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 Völkl Goddess of the Damned

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PostSubject: Völkl Goddess of the Damned   Völkl Goddess of the Damned EmptyWed May 17, 2017 4:02 am

Völkl Goddess of the Damned NRYhlUXl

Völkl is the goddess of the damned and punisher of the unworthy. In Kriemenian history those that fled battle, surrendered, or committed fratricide were doomed to meet her.
The cursed spirits are forced to fight a never ending battle against hell-spawn and others that have committed similar sins. Reanimating to meet another gruesome death until the end of time. While mostly forgotten in time, Kriemhild maintains a few Religious Covenants and considered Völkl a Deity of Judgement. As well as holding a Inquisitor position within the enlisted ranks, sending deserters to meet Völkl and the hell that awaits them for their crimes.

Völkl Goddess of the Damned CW93uqa
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Völkl Goddess of the Damned
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