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 A very CHEESY app

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PostSubject: A very CHEESY app   Sat May 14, 2016 12:13 pm

Steam Name: Deadly Nachos
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:6052267
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DeadlyNachos/
Rp Experience: 10+ years now. I lost count.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Krogans look kinda like turtles.

Character Name: Michael Ranolds
Age: 27
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Triggerman in most cases, I guess. He can prove himself capable of going on space-walks, salvaging equipment, and just being entertaining.
Character Equipment: He uses a normal M-6 Carnifex, an M-12 Locust fitted with an optional suppressor, a normal omni-tool, and a mildly armored EVA suit.
Moral Alignment: (See Chart) Chaotic Neutral
Strengths: Michael has basic Alliance training, combat experience, and knowledge of how to salvage equipment.
Weaknesses: His main hobby is drinking, he loves to flirt with just about any female he can find, and can be extremely lazy.
Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!): Michael was born and raised on a small mining colony with his father, who had been a veteran of the Alliance Navy, mother, and younger sister. After receiving his high school diploma, and having idolized his dad, he immediately went on to join the Systems Alliance where he went through basic training and learned how to operate on a battlefield. He was just about to arrive at his first deployment to a colony known as 'New Canton', which had been surprisingly surrounded with hostile life, in hopes of bringing a sense of security to the colonists. The planet was in sight and they were just about to land before the ship suddenly turned itself around. He was needed for a bigger battle.

The Geth attack on the Citadel was a real sight to behold, and it appeared to be too much for the young trooper. After the defeat of Sovereign, the Alliance ship lowered itself down to land so that the Marines inside could assist the evacuating civilians. Just as Michael and the rest of his squad mates stepped out, he immediately ran in the direction of the nearest non-Alliance ship, stripped himself of the gear he had and tossed it all into a nearby lake, and climbed on board. He was desperate to get out of there after experiencing what seemed to be an impossible battle. He never wanted to go back into war. Unfortunately, the ship he boarded was meant for transporting gangsters, war criminals, and other angry bad guys that had been previously locked up on the Citadel and who were now headed in the direction of Omega.

After nearly being pummeled to death, the man was left with nothing but the clothes on his back as he was abandoned on the metallic asteroid, where he struggled to make sense of what to do next. After several failed stealing attempts and constant drinking, the man was eventually introduced to a job offer that didn't involve him killing someone or blowing up a building: a salvaging job. He was given a space suit, told to take a space-walk over to a ship that had been nearly blown to pieces, and search for anything worthwhile on it. The more he brought back, the more he got paid, and he managed to benefit from this quite a bit.

A few days in on this job and they stop at the closest planet, Trident, in order to refuel. The refueling was taking longer than expected and Michael was now certain that the captain simply couldn't afford another trip out, and as such, decided to abandon the group. It didn't take long for him to be contacted by a group known as the Yoshida Syndicate where he was given the opportunity to assist a crew with transporting special 'cargo'. With not much left to do, he armed himself with the credits he had earned and sent them back a signed contract, stating that he would be on board the Geisha before it departs. Having gone AWOL from the Alliance, Michael was certain his family wouldn't allow him back home, and decided to take on his own mercenary life. He frequently sent back credits to his family, though he didn't bother to sign his name on them, and used this motivation of being able to support his parents in order to keep going.
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PostSubject: Re: A very CHEESY app   Sat May 14, 2016 1:16 pm


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A very CHEESY app
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