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 [QUARIAN] Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna: Renegade Engineer

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PostSubject: [QUARIAN] Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna: Renegade Engineer   Sat May 14, 2016 9:38 pm

Steam Name: Dominator046
Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:41613521
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dominator046/
Rp Experience: Numerous formats from tabletop, to forums, to MMO and other online games over the course of more than ten years.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: To keep it brief, it's likely that the Blue Suns mercenary company are likely named after the Blue Sun corporation from the series Firefly, or maybe the Black Sun from Star Wars; putting my money on Firefly.

Character Name: Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna
What can your character do for our ship: Engineer, Technician, Information Specialist.
Character Equipment:
---Light Quarian Enviro-Suit Armor,
---Nexus VII (Armali Council) Omni-Tool,
---Stiletto V (Haliat Armory) Pistol,
---M-4 Shuriken (Elkoss Combine) Machine Pistol,
---Medium Survivor (Devlon Industries) Armor.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strengths: Technical skill, problem solving skills, light combat skills, experience.
Weaknesses: Social status (Migrant Quarian), impatience, heavy combat skills, individualistic.

-=-=- Character Backstory -=-=-

Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna does not know what ship he was born on, and the information is relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of his life. More importantly, Riurn'dal nar Idenna was raised aboard the Idenna, under the command of Captain Ysin'Mal vas Idenna. Ysin'Mal was an industrious captain whom was determined to find and settle a new world for the Quarian people, and the ship under his command reflected his strong leadership. At a young age, Riurn'dal was instructed in how to assist the ship and contribute to the Flotilla. In beginning to contribute to the welfare of the newly acquired Idenna, Riurn'dal started gaining experience as a technician before the age of ten. Demilitarizing the ship and making it sustainable for the Quarian peoples' needs was a tough job that required many hands.

By the time Riurn'dal nar Idenna was a young man, he had participated in many of the renovations to the ship. Installing new fixtures, optimizing life support systems for Quarian needs, developing the ship's network structure. Many of his peers joked that he was a machine underneath his mask, which was a cruel joke told in rough and tumble play. Riurn'dal nar Idenna was much a quiet young man, but did make mischief as all young boys did at that time. By the time he was declared mature and given the announcement of his pilgrimage, many had the highest hopes for the brave young man. With his assembled gifts and belongings, Riurn'dal nar Idenna left the ship and set out to see the brave wild world.

The first few stops were treacherous. Isolated fuel ports where the men were hard like the barren asteroids of the outer Terminus Systems. Like many who left their pilgrimage in the past few generations, one of the most accommodating 'first stops' was the asteroid station of Omega. There, life was nothing like what he had thought elsewhere. In the glitz of light, in the shadows of countless people, vice and danger were spread out in front of him like a dozen meals he'd never tasted before. Unfortunately, like many Quarians, he found himself in a bad way, short on credits and needing to find a way to support himself after bartering much into his first few indulgences. Riurn'dal nar Idenna went on to sell his services under the name of Dredger (to hide the fact he was young and hadn't finished his pilgrimage), and eventually was picked up by a Batarian mercenary crew on the station. Life with them wasn't very kind, and Riurn'dal was effectively a glorified slave. Only when one of the enforcers of the crew was shot in front of him did he make an escape for better work. By that point, he knew a bit more about Omega and what was in demand, so the Quarian Dredger was better able to sell his services. This would lead him to work with the group known as the Blue Sons.

The work with the mercenaries was much better for a number of years, able to keep himself afloat between Omega and the Skyllian Verge. Working with the mercenaries under the assumed name and working largely on contract. Rarely did he ever see a live fire situation, but they gave him ample training for when the situations presented itself. Having handled a pistol before, and having had to turn it on one or two of the straggling Batarians that held him captive after his flight, he was now being trained to use proper battle weapons, and how to keep himself alive when someone was trying to shoot him. The life was good for a substantial amount of time, his pilgrimage lasting five-and-a-half years before having enough clout and funding to procure a civilian frigate - barely used - to return to his people with before ending his time with the Blue Sons. Suffice to say the name Dredger died off quickly after.

Returning to the Flotilla with a vessel for his people, despite having spent years away, Riurn'dal nar Idenna was welcomed back and joined the crew of the Sorka. Riurn'dal vas Sorka was gladdened to be returned to his people and welcomed for his contribution. Great was his love for the Quarian people, many of whom were his family. Though, in the past several years, he had learned to indulge himself in things the Flotilla did not have, and similarly place value in his own wants - instead of the needs of the many. Discontented and confused for a time, Riurn'dal vas Sorka came to a conclusion and made a request of his captain. Riurn'dal vas Sorka wanted to act as a scout and requisition agent for the Quarian people, going out to survey resources, and report back to the Quarians themselves. With a great interest in helping the Quarian people, while also living a life outside of the Flotilla, he presented his case carefully and with great respect.

Riurn'dal vas Sorka's request was accepted, and he was given leave to work on behalf of the Flotilla to aid in their struggle to find resources and continue moving. Riurn'dal left with barely anything of his own, save the things he had previous carried as Dredger, and set out to roam the Terminus System with his double life. It was difficult, and not nearly so easy with his lack of the Blue Sons; but, having his freedom, he worked freelance for a number of groups on his way through the Relays. His reports to the Flotilla remained frequent, though returns to the fleet were sporadic. One year he would return eight times and remain for a considerable period, other times he would return once briefly.

With the advent of the Attack on the Citadel by the Rogue specter Saren, and the emergence of Geth out of the Veil. Riurn'dal vas Sorka was motivated to continue gathering information, as well as resources, that would help his people. Instilled by new cause, and still mired in living his own individual life, Riurn'dal vas Sorka began looking for a crew that would take him through the Terminus Systems to learn more about the changing times. On the way, surely he would have his fill of personal satisfaction.

-=-=- Character Information -=-=-

---Any and all references are taken from the Mass Effect Series---
---Skill, Talent, and Equipment references primarily coming from Mass Effect 1---

Character Name: Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna
Character Class: Quarian Engineer
Mass Effect Class Inspiration: Engineer (player class)
Desired Role on Ship: Engineer / Operative

Major Talents:
Electronics, enables Damping
Decryption, enables Hacking
First Aid, enables Medicine

Minor Talents:
Tactical Armor
Assault Rifles

-=-=-=- Physical Description -=-=-

Riurn'dal vas Sorka is a grown man distinguished by his Quarian features. He stands at a height of roughly five feet and seven inches tall, with a lean physical build that was fostered by an active life wandering the Terminus Systems. Riurn'dal's shoulders stand out nicely on his frame, a masculine show of Quarian physiology. Underneath his mask, Riurn'dal has the sharp, angular features of the Quarian people, with no particular markings, dark hair, dark eyes, and a predatory hawk-like nose. With his suit, Riurn'dal looks like many Quarians at first glance, though his outfit - like all others - is unique to him. Colors may change, but they are typically crisp, pale colors that stand out with particularly linear designs upon them. Much of his outfit is black, with his helmet having a particularly dark visor. Upon this form are some abnormalities; one of his fingers on his left hand is slightly shorter than the others - seemingly having had the tip damaged. Additionally, his left knee sometimes jerks on the rare occasion, when exposed to electrical impulse or biotics. As a Quarian, his hygiene appears at a glance to be nearly flawless, and his suit seems to smell of human persimmon. Riurn'dal vas Sorka has a voice that is not particularly loud, nor deep, but speaks with a certain tone of experience and courage that seems adequate to boast with.

-=-=-=- Skill Description -=-=-=-

Combat Experience:
Riurn'dal vas Sorka is a Quarian whom has seen violence during his lifetime, and has come to be an active participant in it over the years. Originally having met conflict during his pilgrimage, it would not be long before the people Riurn'dal surrounded himself with instilled the necessary lessons of how to handle confrontation. After enough time on Omega, Riurn'dal had expanded his marketable skills strictly from technology, to being capable in combat situations. From weapons handling, to becoming conditioned to armor (in addition to his enviro-suit), to the fundamental practicum of self-defense with firearms. Riurn'dal vas Sorka would never become an outright mercenary, marketing his ability to neutralize hostile elements, but his ability to defend himself would be an admonished trait long after finishing his pilgrimage.

Education and Training, Quarian Engineer:
Riurn'dal vas Sorka was raised within the migrant fleet, aboard the Idenna. The ship was a place instilled with active leadership, activity and enterprise being a major focus under Captain Ysin'Mal vas Idenna - particularly with his hope of establishing a new homeworld for the Quarians. In the years before his pilgrimage, Riurn'dal nar Idenna was well acquainted with servicing the thirty year-old ship that was his home. By the time he was matured enough for his pilgrimage, he had assisted in demilitarizing much of the ship, extending life support systems, adjusting the on-board information systems, and assisting with the maintenance of any number of tools used aboard the ship. Thereafter, Riurn'dal would develop his experience further on Omega, on ships travelling the Relays from Citadel Space to the Perseus Veil.

Electronics and Maintenance:
Repeatedly being raised and educated to attend to the needs of electronics and greater mechanical systems has given Riurn'dal a considerable ability to handle electronic systems of numerous variety. Riurn'dal vas Sorka has handled the fitting of electrical lines to freshly established quarters. He has repaired and augmented machines and devices for use within and outside of the Flotilla. Riurn'dal has repaired the mechanisms of both modern firearms and modern computer architecture. Sufficiently so, Riurn'dal vas Sorka has developed the necessary knowledge and capability to maintain, and counteract, numerous technological systems he encounters.

Decryption and Information Systems:
Much of the modern world is contained within the invisible world of information systems, and Riurn'dal has been exposed to this as much as many other Quarians. In maintaining the massive systems that comprise a starship, Riurn'dal vas Sorka has entertained the ability to work with databases, communication links, established hardware, and established communication protocols across the extranet. In lieu of the demands deserving of an Alliance Military comission for an Intelligence Officer, Riurn'dal vas Sorka has put these skills to use for profit over numerous year.

First Aid and Medical Background:
It is a very dangerous world out there for Quarians, that much is a fact. Constantly depending upon cast off or neglected resources for subsistance, while simultaneously working within the specific needs of the Quarian physiology. It's nearly impossible for a Quarian to not entertain some knowledge of what to do in the case of physical damage, and for many it is an easy thing to learn when faced with it every day. Riurn'dal vas Sorka is one of these many Quarians, whom through a life of active living has needed to establish a complete understanding of how to treat the number of injuries that could potentially be sustained. This would later extend to his co-workers, and other species all together - making him a practiced specialist for off-the-cuff medical treatment. He has never marketed these skills adamantly, for much of his knowledge is self-taught - and prone to falling short.

-=-=-=- Equipment Description -=-=-=-

Weapon Proficiency: Omni-Tool.
Of all the tools Riurn'dal vas Sorka has used most often, it has been his omni-tool. Whether interpreting information from an electrical conduit, working with the information obtained from an encrypted computer terminal, or fabricating a new thermal clip for his pistol on the fly, Riurn'dal has likely some knowledge in what is needed for the job at hand. Despite the distance and sociall limitations imposed upon Quarians by their situation, their omni-tools are perhaps the most viable piece of equipment in the entire flotilla. Able to establish outside communication, determine specific information seemingly out of the aether, and manipulate their situation into a winning gambit is nothing short of miraculous. The modern omni-tool is perhaps one of the galaxy's most blessed inventions, and of all things that he carries - Riurn'dal vas Sorka ensures that his is of the highest caliber possible. It is rumored that Riurn'dal vas Sorka has almost gotten his hands on a Serrice Council 'Savant X' brand omni-tool twice; some say his desire for one borders on obsession.

For the use in practicum, Riun'dal has established his use of the omni-tool time and time again. Repeatedly he has proven himself as able to work with information systems and electronics without ever seeming to become decidedly perturbed about his situation. His omni-tool, decidedly personalized and outfitted for the Quarian himself, is as familiar to him as his own hands; some claming that he's released connections and rebooted server clients while half-asleep in his bunk. Code compilers, decompilers, debuggers, and architecture analysis tools. or handling technical jobs, the omni-tool has its readings and sensors outfitted for the jobs at hand. Measurements, sample analysis, organic reading software, and other such utilities. This readies him for a number of situations that he could find himself thrust into at a moment's notice. In addition to this and it's flashlight utility, it's rumored that Riurn'dal vas Sorka has a number of video games on his omni-tool.

For physical situations and encounters, Riurn'dal vas Sorka has adapted his omni-tool to develop a number of practical uses in self-defense, and self-preservation. Though he has made use of the omni-blade utility on some occasions, more frequently Riurn'dal vas Sorka uses his omni-blade's technical features to the utmost extreme. Able to generate intense heat and disperse it over the area, Riurn'dal delivers a gout of intense flame to enemies in immediate range before assaulting them otherwise. For non-organic threats, Riurn'dal vas Sorka has adapted an electrical burst driven by a forked omni-blade.

For all intents and purposes, Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna always seems to have his omni-tool a white color. He uses a Nexus VII (Armali Council) Omni-Tool.

Weapon Proficiency: Small Arms.
Riurn'dal vas Sorka has been involved in dangerous activities since he left the Flotilla for his pilgrimage. Suffice to say that violence is a common danger for many people in the galaxy, and Riurn'dal is no exception to this. Even early on, Riurn'dal accustomed himself to carrying something with which to defend himself. These first weapons, and the most common he would carry, would be your typical small arms of the galaxy. Light pistols, heavy pistols, compact sub-machine guns, and other such implements are the most frequent and longest used weapons by Riurn'dal. His penchant for them comes from his persistant avoidance of a front line fight, almost never finding himself as a direct fighter in a live engagement. These items are easy to carry, easy to conceal, maintain, and keep for use. These have made them a staple for people in the galaxy, and Riurn'dal follows suit. Typically Riurn'dal carries a heavy pistol for personal defense, but he has been known to keep a lighter - faster firing pistol somewhere in his personal effects. He owns both a Stiletto V (Haliat Armory) Pistol,  and an M-4 Shuriken (Elkoss Combine) Machine Pistol.

Weapon Proficiency: Assault Rifle.
Where the battlefield is concerned, the assault rifle is a weapon of war, designed to eliminate opponents efficiently and with maximum affect. When serving with crews that fly fast and hit jobs hard, these situations eventually occur. Riurn'dal vas Sorka has several times soldiered in intense situations, defending his life and livelihood with a rifle in hand. Not a frequent occurance, Riurn'dal is not the most savvy shooter, nor is he the most practiced in battle. Though, if push comes to shove, and a fight breaks out - Riurn'dal has no issues with taking up a rifle and putting down a threat that's staring him in the face. Worth significant note, Riurn'dal does not carry his own assault rifle presently, nor does he have the kit to store a surplus of thermal clips nor to house the rifle in a combat operation. Though has has handled them for a time, of recent carrying an assault rifle hasn't been within Riurn'dal's priorities. This also stands for most battle-intended semi-machine guns that are larger, and more heavy duty than simple automatic pistols intended for personal defense.

Weapon Proficiency: Ordinance
Some heavy weapons handle positions adamantly on the battlefield, others destroy them. Riurn'dal is a technician with a mind for equipment, and so some of these weapons are extensions of his knowledge. Certain ordinance, operated efficiently for specific purpose, are not alien to Riurn'dal vas Sorka, and he can use them tactically for the benefit of an operation. This distinction is quite clear between most heavy weapons, and those that operate on the level of ordinance. A rocket-propelled grenade launcher would give Riurn'dal much more trouble than a targeted missile weapon. Riurn'dal does not carry any ordinance on his person, not even a single grenade.

Weapon Proficiency: Hand-to-Hand
Riurn'dal has fought a number of times in his life, and has received some general instruction on how to handle himself in a physical altercation. Though, Riurn'dal is not somebody who intends to take a fight up close, or to the ground. Riurn'dal would much rather use a gun, or his omni-tool, or some kind of equipment to do the job for him. While he is physically capable of punching, kicking, grappling, and such of the like - he is not incredibly competant, nor terribly confident.

Weapon Ineptitude: Shotguns
Riurn'dal never quite appreciated the use of shotguns. The heavy kick of a combat shotgun never sat well with him, and has encouraged their disuse. Still to this day, Riurn'dal would only pick up a shotgun if he had absolutely no options, and found himself unable abandon the situation. The perceived limited range, the perceived inaccuracy, and the perceived sluggishness of the weapon damages his proficiency with it far more than any physical drawbacks ever will.

Weapon Ineptitude: Sniper Rifles
Even worse than the shotgun, Riurn'dal vas Sorka has never handled a true sniper's rifle, and likely will never do so in his life. Riurn'dal has never had to operate at a range where adjusting his aim is necessary, nor has he ever wielded such a large weapon capable of dishing out such stopping power. A genuine inability to use this weapon makes it about as useless to Riurn'dal as an off-balance club with fragile bits attached to it.

Weapon Ineptitude: Heavy Weapons
Aside from ordinance used from a technician's standpoint, many weapons are simply beyond Riurn'dal's ability to use affectively. Light machine guns, moderate machine guns, flame-throwers, portable turrets, high caliber weapons, and other weapons of significant heft or demand will be largely beyond Riurn'dal's ability to use.

Armor Proficiency: Medium Armor
Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna is a Quarian whom largely avoids the heat of a battle. Though, as a Quarian, life in a suit has taught well that armor works. Armor works, and at times its best to be prepared for the worst, and so Riurn'dal has prepared himself for intense situations by keeping available for himself a harness of medium armor that coopeerates with his enviro-suit that already functions as light-armor. Expanding upon the necessary features of a sealed Quarian suit, Riurn'dal's medium armor can withstand heavier punishment from live fire, produce more effective shields, and enable survival in more treacherous conditions. Though more encumbering than simply an enviro-suit, Riurn'dal has accustomed himself to it, and suffers minimal downsides in the face of added protection. He wears a harness of Medium Survivor (Devlon Industries) Armor.

Armor Proficiency: Light Armor
Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna is a Quarian, meaning that spending his life in a suit is most certainly the norm. The suit protects his life and, like many Quarians, has become a part of his identity. In addition to making it beautiful, he has made it into his own armor. Functioning as light armor, Riurn'dal's enviro suit carries with it all the typical innovations of the Quarian people; compartmentalized portions to prevent the spread of bacteria in the event of a breach. Anti-biotic dispenserse, developed omni-tool information output, a functioning breathing apparatus, as well as some padding against physical threats on his well-being. Riurn'dal's enviro-suit does not restrict his movement while working or on the job, allowing him the ease of performing his duties as necessitated.

Armor Ineptitude: Heavy Armor
Riurn'dal has lived an active life, but has never had to endure heavy armor upon his body, in addition to his enviro-suit. Indeed, in some conditions - the armor he wears is already challenging enough. Heavier armor has never been a prospect to Riurn'dal, as such would doubtlessly interfere with his needs as a technician, and undoubtedly put greater responsibility in him standing up to threats. Riurn'dal has resolved to simply avoid altercations that would require him to be more armored, and allow the bigger, badder people to deal with them.
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PostSubject: Re: [QUARIAN] Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna: Renegade Engineer   Sun May 15, 2016 11:09 am

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[QUARIAN] Riurn'dal vas Sorka nar Idenna: Renegade Engineer
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