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 Halflings: Baranduin

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A peaceful nation of farmers and traders. The main inhabitant of the nation of Baranduin are the Halflings, colloquially known as littlefolk. Although appearing much like humans, they are much shorter in stature, below even that of the dwarf, their average height being 3 Foot and 6 inches tall. The soles of their feet are made up of thick leathery skin, removing the need for shoes or footwear. They tend to be a peaceful race, remaining out of foreign affairs and politics, instead focusing on their own growth and livelihoods.

Halflings: Baranduin Illustration_by_meekowdesigns-d8wy43b

For the most part, the Baranduin lack an organised military, instead having townbased militias to look after their own affairs. Their main exports were food, alcohol, and animals, being very much a farming nation. Their land itself was fertile and ideal for cultivating. Due to having civil ties with each nation, as the great war loomed, it seemed as if the nation itself was to remain neutral, carrying on with its usual agenda of economic growth and stability. However, their was talk among the townships about who would be supported in the event of war, but due to a lack of a military, it became clear that warriors from each township's militia would join whichever side the town felt most alligned to. This meant that in the event of war, there could be a civil war within the country itself.

Halflings: Baranduin England-countryside-europe-river-tree-village
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Halflings: Baranduin
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