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 Recap Radio Episode 1 (5/27/2016)

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PostSubject: Recap Radio Episode 1 (5/27/2016)   Fri May 27, 2016 4:17 pm

[A volus punk song comes to a screeching close and fade. The song was terrible by most accounts. Fading in is the voice of a disinterested quarian male somewhere in his late thirties to mid forties, his voice suggest he’s tired, bored, high, or possibly all three. Coughing twice, the sounds of items being shuffled around could be heard, as the quarian spoke soon after.]

“Welcome back. That was the Money Breachers with ‘Army of Clowns’. And now the news. [Pause] We begin today with news from Oasis station, a mining outpost in uh [Pause] Well, it’s not good news from there. Reports of explosions along the station have come in, and although difficult to confirm, they appear to be the result of a trade dispute, or a hostile takeover. We’ll keep you [Pause] Updated, on the situation as it unfolds.

In news around Omega, the dispute between the Blue Suns and Blood Pack over T’Varsami district came to an agreed upon ceasefire as the two groups met to discuss the issue. By all accounts it [the quarian yawns] was very tense, as both sides expected an ambush. Those living or working in the district are advised to still stay very cautious however.

Onto more positive news, an unkown charitable person recently bought out the entire stock at the Barkomo Auction House in Rezelzi district, before freeing all those who he bought, once taken off-station. Auction house staff declined to comment beyond suspicions that the bidding system was rigged. There have however been several bounties placed for the mystery person who placed the bids, which should be available for viewing on our extranet page.

And finally, the Morvallus Trade Group has come under fire for a robbery in their Serrice headquarters. Four armed criminals managed to sneak into a large vault on the 205th floor, bypassing the security into the vault before emptying the vault of most of its contents, largely rare gems and artifacts. During a brief firefight with local response teams, the criminals used tear gas to disable the asari teams, escaping with roughly 25 million credits worth of stolen items. The firm declined any official comments as of yet, although share prices in both Morvallus and asari security firms took a noticeable drop recently in response.

That’s all for the news for now. Xalivan will send out the next news segment in [Pause] five hours. This has been Vaizar nar Du’War, leaving you with some music. Here’s Zaeger and Evans with ‘In The Year Twenty Five Twenty Five.’.”

[The sound of an omni-tool activating is heard, as the audio clicks out and some music fades in.]

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Recap Radio Episode 1 (5/27/2016)
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