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 Toki's Application

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PostSubject: Toki's Application   Thu May 12, 2016 7:56 pm

Steam Name: Toki
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:78658257
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheOriginalToki/
Rp Experience: I've been doing serious roleplay for a good five years now, from forums to gmod.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: The offspring of Asari and Vorcha are allergic to milk.

Character Name: Masha Kafni
Age: 28
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Biotic Specialist, former N7
Character Equipment: Standard Eclipse mercenary gear, as well as a slightly beaten Hornet SMG.
Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Strengths: Heavily trained in biotics, with the newer model of L3 implants. As stated earlier, she is a former N7, giving her at least some semblance of tactical thinking, as well as survivability.
Weaknesses: Easily offended, as well as somewhat weak when it comes to hand to hand combat without the assistance of biotics. Due to her biotics, she could easily become somewhat incapacitated when it comes to over use. She mainly relies on her biotics, leaving her fire arm skills to be somewhat rusty.
Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):

Masha, was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to a fairly wealthy family. Her father was a local Rabbi, who had raised her to follow the Jewish faith, and her mother being a passive worker within the Alliance military. Her mother, being the worker in the military that she was, had been exposed to high concentrations of eezo during an incident on her military base, causing a biotic mutation within the womb. Once born, they realized that Masha had been born with biotic capability. Her parents saw this as a blessing of sorts, and promptly made plans to place her into an academy when she had come of age. Until then, she lived life as a fairly normal person.

Growing up in a fairly wealthy and loving family, Masha quickly became one to be somewhat snobby, yet also grateful for the life she was born into. Once she had enrolled into a school, she had a strange superiority complex, seeing herself as a greater than those around her. This caused her to had a negative reputation among her classmates, not that she cared. This state of mind carried on with her through out her school years, and even after. Though Israel was no longer conflicted against Palestine, she still held a strangely extreme distaste for the Palestinians, as it had carried on through her parents. Her parents had showered her with gifts often, one of the perks of being from a rich family. This only served to feed her complex, constantly rubbing her new jewelry or whatever she would've received in less fortunate people's faces.

Eventually, she had come of age to be placed into a biotic academy. Her parents began to bother her with talk of enrolling into a biotic academy to harness her gift of being biotic-capable. Though uncomfortable with the talk, she eventually gave into her parent's requests. Once she had made her decision, her parents were quite obviously satisfied. They gave her their final goodbyes as she packed her items. Eventually, she was enrolled into Jon Grissom Academy, a highly esteemed academy under the thumb of the Alliance. Though initially she didn't have quite a desire to go through with the academy, she found herself in a circumstance to where she couldn't deny the service that they would prepare her for. She gave into the training and education that would be bestowed upon her by the academy, moving through the process with an effort to over achieve.

After a few years in the academy, she was prepared to graduate from the academy. Due to the rampant pro-alliance propaganda that was typically advertised within the academy, she was motivated to take up a career in the alliance. After properly graduating from the academy with the reputation of an over achiever, she had honed her biotic skill well enough to land her a spot within the alliance marines as a support role. She received the L3 implants which were standard at the time. After having already trained her skills to a better than usual state, she had always seen herself as underachieving for not attempting to go for a higher esteemed specialty.

After various operations with her company and squad, and a few years into her military service, she had eventually reached the rank of Corporal. Now an NCO, she went into OCS, motivated to become an officer due to the constant feeling of being an underachiever had been burning inside of her beforehand. Faced with physically and mentally exercising challenges within the school, she was no doubt intimidated by the entirety of the ordeal. She struggled, as any other candidate would have. OCS wasn't intended to be easy, she knew that right off the bat. Going through the various tasks she was instructed to do, she had more than a couple of head aches with the difficulty of the tasks. Though after the twelve increasingly difficult weeks, she passed through the school with slightly less than flying colors.

Now with the rank of Second Lieutenant, she found herself invited to enroll into the N courses.. Knowing how laborious and burdensome the road to N7 status is, she was determined at this point. She enrolled into the ICT to begin courses. Near instantly as the training started, she nearly wanted to collapse. The twenty tedious hours a day of leading was taxing on her, mentally and physically. The lack of food was causing constant stomach aches, and the lack of water was causing her to become easily exhausted. Regardless of this, she persevered through out the course, and passed through just barely to achieve the rank of N1. Even though it seemed like little to others, she was still incredibly swelled with pride of her achievement. Now somewhat respected with her newly achieved rank, she continued along with the N courses. Struggle was something she encountered more than often, though usually she went through the course at hand, though exhausted.

Eventually, she reached the end of her course. The N6 rank. Too far into the process to quit, she had dedicated the entirety of herself to finishing off the final course to reach N7. She was bombarded with various scenarios that tested her entire being. Calling the final tests was far more than an understatement. She was placed into an active combat situation. Intimidated, worried, and anxious were some of the words that could describe her, though she was still calm. Though initially scared, her training began to take over, allowing her to excel in most combat situations she had been placed into.

After much discussion, she was finally deemed fit for the rank of N7. She was more than ecstatic with her newly found position in one of, if not the most difficult to achieve special forces in the galaxy. Not long after achieving the rank, she was designated as a Fury. Keeping her L3 implants, she was proud of her triumph in her new position.

Being released from the N7 academy, she was placed into the military just in time to face the Geth conflict. Her training had prepared her for a moment of combat, however, she wasn't quite prepared to face off against merciless synthetic beings bent on the domination of all organic life. However the thought of this did not deter her from her military duties. Her past being sure of that. The new N7 squad she was placed into typically did more high risk missions, her biotic support complementing them in combat situations, as trained.

After a few months of heavy fighting, the conflict with the geth was roughly a quarter away from being finished with. Everyone within her squad was exhausted, the near every day fighting taking a toll on their physical being, as well as mental. Members of the squad were quick to be on thin ice with each other, over what seemed to be simple conflict. This only did to damage their morale, and drive to fight. Not long after, fighting began. Simple fighting, mostly verbal arguments, but slowly it began to escalate into physical fighting. And, sadly, after having too much of it, Masha had gotten into a scuffle with the recon member of the N7 squad. First it was physical, and after she realized she was getting her ass handed to her, she struck back by using her biotics to increase the mass of her blows. A short few seconds later, the recon member was sent away on a gurney with more than a few broken bones, and Masha was being placed into hand cuffs.

She was promptly dishonorably discharged, without a doubt. At first appalled by this decision, Masha was enraged, especially after all the hard work she had put in to get the position she was given. Finding herself lost, she had moved back to Tel Aviv with her parents, to think about her future. Her parents welcomed her with open arms, but also found themselves heavily disappointed in the wasted potential of their daughter. Knowing she was a disappointment, she began to look into alternate career which still involved some form of military work.

Not long after, she found herself looking into mercenary organizations, namely Eclipse and the Blue Suns. Though hesitant, she found that she wouldn't be happy in any career besides one which involved combat. She took a shuttle to Omega, now surrounded by thugs, scum, and general criminals of all shapes and sizes. She felt like all eyes were on her as she had made her way to the recruiting area of the Eclipse. After working out the details, she was given her trail for entrance into the mercenary band. By killing another person. She found this task to be easy to accept, seeing as unsavory characters were all about her, she figured no one would exactly care for them if they died.

She spotted a Vorcha, moving down an isolated alley way. As he made distance into it, she began to ghost him, following after him with gun in hand. Though she planned to use her biotics, she still found it handy to keep a backup nearby. She finally began to engage him, the sounds of rabid biotic usage ringing through the general area. Not long after, she mosied back to the Eclipse recruiting offices, finding her self with a new contract to the group.

She was assigned to the protection of a Smuggler ship, to, of course, smuggle goods, illegal or not, to wherever the Captain pleased.
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PostSubject: Re: Toki's Application   Thu May 12, 2016 8:06 pm

Alright you goyim, don't go stealing our ship-sheckles.

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Toki's Application
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