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 Drau Havyl

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PostSubject: Drau Havyl   Drau Havyl EmptyFri May 13, 2016 3:21 pm

"Wait, you're really going to make me fill out my own dossier? Do you realize just how much I'm going to have to list!?"

"Bah, fine. But I get all rights to be sarcastic. Or else."

Quote :
Drau Havyl X7LTulj

LOGIN USERNAME: FatRoll2256711759
PASSWORD: ********
Login Confirmed!
*OPENING FILE - "[HAVYL.19849]"*




Full Name:
Drau Havyl

Havyl, Rock.

Est. 1,400 years of age.

Date of Birth:
Stated to be around 700CE, during the Krogan rebellion.

Year of Employment:
[Previous records omitted]
// Two One Eight Three [2183] - Geisha - Yoshida Syndicate
[Marked Current]

Place of Birth:
Tuchanka, unknown province

Employment Position:
'For whatever damn purpose they can throw at me'

Family & Next of Kin:

Flagged ACTIVE




[Active Duty Photo]:

Drau Havyl GQ0d6cw


8' 6'' - 2.65m Tall // 1,014lbs - 460.3kg

Eye Color:
Faded Blue.

Facial Features:
Chiselled, sharp jawline. Mottled and weathered tan skin around the face. Defined scars, albeit faded to mere white streaks due to time. Malformed black head plate.

Vocal Clip:

Body Features:
Very heavy frame. 'The sort of person who has to take up two seats to sit his ass down'.

What is immediately notable is a matching set of armor which is often bestowed to Warlords - appropriately scaled to fit Havyl's frame. As far as he is concerned, he may as well be locked up inside of the thing for how much he wears it. His own little prison, although that hasn't stopped him from sprucing it up (with assistance). This immensely protective iron-clad suit boasts a plain steel-colored look with red enamel accents. To neglect speaking of the various stains lining its finish. The matching helmet boasts various filtration systems in order to aid respiration, whilst likewise amplifying the vocalization of the Krogan with a reverberating pattern, as heard in the vocal clip.





Academic Interests:
Krogan History. Recollecting and retelling his past through accounts (thereby, writing).

Artistic Interests:
[Excerpts from Music Player]

Athletic Interests:

Notable Skills:
Havyl's skills come in the form of being what they are, for the most part. Their trade is warfare, and they've had plenty of time to hone their ability to fight. They're perhaps more partial to the simple idea of sharing the accumulated wealth of knowledge that they've attained over their lifespan however.

Key Personality Traits:
Social and extroversive. There's little that Havyl won't try and embroil himself in as far as talking with others goes, although he knows where he doesn't belong at times - figuratively speaking. More than that, their overall regard towards others is one demonstrating some amount of respect should he deem it due. That everyone deserves a chance, and one chance only. They've a particular aversion to violence where they can help it - enemies are only of the moment, after all.

General Emotional Description:
Perceivable as being a Stable individual who is both mentally sound and capable at their best. They're not especially volatile, although they are headstrong and fairly confident in their motives. At their worst, it is notable that they can easily get carried away with trying to convey their thoughts.

Psychological Notes:
N/A - Requires profiling by qualified individual.




Wounds Received on Current Job:
Profile of injury received is placed here.

Awards Received in Current Job:
Employee of the Month? I wish.

Extended Service History:
[Awaiting User Input]

Promotion Record in Current Job:
How about manager? Doubt it.




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Drau Havyl
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