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 Joker's App

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M10M Joker


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PostSubject: Joker's App   Sat May 14, 2016 12:19 am

Steam Name: M10M Brinkster
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:24541035
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/brinkster117/
Rp Experience: I've been roleplaying for... 7-8 years. Mainly HL2RP, but it's still a decent amount to know the trade.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Medigel was made by the Sirta Foundation. It was supposed to be illegal, but due to the beneficial properties of it, the council made it legal.

Character Name: Brian 'Joker' Doughty
Age: 20
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Medic, Kodiak Pilot, Professional Jackass
Character Equipment:
- M7 Lancer
- Minor shield generators stitched in his clothing
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good


- Friendly: Brian can be pretty friendly towards all most people. He'd rather make friends with people than make enemies.
- Novice Medic: Brian was going to college to become a doctor after all. Given more time and a few online classes, he could still become one.
- Open-Minded: Brian's not one to turn down advice and help whenever he needs it. He's willing to listen to anyone and everyone, given that it's reasonable.
- Agile: What Brian lacks in strength, he makes up for in agility. He is quick on his feet and can run quite the distance.
- Novice Shuttle Pilot: Even with all the military sims he played, he has only ever flew a Kodiak once. He's decent on the takeoff and flying part, but would need to work on his landing.


- Weak: Brian is not the strongest person on the ship. No abs and little muscle on his arms. Although he is agile, one or two punches from anything human or stronger could easily KO him.
- Inexperienced: When it comes to fighting, combat, or even something as small as smuggling, Brian hasn't done any of it at all. When it comes to something else that isn't college, medical, or flying, Brian could easily get stressed out. Even when he's doing said things.
- Short: Brian stands at a whopping 5'7. That's considered short compared to most humans and quarians. Most people would be able to easily tower over him.

Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):


Brian was born on March 13th, 2163 to a loving upper-middle class family in Miami, Florida. At an early age, Brian took an interest in space exploration, mainly because of hearing about the other species and the Citadel on the Alliance News Network. His school life wasn't too difficult academically; he got CPR-certified in high school and learned how to do basic programming with HTML (although he easily forgot most of that programming). Socially however, he was considered an outcast. He had his own group of friends, but he wasn't considered popular. He was bullied throughout his middle and high school career and he never really felt accepted within the modern society. On his off-time, he usually went to the spaceport in the city, watching ships as they came and went. He also played a lot of realistic space sims, including one that was used by Alliance military that he obtained from his cousin. He considered once becoming a stowaway on a ship and heading to wherever it was going, but decided against it because of the risks involved.

At a college fair in his high school, he learned about a private college that he could attend on the Citadel. It was a pricey one, but he was willing to go to it. Once he got out of high school, he took a few months of off-time for himself before eventually paying himself a one-way trip to the Citadel. He applied to the college and got accepted after taking a few of their entry exams. When Brian started picking his classes out, he decided his major was going to be in the medical field. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be a pharmacist, surgeon, or anything, so he started out simple and took a few first aid classes. These classes were expensive, but Brian was surviving off of his job as a dock worker in the Kithoi Ward. To him, even though all he mainly did was move crates from one ship to another, it was the perfect job for him. His bosses were nice, his coworkers enjoyed his witty sense of humor, and he got to see new, interesting ships everyday he worked there. Thing's couldn't be any better for him...

The docks’ lighting shifted to night time, giving the 9 to 5 workers their sign of sleep and the party goers the cover to move back and forth. Brian was working night shift, waiting for the expected drunks, bar fights and people who tripped and fell down staircases to come through. Instead tonight of all nights, he had a gun to his head, being shoved back by a woman who was barking and screaming orders. The noise only got louder after two Eclipse mercenaries burst through the door, only to get gunned down, leaving his ears ringing from the loud thuds emitted from the Carnifax.

Dazed and confused, Brian simple asked with a bit of a slur because he couldn’t hear himself, “What’s going on?!”
The young woman yelled back, “The fuck ARE you doing here?”
Brian’s response, appropriate given the moment, “I-I-I wo-work here!”
The woman only growled, leveling the gun back on him, “Can you fly a ship?!”
Brian groaned, holding his hands up, “WHAT!?”
Realizing poor Brian may be deafened right now, she spoke with her mouth, asking the same question.
Brian responded as best he could, “I-..If you count flight sims!”
The woman paused a moment, quizzical in her stare, she wasn’t prepared for that lame duck of an answer, “Good enough.” She then grabbed him.

Brian wasn't sure what to do, but he figured that if he didn't follow this woman, he would be gunned down by the Eclipse mercs. He complied, and the two ran towards the docks. Brian mostly hid behind boxes as small firefights sprung out, but when one merc got too close to the two, the woman disarmed and killed the merc. She slid the gun over to Brian, the weapon being a simple M3 Predator, and told him to start firing. Brian hesitated rather heavily since he has never been in a firefight, but he soon lifted the gun over the crate he was hiding behind and started blind-firing. His aim was off, but it was enough to throw the two mercs into cover. When they attempted to pop out of cover, the woman scored headshots on them both. After that was over, the two ran for one of the Kodiaks parked by the skycars, Brian moving into the pilot's seat and the woman to the co-pilot's. Brian was slightly panicked at first since this was his first time messing with actual controls on an actual ship, but after a minute, he understood most of the controls and started up the Kodiak. As it sparked to life, more Eclipse mercs came towards the Kodiak and started firing. The unnamed woman slammed on the panel to shut the door, soon moving back to the cockpit and yelling at Brian to get moving. Brian nearly panicked when he lifted the Kodiak in the sky, nearly crashing into the ceiling before he stopped it. He thrusts the Kodiak forward, flying it out of the docks and into traffic.

At first, as if he was literally in any tutorial session, he was able to get used to flying the Kodiak. He shifted through the panels, learned how to bank and roll... He seemed to be enjoying the flight. That was until he noticed two red blimps behind him on the radar. Before he could do anything, the Kodiak started beeping. Lights were flashing red and Brian began to panic. It was almost too late when he realized those were missile lock warnings. He banked right and pulled up, watching as two missiles fly past the cockpit windows. His eyes widen as they followed the missiles, watching as they just simply explode as they lose their energy. "Lose them!" The woman shouted as Brian glanced around. As he did, the Kodiak began to shake a bit more violently than before. He glanced down at the console and noticed that his shields were dropping, and fast; he was taking machine gun fire. He had to act quickly, so he scanned the area. As he noticed the buildings below him, the beeping started up again. He glances down at the console, glancing around quickly before he slammed his fist on a button. He had found the countermeasures button as the missiles fly off course. He then dives down towards the buildings.

Before long, he found himself maneuvering in between buildings, twisting and turning the Kodiak rather violently as collision warnings blared in his ear. It was a good thing the woman was in the co-pilot seat, or else she would've been bouncing off the walls. Meanwhile, the Kodiaks behind the them were trying their best to keep up with them, but they weren't able to obtain a lock on them or fire their guns. This bought Brian enough time to let the shields recharge on his Kodiak. Before long, three new blimps light up on Brian's display, displaying them as authority figures. It was C-Sec. There were three Kodiaks flying just above the buildings, tailing the scene. He also notices the Eclipse Kodiak blimps beginning to lag behind, soon flying straight as if they weren't maneuvering through the buildings before. They got behind the C-Sec Kodiaks. Before long, one of the C-Sec blimps suddenly disappears off the radar; The mercs had just shot down a Kodiak. All four remaining Kodiaks immediately break off their pursuit on the two and engage in dogfighting, soon disappearing off of Brian's radar completely as they fly out of range. Brian soon finds a place to land the Kodiak while keeping low to the ward. As Brian pulls over the landing spot that they found, he starts to descend the Kodiak. He however descends too hard as the Kodiak slams into the ground, causing the two to slam their heads into the dashboards. After the botched landing, Brian pulls his hood up on his hoodie as the woman opens the side doors, the two soon jumping out and running as far away from the Kodiak as they can. Surprisingly, no one came looking for the two, although C-Sec swarmed the Kodiak not long after. They both hid in an alley for a few hours before C-Sec called off the search, allowing the two to finally part ways.

The next day, Brian quit his job at the dock, not even giving them a reason why or a two-week warning. He wanted to get away from that dock and never return because of what happened. Thankfully since there was no warrant for his arrest or any signs that C-Sec showed interest in him, he started applying for new jobs a week after and continued going to college. He landed a job as a bartender for a local bar near his college, serving drinks and socializing with the regulars. He enjoyed his new job, and even though he saw the occasional bar fight, he found it to be safer than working at a dock. After two days of working his new job, the very girl who got him into the mess walks into it and immediately walks up to him. Brian was afraid at first, but the two talked and even exchanged names. Her name was Laura Spheres. She complimented him on his flying, saying that he wasn't that bad for a first-time pilot. After a small while of them talking and him serving Laura drinks, she finally left for good.

After that whole encounter, everything pretty much went back to normal for Brian. He resumed his schooling, he enjoyed his new job, and he was making new friends in both college and at the bar. He got through the ending of 2182 surprisingly without a scratch, and the first half of 2183 was pretty uneventful for him, save the stress of college life. Unlike normal Earth colleges, this college on the Citadel made it's students take classes during the summer. The only time they got off was a two week interval between the ten-week semesters. Each time he had those two weeks off, he went back to Miami to spend time with his family. As much as he hated the people of Miami that were his age, he did miss the City itself, as well as the relatively fresh air that Earth had to offer. Everything was going okay for him... Until the at the end of August. One night, Brian was walking home from work when he noticed two Asari wearing yellow armor behind him. He knew immediately that they were Eclipse mercenaries. He attempted to run and lose them in an alley, but one of them biotically pulled him towards and they captured him. They knocked him out and put a bag over his head, soon loading him up on a transport heading straight to god-knows-where. Fortunately for Brian, he wouldn't be there for when the Geth invaded the Citadel on the very next week.

When Brian came too, he found himself in a dimly lit room. He tried to move his arms, but they were chained to the chair. His legs were the same way. As he glanced around, he notices three Asari mercenaries, two of them guarding the door and one walking up to him. She looked to have mixed emotions; both pissed off and amused.

“Do you know why you’re here?” The woman asked plainly.
Brian was afraid of everything since he didn’t know where he was. He couldn’t recollect anything at first. “...N-no…”
The woman reared her arm back, twisting at the waist before she swings her arm forward, backhanding Brian hard. Brian flinches heavily as he grunts, his glasses flying off of his face as they hit the floor.
“A year ago, you helped someone get away from us in the Kithoi Ward in one of our Kodiaks after killing the hit squad that was sent after her.” The woman said bluntly as Brian glanced up at her with widen eyes, his memories coming back about that very night.
“B-but, I didn’t kill anyone!” Brian cried out, staring up at the Asari as she crossed her arms.He started struggling, attempting to pull himself out of the chains by kicking and swinging his arms. The chains only got tighter around his wrists and ankles.
“Why should I listen to you? Even if you didn’t, you helped someone very important get away. Now I simply can’t let that go unpunished, now can I?” She leans closer to him, her hands moving onto the seat as she smirks.
“...W-what are you going to do..?” He asks, shrinking into his chair as he attempts to move away from her.
“I could have you killed. I could have you flayed to death by my vanguards behind me, but I think that’s too quick of suffering… Instead, I’m going to sell you as a slave. There could be someone on Thessia who would pay well for a young man such as yourself. Or maybe I could smuggle you in on Illium and sell you to someone there, without you showing up on the indentured servant’s list… Orrr there could be a batarian looking for a new slave that he or she can work to death within the week…” She grins wider, leaning closer to him as Brian just stares at her quietly. After a small moment, she pushed herself and walked out of the room, motioning the other two to follow.

“Enjoy your stay in Hiromi City…”

Brian wasn’t sure how long he was in there for. A month? Two? What was just two weeks felt like longer for the kid. The only time people came in were to feed him, and even at that they would’ve thrown a punch or two his way. During his first week, all he could be was afraid. After that first week, he noticed the leader that spoke to him the first day getting angry, is if she couldn’t find a buyer for Brian. For some reason, Brian decided he was going to take this to his advantage and throw a couple of jokes her way. This only made her hit harder with each joke he made. Why did he do this? Was it because he thought he was going to die? He really didn’t care anymore. He just wanted to have a little fun before he bit the dust, which he thought was coming soon…

Brian would’ve awoken to the lights of the room sparking to life, squinting his eyes as they adjusted to the light. Someone was walking to him. A.. Male? This confused Brian, even made him somewhat afraid. Was this a buyer the Asari was looking for? That Asari wasn’t even entering with him. Brian didn’t understand anything at the moment. The man soon lifts his left arm as his omnitool came to life, soon typing onto it for a moment. The tight restraints on Brian’s wrists and ankles suddenly became loose, the restraints coming off completely. Brian sits up fully as he rubs his wrist, soon glancing over to the man before the door. He attempts to jump out of the seat and run for the door, but would instead stumble and fall onto the floor hard.

“Woah, buddy. Eager to leave, huh?” The man says calmly, moving over.
“...W-what do you want…” Brian demanded quietly as he moves his hands to the ground, attempting to lift himself up.
“Brayton’s Decals Incorporated.” The man lowers a hand to him, offering to help him up. Brian glances over to the hand before up to the man. “A..uh...mutual acquaintance mentioned that you might need help.”
“Who-...” It clicked in Brian’s head. This is a breakout. He didn’t think he was worth enough to be broken out of a mercenary compound, but apparently it was his lucky day. He grabs Brayton’s hand, soon pulling himself up with a light grunt.
“Now, listen here. As I snuck in here, I overheard some guards saying that queen bitch is gettin’ tired of you loiterin’. She’s plannin’ on just shooting you at this point, so I guess it was a good thing I stumbled across you.” Brayton moves over to the door as he unholsters his Carnifax. He opens the door slightly, soon glancing outside and scanning the area. He then turns his head to Brian and nods. “Let’s get outta here. Shit will fly soon enough.”

The two made their way through the building, Brian absolutely terrified about the chance of being spotted. Not only was he weak and unarmed, but he wasn’t sure if he could trust Brayton. They stumbled across a room filled with several things; modeled ships, a damaged set of N7 armor, the faceplate of a Quarian environmental suit, old krogan battle armor… It was obvious that this was a trophy room. Brian glances around quietly as they walk through, his eyes soon landing on a rifle. An M7 Lancer, to be specific. He turns to it fully as Brayton glances over to him, soon to the rifle in the display.

“Don’t you do it.” Brayton said simply.
“C’mon… It’d be a nice ‘fuck you’ to the mercs…” Brian grins over to him weakly.
“Unless you can give me a good fucking reason to break the glass and alert every fucking Eclipse merc in this fucking building, I am not fucking breaking that glass.”
Brian glances down at his hands, soon around himself before looking back at Brayton. “Well, I’m unarmed… And last time I checked, you don’t need to swap thermal clips on that thing all the time. Would you rather have both of us fighting if things go tits up, or just you while you protect your HVT?” Brian crosses his arms as Brayton stares at him silently for a moment.
“...Just break it.” Brayton walks over to the display. “You better use short controlled bursts. Overheat this thing and you’ll burn your fucking hand off.” Brayton rears his armed hand back, soon smashing the handle of his Carnifax into the window. The glass shatters as Brayton reaches in, pulling the Lancer out of its display before tossing it over to Brian. As Brian catches the rifle and turns it to hold it correctly, alarms start to blare. They both glance up at the ceiling at the same time before turning to the exit of the room. “C’mon! We need to go!” Brayton yells as he starts running, Brian following close behind.

Brayton kicks the door down to the main room of the building and the two run in. The room would look like any generic mansion main room; the giant doors at the front with a staircase that splits at the top, going to two different parts of the building. Brayton and Brian would be coming down from the right side as two Eclipse Mercs run down the left side. Brayton aims his Carnifax towards the two as he fires, scoring a headshot on one as the other raises her SMG. Before she could fire, Brian raises the Lancer and fires at the merc. He misses her completely, but it caused her to flinch and lose her aim. Before she could aim again, A round from Brayton’s Carnifax lands between her eyes, the asari dropping and tumbling down the stairs. Brian and Brayton continue their decent down the stairs as a door swings open and a third merc runs out. It was a Salarian. He aims it’s Predator towards Brayton and fires, two rounds landing on Brayton as his shields deflect the rounds. Even though Brayton wasn’t hurt, he flinched from the rounds. Brian aims his Lancer towards the Salarian, firing once again. Once again, he missed, but this threw the Salarian into cover. Brayton got enough time to aim his pistol downrange, soon landing another headshot on the Salarian. As the Salarian dropped onto the floor, the two ran down the stairs and made a mad dash outside into a garden-like area.

As they run for the front gates, more mercs would pour out the building, firing at the two as they glance behind themselves. “Son of a bitch!” They both yell as Brayton moves behind Brian, somewhat shielding him from the rounds since he was the one with the shield. They successfully make it out the gate, soon turning and sprinting for a skycar with it’s engines on. Brayton types onto his omnitool to open the door of the skycar, soon hoping inside as he moves into the driver’s seat. Before Brian could move into the car, a round plinks off the car, causing Brian to spin around with the Lancer and immediately fire. Somehow, although he was mainly firing blindly towards the merc, he was able to hit the one that fired on the car. The body drops as his eyes widen, soon letting out a hysterical laugh as he stares at the body. Brayton groans as he soon grabs Brian by his hood, yanking him into the skycar as the door close.

“You got lucky! Don’t get dicky!” He yells, soon lifting the skycar into the air and flying off, far away from the Eclipse building. Brayton lets out a small sigh as he leans back into the seat, somehow relaxed. “That was TOO close..” He says, glancing over to Brian.
“Y-yeah… H-holy shit, that was…” Brian says,  closing his eyes as he sighs heavily.
“Yep… Anyways, I’m getting you off this rock. There’s a ship leaving tomorrow called the Geisha. It’s an old Batarian cargo-”
“Wait, a Batarian ship?!” Brian interrupts, his eyes widening as he turns to Brayton. “I am not going on a ship full of slavers!”
“Relax, you fucking avocado.” Brayton says calmly, not looking at him. “It’s been refitted to allow a multi-race crew, so it’s not gonna be all Batarians. I don’t even think it’s owned by a Batarian.”
“Okay… Is it heading to the Citadel?” Brayton chuckles in response to Brian’s question, causing him to raise an eyebrow. “Is it?”
“This ship is the only free ticket you got off this rock without the Eclipse Mercs swarming your ass. It may head to the Citadel, but don’t count on it. The Citadel got hit by the Geth last week.”
“...What?” Brian didn’t know how to respond. “You’re joking…”
“Nope. The whole Zakera Ward is fucked, man. And I wouldn’t plan on going back home so soon if they knew where you live. You’d only get captured again.”
Brian sighs heavily, soon leaning back into the chair. “...What the fuck am I gonna do? I was going to college…”
“Take online classes.”
“How am I supposed to pay for that if I don’t have any money?”
“Work for the ship?” Brayton shrugs. “You can fly a Kodiak from what I’ve heard, so you got SOME use…”
“...I also know a bit of medical…”
“Good. You can be another doctor on the ship.”

“I-...” Brian sighs heavily, glancing out the window. He stares outside at the buildings as they fly past, frowning heavily as he just sat there. He was, once again, in an unknown place with nothing but the close on his back… And an M7 Lancer in his lap. He couldn’t just part ways with Brayton now, otherwise he’d be as good as dead. He didn’t really have any other choice but to follow this man to this unknown Batarian ship so that he can have a life to live.

“...Alright… Let’s go.”
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PostSubject: Re: Joker's App   Sat May 14, 2016 9:26 am

Lets hope you don't fly like George Bush does.

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Joker's App
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