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 Marz'Xiale vas Yormany

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PostSubject: Marz'Xiale vas Yormany   Marz'Xiale vas Yormany EmptySat May 14, 2016 7:32 pm

Marz'Xiale vas Yormany VyLfUVg
Credit to myself for making the tarot card.



General Information:

Character Name: Marz'Xiale vas Yormany
Nick/Pet-Names: Marz-bar, Candy-bar
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Migrant Fleet, Shellen Vessel
Age: 27
Height: 5.7 Forearms
Weight: 127 Lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Alabaster
Build: Ectomorph
Demeanor: Outgoing, Curious, Determined
Education: Homeschooling - Quarian Equivalent
Birthcode: 663-368-1235
Birth Sign: Scorpio
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Affiliation: MSV Geisha Engineer


Strength: 9/20
On the frail side.
Dexterity: 15/20
Decent agility coupled with the ability to use smaller-calibre weapons.
Constitution: 8/20
Not particularly durable.
Intelligence: 14/20
Of decent intelligence, given her position as an engineer.
Wisdom: 8/20
Naive and inexperienced in the grittier workings of the galaxy.
Awareness: 13/20
Strong sense of vision, solid hearing. She tends to be aware of physical things, while verbal and other things can still manage to fly over her head.
Charisma: 10/20
Marz doesn't tend to attract people or drive them away.
Luck: 10/20
The cards are neither in nor out of her favor.

Marz'Xiale vas Yormany 00a28f505b89be506f1e93fe4ff617d0

A Quick Consensus:

A curious and potentially naive muse doubled with a lacklustre fascination with machinery. With an outgoing look on life and the inexperience to accompany the title of a traveller, Marz finds herself out of touch with many other cultures whose social standings deviate from her norms. A stout of heart debauch and lover of small things, Marz looks at the world with curious interests at the heart of every sentiment and idealistic remark she makes. Though she's out of touch with other cultures and their normalcies, she's not unintelligent. She has common sense and nearly no derogation for learning. With a straightforward sense of handling her problems and a strong literal sense, she fancies herself a character interested in broadening her horizons in the interest of promoting relations with her kind. Not particularly subtle of nature, save for the stronger emotional stigmas, Marz does not find herself bound by the dogmas of the Quarian social hierarchy, and instead, makes an attempt to see the world in her own way.

Marz'Xiale vas Yormany 4ca90a9e1287b8e562baf2d0f693129f
A younger Marz aboard the Yormany.

Character Traits:

Tech-Savvy: Be it machines or computers, Marz is particularly decent at her job as an engineer.
Determined: Strong-willed with a head held high, Marz tends to see most things through till the end.
Curious: For better or for worse, Marz has a curiosity that could be considered irrational at times. Never truly satiated with her yearning for knowledge, the Quarian finds herself ever-studious.
Poet-At-Heart: Marz is many things, though her bearing a poet's heart seems to shine through more often than not. A debauch for art and music, Marz also tends to have strong emotional attachments to objects and other sentiments. This tends to occasionally lead to her chagrin, ignominious or not.
Emotionally Potent: A slave to her passions, Marz tends to be impulsive and brash when she feels a certain way.
Raw Physical Power: Being a scrawny Quarian has it's disadvantages. The raw physical aspects of it are one of them.

Six Unnecessary Facts:
i. Marz is an only-child.
ii. Marz has an adoration for opera.
iii. Marz is surprisingly good at slow-dancing.
iv. Marz originally wanted to be a doctor in her youth.
v. Marz is prone to becoming attached or overly-clingy to objects she holds dear.
vi. Marz has a love-hate feeling towards the flotilla. It bores her, yet it's still home.

Admired|Well-Respected /Exceptionally Good Friend|Friend|Acquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Disliked|On The Shit-List| † = Deceased

M. Vafor: "Probably my best friend on the ship, at this point. Melu's a really nice person to sit down and talk with. "

Z. Saaris: "Zaena's an interesting sort. I actually have a hard time putting words together to describe her. She's definitely a confidant."

'Combo': "I think he's a closet psycho, but he's nice to me, so I don't really care one way or another. Him and I get along very well."

J. McCal: "Mac's a pretty good guy. I've spoken to him a few times now and I feel a little safer knowing he's part of the crew."

J. Mason: "Jeremy's an old friend I wasn't expecting to see again after he left abruptly back in the day. I'm glad to be serving with him."

C. Vagrat: "Charles is a strange sort. Though, I like that about him. He's fond of plants, like I am. Him and I get along."

D. Havyl: "The rock, I like to call him. He's kind. I enjoy his company, as well."

A. M'Alli: "Ahnri's different, to be sure. At this point, I'm really not sure how to feel about her. I think any chance at a normal friendship is definitely long-gone."

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PostSubject: Re: Marz'Xiale vas Yormany   Marz'Xiale vas Yormany EmptySun May 15, 2016 12:53 am

Charles Vagrat
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PostSubject: Re: Marz'Xiale vas Yormany   Marz'Xiale vas Yormany EmptyMon May 16, 2016 4:29 pm

Added some folks to my relations. If I missed you and you'd like to be added, feel free to post.
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Marz'Xiale vas Yormany
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