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 DRGN's Systems Engineer Application

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PostSubject: DRGN's Systems Engineer Application   DRGN's Systems Engineer Application EmptySun May 15, 2016 7:33 pm


Steam Name: TheMightyDRGN / LQ-84i Bladewolf
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:19286320
Steam Profile Link: rrerr
RP Experience: I created this account back in 2008. I was roleplaying before that on another. That creates an excess of eight years at this point.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: The Illusive Man's real name is Jack Harper.

-- -- --

Character Name: Gavin Sterling
Age: 27 Y/O
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.) : Heavy-duty Engineering work.
Character Equipment: Thick Engineering Coveralls and protective helmet. Provides stellar insulative properties against a variety of temperatures and can additionally resist hard vacuum. More than that, they just use the atypical tools loaded onto the ship - coupled with a specific tool they've brought with them. (Specifically, a Hydrazine Torch). Moreover, they've got an atypical Omni-Tool geared for technological repair and modification.
Moral Alignment: Neutral Good.
Strengths: They're an ever-ubiquitous Engineer. They fix things. If they're not fixing things, they ensure they don't get broken in the first place. If he's not on the job, he's probably just dawdling around in an idle manner.
Weaknesses: Sterling is an Engineer, and not a Soldier - nor a Mercenary of any sorts. They've no experience as far as combat is concerned, and aren't familiar with the utilization of even the more common weapons throughout the galaxy.
Character Backstory. How or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):
Gavin Sterling was born in 2156 in the Scottish Highlands of Earth - brought into a fairly atypical life, where he'd grow up to get an education in electrical and mechanical engineering. By the time that he was an adolescent, he had a clear-cut desire to otherwise leave his homeworld since he, alongside Humanity preceding the first contact war, had come to learn of extraterrestrial life. The colonial effort was booming, and there was a requirement for engineers in the various shipping lanes that were being established. Gavin would have eventually graduated from his College, becoming a fully fledged systems engineer. He had initially signed on with the Alliance in order to get off of the Planet, being pressed into a contract which proved to further his skills in his field - whilst likewise placing credits into his pocket.

By the time his contract had expired when he was Twenty Five years old, he had instead found himself in yet another position in the corporate bordello of Noveria. However, he did not fully come to appreciate the planetside work that he was given. His forte came into play when he was dealing with spacefaring vessels, for it gave him the opportunity (and the motivation) to work. Hardly being picky as far as jobs were concerned, he had requested an alternative work placement with his superiors two years after he had signed on, an action which would have resulted in the termination of his contract due to the finicky nature of Noveria and the individuals who played host to its facilities. His work had, however, attracted the ire of a contact who had taken note of his dissatisfied state, and their desire to work with spacefaring vessels. Gavin would have ultimately been forwarded to a colony called Trident, in the city of Hiromi. He wasn't aware of the more finite details of the job, but the sparse amount of credits he had on his personnage wouldn't of permitted him to be picky at the time. He had just about enough for the transit there, which would have allowed him to sign onto a cargo ship called the Geisha.

Sterling was ultimately unaware of its nature as he signed on as an Engineer. With nothing but the thick engineering coveralls on his back and the ubiquitous Hydrazine Torch that he lugged everywhere, he made headway into this new way of life. This notion of relative innocence would have eventually come to change however - the state of the ship being made clear. The Engineer was inadvertantly baited into working on the ship that was but a tool put to use in the name of the Yoshida Syndicate's Red Sand trade, being made to repair and maintain the vessel in exchange for a pittance of credits. He was, to say the least, a clear-cut different from the rest of the individuals since he was not a combatant in the slightest.
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DRGN's Systems Engineer Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: DRGN's Systems Engineer Application   DRGN's Systems Engineer Application EmptySun May 15, 2016 8:42 pm

Is gut. Welcome aboard.

DRGN's Systems Engineer Application CW93uqa
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DRGN's Systems Engineer Application
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