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 Toppy's Blue Ayy Lmao -- Ahnri M'Alli

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PostSubject: Toppy's Blue Ayy Lmao -- Ahnri M'Alli   Sat May 14, 2016 2:14 am

Steam Name: Toppy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33640225

Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CheekiestBreekiest/

Roleplay Experience: I’ve been roleplaying since 2011 – Garry’s Mod, DnD, WH40K,

Mass Effect Fun-Facts (The More You Know): Asari were created with the intent to take up the ‘Green Alien Girls’ Trope.

Character Name: Anhri M’Alli

Age: 263 – Born 1920, September 25th

What can your character do for our ship?: They’re a ‘Former’ Law-Enforcement Officer – In this case, they’re closer to a Master-At-Arms on the ship. On top of this, they carry certifications for Psychology & Armouring.

Character Equipment: Custom-Tooled M-77 Paladin, +5 Fashion Flight-Jacket, Hybrid Stun/Combat Knife, OMNI-Tool & OMNI-Gel.

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good – They seek to improve conditions for people regardless of regulation.

Strengths: Initially outgoing – They’re ever-active and seeking to learn more about the world that surrounds them. They could be labelled as competent within their scope of practice, and willing to learn about anything they don’t know.

Weaknesses: Stockholm Syndrome; The character could be described as an initially prissy Cop that fell towards the hedonistic life style of a criminal. Their ‘mental’ condition is ever deteriorating in coordination of their surroundings. As the environment they inhabit becomes grittier, they do as well – Their attitude shifts from outgoing to reserved, and as such their ability to function as a Master-At-Arms shifts to a less by-the-book role.

Character Backstory:  

Circa September 25th, 1920

Ahnri was born out of cultural interest. Her ‘mother’ being that of an Asari, and her ‘father’ being Turian. Despite her strange pair of parents, she was still born to Thessia, and was thusly raised there by her mother while her father was off serving in the Turian Hierarchy. Anhri was seen as normal by all of her peers and childhood acquaintances; And, for that matter, she was. The only thing that could ever be seen as different about her was her genuine curiosity about the various cultures and histories that made up the Milky Way. Ahnri’s interest in other species was noted when she started to question her mother about her estranged Turian parent. As most parents would, Ahnri’s mother indulged her in Turian culture, which only further served to spark the young Asari’s curiosity for the world. Whilst becoming semi-educated on the subject of Turian culture, Ahnri developed a motive to serve as a protector for all. She sought to propagate the cultures and histories of all races by protecting them under a uniform code.

With an impressive life-span at her side, Ahnri formulated a general plan for how she wanted to travel around the galaxy, her education being furthered in the process. She enlisted herself in various College courses, which would benefit her throughout her life. In the end, she’d spend the first portion of her life studying in Psychology, ‘Armouring’, Computer Science, Criminal Justice & Criminology. She’d have completed each course before finally sending in a formal request to the Asari Ambassador so she could then apply within the Citadel’s Security forces. Due to her various degrees and over-all headstrong attitude, Ahnri was accepted as a ‘Rookie’ into the Investigations Division of C-Sec.

After the typical transition to the Citadel, Ahnri had quickly been enrolled in all the courses that a C-Sec Officer was expected to be familiar with. She’d been trained in the legislative aspect of it before moving onto the physical aspect. Ahnri became familiar with how to handle various scenarios, whether they be hand-to-hand or small scale firefights. Seeing as she’s an Asari, she also took courses on how to enhance her general capability with her natural biotics.
Dozens of weeks later, and Ahnri was as ready as anyone fresh out of the Academy could be. Like most ‘Rookies’, she’d be stationed with the Presidium for the first months of her time under C-Sec. Time went on and Ahnri had finally garnished enough experienced that she could be transferred to the Wards of the Citadel. She’d have spent the next few years of her life within the wards, her various degrees in Law being applied for once. Ahnri became very familiar with the various crimes that plagued the Wards, and the various causes for people to resort to such actions. As per her familiar with Psychology, she was typically left as jaded after most cases – Save for a few exceptions which deeply affected her.

Drug use had been what affected Ahnri the most. People turning to substances out of despair and conflicting emotions hit her the most out of all the trauma she was subjected to. Nothing to her as on par with a person wasting their life away – Even selling it – just for their next fix. Ahnri kept looking for various solutions to the narcotics problem that plagued the less-than-fortunates that inhabited certain sections of the Wards. In the long run, Ahnri had come to the hard decision that C-Sec was the source of it; Or rather, its inaction. If drugs weren’t produced locally, they were imported. Ahnri came to the conclusion that weeding out the importer’s source of narcotics was the best course of action, and thus she went on to leave C-Sec.

Ahnri had departed from the Citadel with a scarce amount of equipment with her. She only took her credits, the few items from her C-Sec Academy Graduation – Namely her Paladin, Badge, and Officer’s Handbook – and any case-files she could gather. She spent days cross referencing drug pick-up locations and drop-offs before finally coming up with enough landmarks that she’d be led to Hiromi city. Despite her colleagues’ attempts at intervention, Ahnri set off to the nigh-dystopian city, her mind already set on figuring out the pieces to the puzzle that made up a fraction of Citadel’s narcotics problem. Once she had arrived at Hiromi city, she quickly forwarded some of her banked credits to a run-down apartment. This ended up being the staging place of Ahnri’s future endeavors in the bleak city. Initially, she tried to enlist in any pre-existing Crime Departments, but she found that the contracts were far too riddled with addendums and exceptions; The sort that would benefit an overbearing crime syndicate that had its roots everywhere.

Here Ahnri was secluded in an ever-raining Neo-Tokyo city without a job. All would seem lost to despair and failure to her, but she quickly drafted up the concept of employing herself as a Private Investigator for the various people that inhabited the city. There was, however, a problem to that. Anyone would have a name to place to a lone vigilante as soon as the credits were transferred to Ahnri’s account. In order to rectify this, Ahnri went under an alias and even dealt in bartering for goods and credit-chits instead of the standard transfer. Having maintained some semblance of secrecy, this allowed Ahnri to have relative freedom with the cases she handled as well as how they were handled.

Weeks went by at a snail’s pace for Ahnri. She had spent vast amounts of time doing minor jobs for people and getting to know the local populace. At some point, she would even consider some of them friends or extended family. Her general involvement in the area had become notable enough that her jobs got larger each time. Petty theft turned into cases of hit-and-run. Attempted homicide turned into literal homicide and so on. These cases, however, were not without repercussions. Ahnri’s various degrees in Criminal Justice and Criminology were almost entirely for naught due to the fact that there weren’t any courts for her to persecute criminals in. Ahnri had been forced to adapt towards the situations she was presented with and it molded her views on upholding justice into a new shape entirely. While in the past she would follow regulations for trying criminals, she would now opt to dispense justice in any form she saw fit. Time went on and on for Ahnri, case-after-case being completed. She became experienced in handling the various crimes that people committed, but she found herself unsatisfied with the work she had done. She firmly believed that she could be doing more than tracking down criminals and so she drafted up a new course of action. Armed with little more than her standard equipment, Ahnri soon filed an application to work for the Syndicate that she had caught wind of whilst working within Hiromi city.

Ordinarily, someone who was openly listed as Law-Enforcement wouldn’t be contracted to work for a Criminal Syndicate, but due to Ahnri’s careful credit laundering her local vigilante profile hadn’t been linked to her actual name. – She, however, still had a record of being employed as a Citadel-Security Officer. In order to rectify this, she enlisted as a Master-At-Arms for the Geisha.
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PostSubject: Re: Toppy's Blue Ayy Lmao -- Ahnri M'Alli   Sat May 14, 2016 9:30 am

Master-At-Arms? We're a bunch of fucking smugglers for crying out loud, and you're more likely to get fucking jumped if you tell the crew you were some kind of law enforcement.


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Toppy's Blue Ayy Lmao -- Ahnri M'Alli
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