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 The Diary of a scaly nurse

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Monsieur Combustion


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PostSubject: The Diary of a scaly nurse   Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:16 am

Week one
First time I've kept a Diary since- Never. It's not even been a week at my new job, and I've already met several-..Interesting people, well..That's to say the least, and the worst! To be honest, these people are just- Amazingly nice, not what I expected at all! Well- I've got to actually start this-..Uhhh-...There's a lot of Turians..A lot.Not saying that's bad, it's just a little odd..Though, I guess being a scaly-Albino-Lizard-Nurse is odd, too. I miss my family- And the Hanar family I served..I miss father, and mother..But I miss father the most- I'll never get to see him again, I guess...I'll uh- Get the sad stuff off my chest first, Or- I already got most of it off- I'm rambling..But I guess this is where you go to ramble? Er- Yeah..I guess I'm just a bit lonely- Not er..Company wise- But I guess...Relationship wise, it sucks being alone. But- I guess I'll keep that for another time..Today I met a Turian named- Uh- Lil-something...She was nice, I'm just sorry for not wanting to swap many things-..Though it was an interesting experience, very, very interesting. Uh- The day before I met a Turian name Galtius- I like him..Friendly..Nice..Just- Everything I want to see in other people, I guess..Uh- We're currently on some space station, it's nice. But a little bit empty- Better than the ship though, not cramped..but the lights are killer, they're all fluorescent and they just..Hurt my eyes. Uh-..I think I'll just cut this off here, at least for now..

Oh- Right, I forgot to add. I met some more nice Turians..One of them asked if I was a drinker, and winked at me after saying "I'm sure I can change that." Or- Something along those lines..Odd people..And then the other one- The other cook offered for me to stay in his room-..Odd..
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East Clintwood


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PostSubject: Re: The Diary of a scaly nurse   Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:59 pm

I apprewve of dis posht
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The Diary of a scaly nurse
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