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 Layna D'Kallos

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PostSubject: Layna D'Kallos   Layna D'Kallos EmptyFri May 13, 2016 6:35 am


General Information


Full Name: Layna Nyxisska D'Kallos

Preferred Nickname; Melisandre
Other Nickname(s): Kalli', Blueberry, Blue, Banana

Age: Two Hundred and Thirty Seven

Homeworld/Colony: Thessia

Morale: 80%

Occupation; Thief(?), registered psychologist, Commando training.

Status: Active

Relationship Status: Single




Layna D'Kallos Ifko6Jm

On the Citadel... With her mischievous face on... Mhm.


Hair Style: Yeah, uh.
Hair Colour: Purplish-Blue
Eye Colour: Dark Hazel
Facial Features: Natural facial-patterns, distinct.
Body Features: Petite-toned build.
Clothing: Normally supports a set of simple casuals - a hoodie with supporting pair of pants. Also tends to wear a midnight-blue set of a suit complete with a in-built hood.


Hobbies - Pastimes


- Loves listening to music.
- Watching various-race movies.
- Reading romance novels, who doesn't.
- Causing chaos in her own little way, not -too- bad, but bad.
- Having fun while causing that chaos.




Kesiyh D'Kallos - 'Father' - Alive, Commando; Asari Military.
Ye'lisha Liran-D'Kallos - Mother - Alive, Medical Doctor; Huerta Memorial Hospital; Citadel


Personal Relationships


* Love Interest * Family-Like Friend * Great Friend * Friend * Acquaintance * Unlike * Hate  

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Layna D'Kallos
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