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PostSubject: Lebenskollektor   Lebenskollektor EmptyWed May 17, 2017 3:46 am

Proof of this astral beings existence can be found throughout multiple civilizations recorded history. While things such as physical appearance and other small details vary from textbook to textbook. The main points remain the same. The Lebenskollektor (As called in Kriemenian), The Black Touch, or simply "Death". Is an entity thats sole purpose is the collection of the deads life-force, and transport into the afterlife. Hunting down those that try to cheat him.

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Not much more information is known about this mystical entity as those who have met them usually do not live to tell their tale. While worship in most countries and kingdoms is banned. Countless misguided souls look to him as a bringer of darkness in the secrecy of their own homes. Ritually sacrificing others at whim.
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Death isn't good nor evil. They're just very good at their job.

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