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 Sija Zaellus - Overview (updates as character lives on!)

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Sija Zaellus - Overview (updates as character lives on!) Empty
PostSubject: Sija Zaellus - Overview (updates as character lives on!)   Sija Zaellus - Overview (updates as character lives on!) EmptySat Aug 06, 2016 7:32 pm

Sija Zaellus - Overview (updates as character lives on!) Ochren
Zaellus Sija with his white facial tattoos.


Sija Zaellus - Overview (updates as character lives on!) 30px-Renegade_Interrupt10% Sija Zaellus - Overview (updates as character lives on!) 30px-Paragon_Interrupt90%
Traditional name: Nasurn Ziban Aegohr Sija Zaellus, (Human etiquette: Zaellus Sija)
Physical age: Twenty-three; (2160)
Height: 6'8 / 208 centimeters;
Weight: 186 pounds /86 kilograms;


Zaellus Sija (full name Nasurn Ziban Aegohr Sija Zaellus) is an expert Salarian xeno-pathologist, scientist and doctor who is serving aboard the Yoshida Syndicate's cargoship Geisha. Zaellus used to be a succesful xeno-pathologist on the Citadels' Huerta Memorial Hospital and an ex-infiltrator in the Special Tasks Group (STG,) but after two years of employment, he decided to join the crew of a cargoship in hope to see more of the universe.

Former Life

Zaellus was born on the Salarian colony Nasurn, Ziban nation, city of Aegohr to the clan of Sija in 2160.

Sija Clan

The clan of Sija was dedicated to science and were well known in civilian and private branches such as the Sirta Foundation, Aldrin Labs and Devlon Industries. Most of the members of the Sija clan chose to stay on Nasurn, but only the last two generations of the clan have imigrated to off-world locations due to more wealth in modern Salarian culture on Nasurn.

Sirta Foundation

After Zaellus finished his biological & medical and physical-chemistry research education on the University of Aegohr, he had plans to apply for the position of analyst-pathologist at the Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadels' Presidium because his study involved xenobiology and xenomedicine.

However, there was a change of plans when Zaellus was approached by agents of the Sirta foundation, because he studied genetics during his education, when he was about to board the ship to the Citadel. He would receive a high paycheck and the research equipment would be the highest-grade possible. The laboratory was located on the icy planet Antibaar.
After landing on an icy plain, an M-080 drove the new science team that Zaellus was in through many valleys and craters, reaching the compound after one hour. The laboratory was a standard habitable module, reinforced so that it could withstand Thresher Maw attacks and was extra guarded by five Turian mercenaries and three turrets. The laboratory was highly advanced, and the scientist population was made of nine Humans and three Salarians (four including Zaellus.) Zaellus worked as an analyst-geneticist during the development of the health-regenerating armor.

When the armor was reaching near-completion, Eclipse mercenaries landed on Antibaar and brutally murdered most of the science staff. There was a long firefight between Sirta Foundations' mercenaries and Eclipse members which resulted in the Eclipse's victory. The raiders offered freedom to the remaining science team members, including Zaellus, if they handed over the health-regenerating armor and all the data which was an agreement they couldn't decline. After all data and completed work was confiscated, Eclipse mercenaries destroyed all servers and research equipment so that the Sirta foundation would need to start over. After the Eclipse mercenaries left, a Salarian Special Tasks Group (STG) secured the compound and evacuated all the surviving scientists to the Citadel for a medical check and questioning.

Huerta Memorial Hospital

After the incident on Antibaar, Zaellus was employed by the Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadels' Presidium as a scientist and xeno-pathologist. Most patients were residents from the Citadel who had common diseases, but sometimes, scavenger, travelers and merchants came through who were infected with exotic diseases that they caught on various planets. The most horrific one Zaellus has encountered  was an insectoid parasite that resided in the patients' lung tissue that fed itself on the alveoli, causing heavy anaemia, necrosis, numbness, coldness, paranoia, insomnia and eventually suffocation to death. Zaellus' record has got over two-hundred cured patients and only three failed  analyzations, resulting in one patients' death and two patients' permanent handicap.

Special Tasks Group

After two years spent at the Huerta Memorial Hospital, Zaellus felt like something was missing. He missed the feeling that he got from being on a starship, then on a barren planet. And despite the raid on the Sirta Foundation laboratory on Antibaar he missed the adrenaline of going outside where the dangerous Thresher Maws lived. This all led to Zaellus signing himself up to the Salarian Special Tasks Group.

His last mission was in the STG in 2183. Zaellus' team, the 5th Infiltration Regiment STG was assigned to the evacuation of civilians in the Citadels' Wards due to the Geth attack. Once the evacuation was complete, his team cleared the docks of Geth activity.

Present Life
Yoshida Syndicate

After the battle of the Citadel, Zaellus  retired from the STG because of a lack of adventure and no chance to carry out what he studied so long and hard for. After he heard about the Geisha from a few workers at the spaceport, he decided to join its crew, completely unknowing of it's ties with the criminal organization Yoshida Syndicate.
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Sija Zaellus - Overview (updates as character lives on!)
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