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 [EVENT] - Sun, Sea and Homicidal Tendencies - 22/07/2016

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PostSubject: [EVENT] - Sun, Sea and Homicidal Tendencies - 22/07/2016   Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:37 pm

A small contract has been shifted across into the hands of the Geisha crew. A small protection job of sorts handling the secure protection of a private resort smack dab in the middle of a privately owned tropical planetoid. Every detail remains sketchy, but we've been through worse, right?


Objective: Protection and 'security' for a relatively empty resort for the rich and ritzy. The Captain, however, holds other plans. As a well needed break (and for the intentions of bribery), the crew has managed, albeit to some rather excessive extents, convinced the head of a wealthy criminal syndicate to allow them to crash and relax for a few days at the classy resort. What potentially happens during said venture, may potentially be worse than intially expected!

Map: Custom map, estimated to be complete and uploaded by Friday.

Event Type: Passive, Mystery.

Information for Players: It's time to break out the booze and party it up! Free time for all to lounge around and kick back after such a hectic week. However, all seems uneasy after time, the empty nature of an expansive area seems all the more menacing as time goes on...

Captains Information: Provided through the steam admin group. Contact either myself, Arglack or Filtershakes for any information.

Music: Short selection of ambient tracks chosen by moi. Cool

Openings for event characters will become open over the coming week, planning for the event is still in planning stages and will move along soon enough!
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[EVENT] - Sun, Sea and Homicidal Tendencies - 22/07/2016
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