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 Order of the Black Rose

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PostSubject: Order of the Black Rose   Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:26 pm

The order of the Black Rose is an Organization founded by King Fuher Dietrich. Registered mages and those that have been found to have some sort of magical aptitude can volunteer for a higher education in the arcane arts for four years of their mandatory service within the Kriemhild military. Those who are accepted into the program undergo a year long basic training in military procedures and their area of magic expertise. Due to the waning amount of those with magical "Talents" in the past two hundred years, abilities in one field are chosen and honed to perfection.

A young Lieutenant of the Order

After their year long training, those that graduate are commissioned and attached to differing Krimenian Units in each branch. Soldiers of the Order can be identified by their blue dress uniform on and off the battlefield.

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Order of the Black Rose
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