to make and to remain with the unit. But Travis orders three of his squadmates to go with him to the building to save the civilians. They managed to get them out shortly after, they managed to evacuate. Travis' platoon was debriefed and dismissed. A day later Travis was arrested and dishonorably discharged for desertion and disobeying orders, he was then sent back to London. His father was no where to be found and so Travis couldn't find a job in the highly populated city or a roof to live under. A year later after living out of homelessness, Travis is found by a man who then asks Travis if he needs work. Travis accepts this and after a few discussions, he's sent to the Geisha with some equipment.
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PostSubject: Re: Darkstar's Shit App   Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:29 pm

Personally, I am not very keen on Biotics since most of the players doesn`t really understands how it works, and doesn't even try to understand because they think they're Goku or something, his mother used to be a enginner, which could have led to Eezo exposure someti-me in her life in her pregnant days, and the discharge is actually a good reason for a soldier to leave the Alliance (trust me im used to see discharges), The age is a little off for a L3 implant, but also ain't wrong, L3 implants can be obtained when you are a bit older, I just ask you to not abuse your powers.

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PostSubject: Re: Darkstar's Shit App   Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:32 pm

Don't worry about it. He's more into shooting than wasting his mana. I mean what. Also if people have questions as to why is an alliance engineer pregnant and still working. This was during the first trimester, she took leave soon after.
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PostSubject: Re: Darkstar's Shit App   

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Darkstar's Shit App
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