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 Human: Country of Kriemhild

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Nestled deep in one of the highest mountains of the Northern Territories lies the Country of Kriemhild. In the last 1000 years the once small nation of barbaric warriors has flourished into a world superpower. The now large country has earned their place amongst the older kingdoms when they uprooted a plot destroy the Human Empire by Falmer Dominion, a faction that despised humanity and were present in the Northern Territories.

Knowing their plot that would surely affect the people of Kriemhild, something had to be done. Due to razor sharp mountains of Southern Kriemhild, there were only two available passes to the mainland, the wall once used to keep out the advancing armies of the Everestians came into play once again, blocking the passage of the Dominion through Kriemenian land. The Everestians building a sister wall opposite of the rocky mountains encircling and entrapping the Dominion. For five years the walls came under relentless siege from the Snow Elves, as many fell on each side. When the smoke cleared the Kriemenians and their newfound allies were left standing, starving the Thalmor capital to extinction. The last to fall was their Emperor Haerelon, who watched as his once great empire was erased from history as his head was taken from his shoulders by Kriegsman Hans Eckehart, who later became the a revered hero and one of the Emperors most trusted advisers.

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The Winter Wall

With new blood pouring into the Country once known for its isolationist ways. Modern Kriemhild finds itself a mixing pot of culture. The blonde haired blue eyed race of warriors have found their country to be a pinnacle of modern technology and the birthplace of many new-end firearms, vehicles, and medicine.

The country currently falls under a Stratocracy, the Current Leader King Fuher Kruger Von Schwartz has been praised for his fair leadership and level headedness in these trying times. Enacting a bill for magic users to register withing the walls of Kriemhild, creating the Order of the Black Rose and commissioning the KWS Dietz, the Crown Jewel of the Kriemenian Navy.
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King Fuher Kruger Von Schwartz

As the days draw by, tensions between neighboring countries rise and the threat of war looms with the Crown over differing policies. In the last two years Kriemhild has built up their military with fresh faces and new weapons. Kriemhild is ready and willing to fight...
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Human: Country of Kriemhild
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