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 William Karl Brayton

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Quote :

General Information


Full Name: Brayton, William K.
DOB: 1/20/2160
LOB: Liberty Bell Memorial Hospital; Philadelphia: UNAS East Coast, Earth.
Homeworld: Earth
Education Level:
-Highschool Diploma, Crestford School for the Gifted
-College Dropout, IT and Security, 5 years
Physical Health Status: Great condition; no major physical injuries on record
Mental Health Status: Seems to be in fit condition; all sources point to debts being repaid
Current Whereabouts: Unknown,
Current Status: Active, Counterfeiter, Negotiator, Wetworks
Current Morale Level: High

William Karl Brayton Underrated-but-never-outclassed-damian-lewis-yes-yes-i-did-damian-412173
Quote :

Known Information about Fugitive

William Karl Brayton, alias Karl.
-All information about his past is easily accessible but previous attempts to ascertain or even arrest the man via pasts links have all turned up in a puff of smoke or worse, never worked.
-Not a fighter, but will shoot and punch his way through a situation if he has too. Police injuries on record, no fatalities.
-A very strong negotiator, he's talked his way out of a few stings through bluffing and lies.
-Relies on negotiation to avoid violence, apparently hates to get involved in fights.
-He is terrible at gambling and poker.
-Best chance of capturing fugitive is through honeypots, but target takes too long to garner trust of plants.
-Knows too much about C-Sec and other police forces across the galaxy, possible connections in each form of police leans toward his ability to get anywhere.
-Has been incarcerated three times.

  • Incarcerated at 15, released 1 month later. Petty Robbery.
  • Incarcerated again at 16 for creating fake IDs for friends, 5 months. Good Behavior release.
  • Car jacking to escape cops at 16, released at 18 per UNAS law.

William Karl Brayton Damian-lewis-life-blooper-yeah-o
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User Error: Current Security Status below necessary threshold for Physical and Psychology Notes.
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William Karl Brayton
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