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 FACTION: Leo Corporation

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PostSubject: FACTION: Leo Corporation    Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:19 pm

Leonidas Alliances Incorporated

If there's money to be made or the betterment of mankind, Leo Corp. has a hand in it. A group founded by Greek playboy philanthropist Esteban Rodriguez from earth. The mostly human company spans many occupations.  Scientific research, transport, Private Security, Law enforcement, financial advisement, general construction and engineering.

Most recently Leo Corporation has been accredited by the Citadel Council and praised by other alien governments for disaster relief efforts and taking the task  to rebuild large sections of the station damaged in the Geth attack.

While humanitarian in nature, the L.A.I. has a large fleet of warships and enough staff to accommodate them fully. Their veteran friendly PMC group receive training that has been said to Rival the Alliances N7 program, and provides benefits that far surpass the Alliances own.  
Recently Esteban Rodriguez revealed to the Mark I "Alpheus" Powered exo-suit. Which include an internal overlay display to provide tracking information within a 360-degree radius and ultralight ablative ceramic plates with kinetic padding that can be swapped and removed to the users discretion.


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FACTION: Leo Corporation
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