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 The Captain & The Ship

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PostSubject: The Captain & The Ship   Wed May 04, 2016 11:41 pm


The Cargo Ship known as the Geisha is a supply mover for the Yoshia Syndicate, a large crime organization. While dealing mostly with illegal business schemes, the Yoshida Syndicate is one of the largest exporters of Red Sand, moving the powder from mars to other spots across the galaxy. The Geisha is tasked with moving regular freight while the actual goods are hidden away, waiting to be sent to the next distributor. This old Batarian Cargo Ship has been refitted to allow a multi-race crew to live on and operate the vessel.

Somehow you've found yourself aboard the Geisha, are you contracted by the Syndicate? A stowaway? Passenger or crew? The decision is up to you.


The Captain of the Geisha doesn't really tell people his name, or remove his old alliance mask in public. Many rumors circulate in the City of Hiromi about this strange individual. Word is he was once a Alliance Sergeant, quite the prestigious one in fact. If you dig into his file you can see that official Alliance records state his discharge as dishonorable, the reasons being "Fornication with a high-ranking member of an alien species", the Alliance was never big on specifics  

Nobody knows how the Geisha came into the possession of this man, some say he killed a few Batarians in a bar fight and stole it, others say he won it in a high stakes card game. Either way with the ship he set off to get a contract with the Yoshida - going under the alias. ''Shogun".  Though in charge, he leaves most of the flying to his trusty crew as he was never a very good pilot to begin with.

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The Captain & The Ship
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