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 Brute's Dank Application

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PostSubject: Brute's Dank Application   Fri May 13, 2016 7:28 pm

Steam Name: Brute
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:56966279
Steam Profile Link: The Lord of Dank Memes
Rp Experience: Started back in 2009, did a few other RP's in different games.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: A cool fun memey fact about mass effect is that in the second Mass Effect, the game will respond if you probe Uranus. The respond would be the simply remark of EDI saying "Really Commander?" "Probing Uranus?".. Kinda like "That's what she said" jokes.

Character Name: Melu'Vafor vas Ceehok
Age: 29
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Act as a standing Doctor on-board, senior combat medic, and surgeon.
Character Equipment: M-12 Locus, M-6 Carnifex, and a few number of medical supplies (Scalpels, Medi-gel, clamps, prescription medicine.)
Moral Alignment: Good - Neutral.
Strengths: Medical 'genius' - Scientific knowledge - Minor combat experience - Agile - Intelligent - Realistic - Peoples person
Weaknesses: Weak - Not the greatest with a weapon - Short - Constant headaches on certain occasions - Dislikes Drell's - Blunt at times.
Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):

Year 2154

Aboard the vessel named "Ceehok", apart of the Quarian flotilla and ranking under the civilian fleet, a small female child was born in a deeply sanitized room, which was only required to make sure of the newborn's health not being tempered with. The child's mother named the newly introduced toddler "Melu", something sweet and simple, but carrying a small pinch of sour at the same time. During the operation, her mother of-course was there as she was the one thing required to give birth, although Melu's father was mostly absent, completely gone and out of sight. Melu's father truly wanted to attend her daughters birth, but he had a twisted situation stuck in his hands on the Citadel. The Citadel was a major point in the galaxy, housing four important species, the Asari, a rich and thriving population which seemed to be the 'head' on certain occasions. The Turians were one of the counsel species as well, mainly for there diplomatic platform and strongly trained military. The Salarians were up next, a species filled with genius minds that craved for technology and science. Lastly, one of the newer species was the Humans, mainly a balanced population which stood strongly among most other species. Although, none of these facts truly mattered to the newborn at the time, as the world of politics and war seemed quite out of sight, but that will only last for sometime before she reaches a mature age. With the long process finally being dealt and over with, Melu's mother, Rala spend sometime at the medical clinic, a bit too much compared to anybody else, as she gained a slight favor for her position among the staff. Indeed, Rala wasn't a typical grease monkey like most other Quarians, but instead she was a appointed Nurse at one of the clinic's aboard Ceehok, mostly working behind counter selling prescription drugs to the large crowds of sick Quarians looking to get better, but at times she assisted during medical operations, fetching tools and gloves for the main doctor in hand.

With Rala finally departing from her hosptial, she left with her newly born child in hand, but her side was empty as the loving husband she knew abondaned her.. At least she thought he did. Melu's father was in a different situation, considering his species, along with nobody having a clue on who he is on the Citadel, he was a prime target for the Blood pack, not for robbing but instead sold into slavery, which he unluckly was, so his dreams of coming back home to see his newly born child was truly demolished. With Melu only starting to walk on her two feet, she quickly and fluently learned the native tongue of her people, which was of-course Khelish, something all Quarians in her time knew and spoke. With her mind only starting to grow, she still wanted to learn more out of her league, mostly attempting to bite a bigger piece during her studies, which at the time was to learn a common language widely used by some of her people and even a lot more species around the galaxy. It was quite difficult for her, but her academic skills never left her behind as she proved her intelligence through the process of challenging bigger pieces of information. Surely at some pointin life, she had to make a decision about the subject she wished to place herself fully into, for that she turned to her mother for guidance. Rala offered Melu the path of a technician or an Engineer, although her young fourteen year old mind knew there was more to it, so she asked more questions. Rala knew of her daughters thinking capacity, so she brought the idea of medicine during there long lasting conversation, even going a bit in-depth as it seemed to have catched the attention of Melu, as with other idea's she simply brushed them away. Now Melu finally figuring out her path in the future, she continued her academic career aboard Ceehok, finishing 'High-school' and retreating back home to start her studies in the medical field. Since her family wasn't the richest and the Quarian's didn't have the most flourishing economy, Melu once more turned to her loving mother for some help during her studies, mostly being 'home-schooled' in a makeshift way, but her times in the library never came to an end. Days were coming to a close as Melu of-course like all other 18 year old Quarians had to attend her pilgrimage to truly earn her position among one of the vessels in the flotilla, or get some sort of freedom to travel around the galaxy.

After packing her books, stuffing her notes, and boarding one of the shuttles to the Citadel, Melu's pilgrimage officially started. At first her major problem was to dodge the wave of insults and racism coming directly from a few of the humans and many of the other diverse species on-board, although her realistic ways most defiantly helped her case, as ignoring the voices was an easy way to not start trouble. Melu's search continued for sometime on the Citadel, but it was of-course something quite bad considering her handful of credits slowly running out, the hotel she stayed in wanted a hefty price from the 'pesky Quarian scum' which entered her complex. So, during a night out at the mid-sections of the Citadel, Melu came across a group of scientists, engineers, and doctors packing up and readying themselves for departure, but they seemed to be accepting tag alongs, only two people. Since most people already had a job, Melu was the only one attending with the group of intelligent minds, as she saw it as an opportunity to truly evolve and finish her pilgrimage. With a clear explanation given to the bright minds and a few jokes being passed around, a few of the doctors on-board were more then happy to teach Melu their knowledge, as one of them was an actual teacher at a busy medical school back on Earth, but at the same time one of the scientific heads promised Melu to share some of his own field of work with her during their 'safari' at a lowly populated rural planet. The planet they traveled off to was mostly unknown to the common populance, so it was a perfect place to get a quick break from the humans usual lives, and a ideal place for Melu to learn more about her chosen field. As time passed, the 2 month trip lasted for 3 to 4 years as a few of the scientific members found some wonderful items to research upon, which at the same time was perfect for Melu as she was lectured by the group of Doctors that took her under their wing. She was taught topics from surgeries, the different species' anatomies, medicine, wounds caused by combat, and a number of other things. During her time the scientific head happily taught her a few things about biology during their time there, mostly teaching her the basics and some advanced knowledge. By the end of the 4 years, Melu new more then enough in the field she wanted to invest her life into, it was time for her to return back and gift a couple of the findings the doctors mostly shared with her, which were useful items which either helped with pain, or acted as immune boosters for the Quarian system, at times they seemed more effective compared to a few other mass produced ones. As Melu's title was granted upon her, a mark which finally made her recognized as an adult instead of a child, she was best fitted to work as a doctor at one of the major medical facilities in Ceehok, quite the position compared to her mother. Melu'Vafor vas Ceehok, was now a grown adult compared to her early years, mostly coming to her near 30's as the majority of her time was spent working at the medical facility, conducting surgeries and even continuing her research to keep her mind refreshed. Although, Melu found it slightly frozen compared to what she could really do. Her mind mostly challenged her position, knowing that she could be helping save lives in some major planets or vessels instead of taking care of the same minor problems the Quarian body is faced with. She didn't want to 'abandon' her people, but she knew that they would be perfectly fine without her, so her next destination was for earth, hoping to dodge the racial slurs coming from the Citadel races, as from the recent events, she was quite scared of being torn apart for something she never did. During her arrival she introduced herself to a few number of people in hopes of finding a decent place, somewhere her skills could be pushed in or challanged. With a few days passing, her name apparently got tossed around quite a lot to end up in the hands of a company called "Yoshida" which was actually a crime Syndicate, but she never truly knew their actual identity, neither did she care, as there introduction seemed more then formal enough to get her to accept working aboard the transport vessel of "Geisha".

(I'm not sure if you remember me from Singularity Legion, but I promise not to be a whore or anything, or be rude either. My behavior will be given with the utmost respect to the staff and people.)
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PostSubject: Re: Brute's Dank Application   Fri May 13, 2016 9:00 pm

Let it never be said that I do not support LGBTXUAOASDUSDIDF001 rights.

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Brute's Dank Application
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