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 Bulaven's Server Application: Darren Bentley Hightower

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PostSubject: Bulaven's Server Application: Darren Bentley Hightower   Sat May 14, 2016 12:48 pm

Steam Name: Bulaven
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:31574044
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023413817/

Rp Experience: Eleven years total, across multiple platforms, including (But not limited to): MultiTheftAuto Roleplay (A GTA: San Andreas mod. Had been the LSPD Chief thrice over a period of several years), World of Warcraft (Roleplaying since four months after launch, usually as a neutral, mercenary-type), ArmA 2 (Chernarus/Zargabad Life), StarWars: Galaxies (Spent the entire career as an Imperial Stormtrooper, eventually coming to take the helm of a prominent Imperial Roleplaying Guild. On the side, also had a minor weapons dealer), Lord of the Rings: Online (A Bree Watchman), and, of course, Garry's Mod (Various Half-Life 2 servers, with roles varying from Civil Protection, to arms dealers, to even a Combine Conscript. World War Two Servers, Modern Day Servers, and, of course, Singularity's Mass Effect RP server). Various other minor bits.

Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Thresher Maws, the giant, worm-like creatures encountered on many planets, moons, and even asteroids, grow from mere spores. The origin of these spores is unknown, but the fact that the Thresher Maws have been encountered on innumerable planets suggests that the spores themselves were unknowingly spread by explorers many years ago, possibly before even the Asari. The first actual contact with the creatures is also unknown, though the Systems Alliance can claim to have had the dubious honor in 2177 on Akuze.

Character Name: Darren Bentley Hightower
Age: 23
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): A suit with a gun and an interesting cad.

Character Equipment: Generally speaking, the essentials carried by Darren are usually a Predator-type pistol, and (Reluctantly) an Omni-Tool. An antiquated combat knife may also be present, depending on the circumstances.

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, drifting into Lawful Evil territory

Strengths: Darkly charismatic (The man has the voice of a politician. If a politician's voice could be equated to a razor blade hidden in a velvet pillow),

Bloodhound (Whether intentional or not, the man's mannerisms could pass him off as a Private Detective in some circles. In others? A man who knows far too much),

Trivia Master (Not everyone can say that they know Shanxi was originally a country on Earth. Or who Guy Montague was),

Praetorian (Not the most experienced man you will find in the field, but a pistol and a night-owl's tendencies make for a fair watchdog),

Walking World-Book (An [un]healthy obsession with history),

Zealous (When he's dead-set on an agenda, it might be wise to steer-clear)

Strengths (SIMPLIFIED): A man with well-honed communication skills, as well as a hand for the 'Protection' business. With the addition of being a minor sleuth and a bit of a history buff, he is the jack of most and master of none.


Metronome Temper (On occasion, his disposition may find itself flung rapidly between pleasant and absolutely enraged, almost at the drop of a pin),

Vindictive Grudge (If one were to end up on his black-list, the next smile they find thrown their way might carry with it more than a fleck of Arsenic. And perhaps a mild fantasy of grievous bodily harm),

Autocrat (His diplomatic demeanor may find itself crushed against a sudden fortress of apathy),

Dissident Streak (Marching to the drum of another can be taken in stride.. If the drummer isn't an egotistical ass),

Pseudo-Luddite (Why wear ceramic plates, if a well-tailored suit offers a better impression?),

Bloody-Minded Imperialist ("Culture? I don't see culture. I see idiot superstition and a lunatic in a damned drafty-looking dress"),

Extreme of Introversion (Might need to pry a bit at the lockbox before it lets you in on a cloud of tetanus and dead spiders)

Weaknesses (SIMPLIFIED): Sudden bouts of rage and personal emotions might burn through his otherwise well-kept facade, while underlying opinions on the backgrounds and intentions of others might hurt just how well he can function with any given individual.

Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):

Darren Bentley Hightower. Second-youngest of four (Two sisters and a brother). Born in Dighton, Massachusetts, United North American States, Earth, Sol System. The son of a former soldier (Robert Hugh Hightower) and a folk artist (Clarice Anne Brown), with a sub-par record in the public school system. Darren began as a shy, introverted type of child, representing a the old stereotype of the child who would rather read a book than play lacrosse (Although an attempt at the latter was actually made. It did not lead to much more than a few tries and miserable failures at joining the team in his late-elementary school years). This led to, as could have been foreseen, some clashes with fellow pupils, often badgering him for his lack of athletic or social ability. Unsurprisingly, the growing pressure of others for his minor differences had led him to develop a powerful drive to differentiate from his peers at any given time, in any given way. While others preferred the modern and fashionable, Darren took to scrounging whatever antiquated-looking clothing he could find. The old works of literature, survival manuals and military handbooks, as opposed to the new vids coming out every day. Preferring politics and anthropology to broad societal studies. Range shooting with his father and painting with his mother, rather than basket ball and parties.

Unsurprisingly, by the end of his public school career, he was a crack in the mold. Abysmal academic track record, and yet, unofficially, a keen mind. An 'Indigo Child', if one were to accept such a title. Further academics were out of the question. While the family was not drowning in debt, they certainly couldn't afford to pay for college. Especially if it was going to be a fruitless endeavor. Darren's interest in tweaking his own personal manifesto and eventually leading others would have to remain a memory of the small clique of outcasts who had gathered behind him in the last years of public schooling. Now, it was clear: He had no real future in this world. Or, perhaps, it was -On- this world.

At the age of nineteen, he had made the decision to travel off-world. Where? In the grand scale of things, not too far. Mars, specifically. A non-blood fellow who insisted on being named 'Uncle'. Uncle Jacob Styme. Known only as the man Darren's father once equated to the staunch opposite of Willy Lowman. Now a prominent businessman and influential figure. Or as influential as one could be on a place as delicate as Mars. He needed a "Helper", in his words. A guard some days. An advisor on others. On occasion? Simply a friend.

Until, one day, the friendly veneer disappears. Mister Styme isn't Uncle Jacob anymore. And a man named Rudolph Berweiger isn't a client anymore, but a thoroughly bled corpse. Mister Berweiger has a brother and sister who aren't too pleased with Mister Styme's choice. And Mister Styme needed a scapegoat.

And so, Mister Hightower found himself, during the most frantic flight of his life, rivaling that of the young man fleeing the Trolls of the Mountain King, on the debauched hell-hole that was Omega. Certain acquaintances were made. Words were exchanged. Ideas augmented. Plans changed. Another trip. Considerably less frantic, but no more comfortable.


And an old, re-fitted Batarian cargo conveyer named the "Geisha".
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PostSubject: Re: Bulaven's Server Application: Darren Bentley Hightower   Sat May 14, 2016 7:50 pm

Welcome aboard.

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Bulaven's Server Application: Darren Bentley Hightower
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