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 Zeta's Application

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PostSubject: Zeta's Application   Fri May 13, 2016 4:11 pm

Steam Name: Zeta
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49371856
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/gZeta/
RP Experience: More than 3 years.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact:

Character Name: Lucas Keegan
Age: 26
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): He is an adept, but he is good at stealth and also with the rifles.
Character Equipment: Eclipse Armor, Phaeston, Predator and Cluster Grenades.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Strengths: He has a pretty good biotic potential.
Weaknesses: He might not be able to control his emotions sometimes. Crowded places make him feel edgy.
Character Backstory
Lucas Keegan was born in 2157 CE in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the First Contact War with the Turian Hierarchy on Shanxi. His father died, in 2183 CE, figthing the Geth while trying to save the human colony on Eden Prime. His mother died as soon as she brought him to life, he was identified as a biotic. According to what his father explained to the doctors, he said his wife was exposed to element zero due to an accident which happened during their honeymoon in 2154 CE.

In 2170 CE, Lucas was sent to the Gagarin Station by his father after receiving a letter of the Alliance and signing it up to join the BAaT program and develop Lucas's biotic potential. There, he is fitted with L3 implants after they were officially released, keeping in mind that the L2 implants were proven to be extremely dangerous. However, he experimented noticeable changes in his mood sometimes and that called the attention of the people who was supervising him.

In 2175 CE, when Lucas was 18 years old, he enlisted in the Alliance military. He studied and learned combat expertise through different kind of trainings to become an Alliance Marine. He combined his experience and lessons learned in the Gagarin Station with the military training he received there.

Once he finished his career, in 2180 CE, he is taken back to the Gagarin Station where a few scientists regrouped to try to work on Lucas's defect between the implants and his mood. During the process, one of the scientists was working with a few tools on the implants when suddenly touches something that made Lucas bursts in biotic rage releasing a short range, but potent, mass effect field which killed two scientists of that group. Inmediately, the rest of the group locked up the laboratory where they were working with Lucas and leave it in quarantine while they call the Alliance to help them with the situation.

As soon as two soldiers, plus a pilot, from the Alliance arrive in an Alliance Kodiak to the Station, the two get to the quarantined lab and start dragging Lucas from his arms back to the Kodiak. However, when they were almost arriving to the Kodiak, the two soldiers release Lucas while aiming their guns at him and motioning him to get in the vehicle, but that might not be the best idea as Lucas's hands weren't tied up. So Lucas uses his biotic powers to disarm both of them and get a Phaeston, which he slings it on his back, and a Predator, which he uses to kill the two soldiers with just one shot to the head to each of them. After that, he gets in Kodiak and places the pistol on the pilot's head while ordering him to go directly to the Charon Relay. As the Alliance is alerted about this fact by the people of the Gagarin Station, they send three Alliance Fighters to take down the Kodiak.

Unfortunately, the Fighters were too far away from the Station to reach Lucas in time, he was almost going through the Relay. But this didn't stop the Fighters from going after him. After Lucas and the Fighters went through it, they found themselves in the Omega Nebulosa, where Lucas orders the pilot of the Kodiak to get to Omega. Meanwhile, the Fighters open fire against the Kodiak and one of them hits it, making the Kodiak unstable and hard to drive it. As a matter of fact, the Kodiak flies directly to Omega but in a pretty fast and uncontrolled way. Seeing Lucas was deep inside Omega, the Alliance orders the Fighters to retreat as they had no jurisdiction in there.

Once the Kodiak finally crashes right on the docking area of Omega, the pilot goes through the window, breaking it with the head and the mass of his body, and flies in the air until he falls on the ground deceased. On the other hand, Lucas hits his head after crashing and falls on the ground unconsciously after opening the door and going out of it while holding his ribs area, where a few of them seemed to be broken.

As if it was about a few seconds happened, Lucas wakes up in a bed feeling pain all over his body and a terrible headache as he looks around the room, also feeling confused of where he was. He suddenly, notices sitting on a bench next to him an Asari wearing a yellow suit with a symbol of a sun in the middle who was cleaning up the wounds and changing the bandages. Lucas abruptly grabs the Asari from her forearm while his hand turns in blue:
**Lucas asks her in a rather aggressive tone "Who are you?!"
**Showing she is not feared from Lucas but surprised, she replies "I'm Noelia. And you are...?"
**As he calms down and releases her arm, he says "Lucas. Now, where the hell am I?"
**As she places her hands on her lap, she answers "That vocabulary won't get you where you want to be. Why did you come to Omega?"
**Staring at her and half-closing his eyes, he says "Nothing of your business."
**"Oh, rude." She says as she stands up heading to the exit. She would stop by the door sighing before pointing to a locker on one side of the room. "Get yourself suited up once you think you are good enough to move, but do not make the boss waits for you for an eternity. Welcome to Eclipse." Then she closes the door behind her walking away.

A few minutes later, Lucas slowly gets up from the bed holding his stomach as he still feels pain and walks up to the locker opening it and noticing the same suit like Noelia, the Asari, was wearing. Once he got dressed up, he walks out of the room and goes to speak with Jona Sederis, the founder of the mercenary corporation called Eclipse. After a long time of introductions and that stuff, he is welcomed and starts working as a mercenary for this organization, where he spent a few years of his life while hiding from the Alliance.

One day, in 2183 CE, after the Geth Attack on the Citadel, Lucas along with a few members of Eclipse set down in Hiromi City to deal with some Red Sand businesses with the Yoshida Syndicate. In the meantime, Lucas hears two people talking in a low tone about a Cargo Ship known as the Geisha. So he leaves the Eclipse group, unexpectedly for them, and follow these two people who were heading to the vessel. And there it was, the Geisha. After taking a quick look at the ship while keeping his head low and unseen, he thinks for a moment and finds a way to get aboard through the hangar, where he is actually hiding from the past.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeta's Application   Fri May 13, 2016 4:32 pm

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Zeta's Application
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