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 Milky's Adept Application

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PostSubject: Milky's Adept Application   Sat May 14, 2016 3:23 pm

Steam Name: Pedagogue Milky
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:38405701
Steam Profile Link: Right here, pal.
Rp Experience: Four to five years of serious roleplay, few more of casual roleplay.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: On the planet Sathur, dust-like mold called creeper forms. It is a very potent hallucinogen.

Character Name: 'Crazy' Joe Derikson
Age: 32
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Pure adept biotic muscle, aww yeah!
Character Equipment: Light Janissary Armor, M-6 Carnifex, Omni-Tool.
Moral Alignment: CHAOTIC NEUTRAL
Strengths: Adept biotic, kind, merciful, understanding, pianist, muscular, amateur chef.
Weaknesses: Anger issues, quiet, clumsy, frequent headaches.
Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):

Joseph was one of the first human biotics to meet the world. He was born in an impoverished household, his father barely making by as a store clerk and his mother unable to find work in the Singaporean market. His sister loved him very dearly, as if he was her own child. Due to his parent's economical status, he often spent his time at his sister's. Before all that, however, he was exposed to element zero while in the womb of his mother. Vinise, Joe's mother, had went to the International Spaceport to beg for some money to survive. While she was there, an accident had happened, leaking element zero across her and many others. Including Joe in his embryonic state. After his birth, he was given everything they had gotten, just to make sure he could grow up strong. To their surprise, it had seemed to work better than expected. He began to show signs of biotic activity after a few years into his childhood.

A few years later, he was taken off to BAaT when his father handed him over to Conatix Industries, where he trained under the Turian 'pedagogues'. He quickly made friends with a few of his fellow students, including a young girl named 'Rahna'. He found himself constantly hungry under cruel Turians' command for being insubordinate. Many of his days he did his best to blend together so he wouldnt have to remember all of them differently. Once the facility closed down, he ran off into hiding. It wasn't long before he was found on Earth, dealing red sand to curious buyers and mercenaries. He keeps quiet about his experience on Gagarin Station for years.

His business goes well, and he decides to settle down for a while. He makes a decent profit off of his hobby and purchases himself an apartment in Europe. He makes friends with his neighbors who often visit just to hang out, or perhaps to go see a new movie. Sometimes, even going to the bar. During his time at a local pub, he attracts attention from a student journalist. After weeks of begging, she takes his account of BAaT, under the agreement to meet in the privacy of his apartment. She seems to fall for Joe, however he doesn't have the same feelings. She betrays him and alerts a few ruffians of his activities, along with the command to 'make him suffer'.

After a small gang by the name of 'the Jacks' got hold of this information, they made their way over to him. After confronting Joe, they pulled a knife and beat him. It was soon after he was stabbed in the thigh, when his biotics went to work, blasting them back into the alleyway's walls.  He left the planet before anybody could question him about the death of five young adults. Before he could leave, he confronts the journalist about it. As he seems to have been about to crush her into human juice, she bursts into tears. He lowers himself, pats her on the head, and makes his way to the next ship leaving. However, the authorities soon discover his involvement in the murders of the three after a Turian bystander reports the incident with the gang. He is put on wanted status for the next few months.

He found himself in Omega after his escape. He peddled food, keeping his red sand business to close friends only. Many people enjoyed his meals. Things were good for Joe. He even found love, seeming to attract a girl named 'Jasmine'. After a while he got bored of the calm life and joined up with a small gang, Jasmine following in suit. During this time, they were extorting people for money, kidnapping others, and harvesting Drell for their skin when they had the rarity of a chance. He himself would try to keep things calm, making sure those his fellow men had robbed wouldn't come back to get killed. One day, however, the gang had went to far. They stole a weapon shipment from Vorcha terrorists. They proceeded to hunt down and kill his entire gang, while he himself had panicked and left the horrid place.

He finds himself with his love Jasmine, who sneaks him back to Earth. However, things do not roll smooth for poor Joe. His girlfriend finds another love. Alike the Journalist, she is spared by Joe as his heart is pierced by her forlorn cries of mercy. She was not as lucky to show signs of fear. He laters returns to his hometown in Singapore to find his family gone. After finding nothing of his mother and father, he tries his sister in Hiromi City. Joe locates her and after having a good talk, the poor man finds that his father had murdered his mother. Along with that, his sister had been having trouble with an abusive boyfriend. With his streak of bad luck, Joe decides to treat him a lesson. Her boyfriend is left in a hospital for several months after a vicious attack.

Joe leaves his sister after she disagrees with his methods of 'helping'. He finds himself on the streets and makes his way to his mother's grave and leaves a single Lily on her grave. For the first time in his life he prays. He prays to every religion's 'maker' he could think of. After that, Joe decides the planet had nothing else for him. With this, he makes his way onto another ship, the Geisha. Joe finds himself as a stow-away, hoping to find his use as some muscle for the smugglers if given the chance.

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PostSubject: Re: Milky's Adept Application   Sun May 15, 2016 1:31 pm


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Milky's Adept Application
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