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 Doin an admin app

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PostSubject: Doin an admin app   Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:27 pm

Steam Name:TheFreshPrinceOfNewYork
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:49381279
Experience with Roleplay: I've been roleplaying since I was born.

Any prior admin experience: Yea. In some major rp servers like larger fallout and hl2rp servers.

An example of how to structure an event (Four paragraphs minimum): First of all you're going to need to figure out the setting of the event, the type of event and the complexity of the event. In the beginning of organizing and structuring an event I'd decide what type of event it would be. It could either be a passive event where characters get to relax or do some easy work with a nice change of scenery from the usual ship map. Or a more action filled event where the players can expect to see combat or some dangerous obstacle in their way that'll require communication and some tactics to not end up dying or looking incompetent.

Because of the usual boring nature of constant passive rp that most players get their fill of on the ship, action events are usually more welcome. So assuming I'd be working on one of those I'd need to establish a few factors before polishing the event out. First off, why is the crew there and what are they going to be doing? A small backstory and an objective would be the first thing I'd consider. I'd try to avoid the more typical types of events where players need to enter some specific spot while shooting up NPCs, sitting there while one event important character: Rescues someone, hacks a terminal or steals a special item. Then leaves, mowing down a few more NPCs on the way back. Most likely I'd look for an idea that hasn't been done on the server before, or not in a very long time and use that. Such as making the crew board and raid a secure cargo ship for some expensive cargo they'd need to protect while it's loaded into the Geisha's hangars. The backstory could be anything from simple to complex. The captain could just decide to raid the ship for some needed supplies. Or make up some in depth story about how the captain lost a relic and tracked it down to being stashed on that specific cargo ship.

Next I'd look for a map to use and download it. Searching it over and planning out where the crew will move if it happens to be an action event. If necessary I'd block off some parts of the map that could end up making the path confusing for players by locking doors or just straight up barricading a doorway. Then after organizing the event path I'd start to work on where they'd start off and end up on the ship. Once I find the map to be ready I decide whether or not there will be admin or player controlled event characters and how many of them will be needed. After establishing their roles they'd play in the event I would recruit a few people and see if they'd want to take part in the event as a special character.

Once the event story, objective and other factors are set up I'd be working on how the players will progress in such a way that it doesn't turn into a cluster fuck. Usually this is worked out by splitting the participating characters into different squads or teams. Each team will have a different goal and be in different places. This helps avoid a huge hoard of trigger happy players rushing through the map and risking annoying team kills and traffic through small areas. Assuming 10-20 people could be present for the event I'd have to adjust team sizes or figure out more teams to split players into and give them a role in the event. Then after planning it all out I'd go to the forums and look for a good time to organize the event where I can get the most amount of players. Which usually happens to be around the weekends.

An example of how to make an event more interesting without relying on NPCs (Two paragraphs minimum): There's plenty of ways to make interesting events that don't require dozens of NPCs placed around. One way, and the most used way is by having other players fill the roles of event characters that antagonize or employ the crew during their jobs. This could end up being a much more entertaining option, having event characters which try to fight other players. Making it a small challenge when going into combat. They also provide some more possibilities in roleplay, like ending up as a captive during an event and slowly helping the crew, information wise that could lead them even further. But having other players to become event characters is only one of the methods of creating more interesting rp.

Other ways could include having hazards in the environment that players will need to keep an eye out for, to avoid them. Such as traps, unstable structures or even having a hostile creature in their way. These create a threat that players can't easily anticipate from large orange text that usually comes with every new challenge during an event. But along with having unexpected occurrences I'd probably add in some parts to the event where characters will need to use some of their actual skills. Such as having an engineer fix a small problem with some mechanical device during the heat of combat or having doctors save a mission critical event character.

An example of how you would deal with disruptive players during an event (Two paragraphs minimum): I don't see how this would require a lot of descriptive writing. If a player continues to act disruptive in OOC, delaying the event or annoying other characters I've give them a warning and make sure they hear me and know that if they continue to act up they'll be kicked from the event if it's so difficult for them to participate.

Do you swear to take your role seriously, professionally and with the utmost maturity?: Yes.

Do you understand that any documented abuse of power will result in an instant removal of power?: Yes.
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PostSubject: Re: Doin an admin app   Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:37 pm

In my opinion, the server is in dire need of more regular events and staff specific to that topic. You've got some crazy amount of hours on Gmod, and you're a good roleplayer. I'd give support to you and your technique of handling events.
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PostSubject: Re: Doin an admin app   Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:09 pm

Sure, come right in
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PostSubject: Re: Doin an admin app   

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Doin an admin app
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