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 Kommando's Application

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PostSubject: Kommando's Application   Sun May 15, 2016 11:24 am

Steam Name: Kommando
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:159891738
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198280049205/
Rp Experience: About two years.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: In the third game bioware fucked up so much the endings were so ass they had to make a DLC to correct how bland and unappealing the endings were. Also a fourth game is coming, no shepard tho.

Character Name: Jessica Thompson
Age: 24
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Technician/Engineer

Character Equipment: Stolen M9 Tempest, A toolkit full of tools to tinker with weapons, light body armor.

Moral Alignment: (See Chart): Chaotic Good

Infantry - Jessica served in the alliance military before leaving after her time was up, she leaves with her combat experience and basic military training.
Gearhead - Jess spent most of her time in highschool and army tinkering and modifying things, she is good at what she does and take prides in her work.
Dexterity - Jessica is good with her hands, which also plays into her tech work. She isn't clumsy and is usually precise, either with a knife, tool or catching a ball.

Xenophobe - Jessica hates other aliens, they are like the boogie man or the monsters in the closet. Her mind set towards them is closed minded, they also intimidate her causing distress and anxiety.
Socially Inept - Jessica is utterly socially awkward, she has trouble holding conversations and with people in general.
Thief - Jessica has a habit of taking stuff she likes, rather anything that isn't nailed down.
Fast Metabolism - Jessica has a fast metabolism, making it extremely hard for her to put muscle on herself.

Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):

Jessica was born on Earth on March 30th, 2159. Her mother and father both served in the alliance military which she soon followed after high school, however due to their military careers they didn't spend much time with Jess which in turn made her turn to spending time by herself. In school Jess had trouble speaking to others, holding a very small group of friends she was often bullied for her incompetency in social interactions. It led her to lead most of her high school life in isolation, she liked to spend time in her garage or at the school work shop taking apart things and reassembling them. She continued to tinker, modify and rip apart things such as clocks, radios, cars and the sorts until she graduated and followed in her parents foot steps in the military.

Upon finishing boot camp Jess was placed in the Engineers by request, now with proper tools and resources Jessica continued to progress her learning in engineering while in the military. She saw combat on various occasions, she was usually on the front lines where she excelled field engineering, making defences and keeping everything working such as turrets and shield generators. Upon finishing her tour she went back home for a bit before she went out looking for more work. Jessica sticked to odd jobs, using some of her pay to gather some military hard ware she set out as a tech for hire fixing various guns at gun shops and at one point a personal tech for a few undesirable individuals. None the less she had been doing this for about a year and a half before she was contacted and contracted again, albeit this would be the life changing contract she wasn't expecting. She was headed to the Geisha, the money was good but would it be worth the trouble?

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PostSubject: Re: Kommando's Application   Sun May 15, 2016 2:04 pm


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Kommando's Application
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