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 Sius Victolus- Military Report

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Sius Victolus- Military Report Empty
PostSubject: Sius Victolus- Military Report   Sius Victolus- Military Report EmptyThu Aug 04, 2016 8:05 pm

*The report is encoded by the turian military*
*Division: 43rd Marines*
*Tau squad*
*Sergeant Sius Victolus*

The incident occurred during the latter months of the Skyllian Blitz. As the Human System Alliance continued to exterminate raider activity in the system; raider ships were spilling out and impeaching on citadel space. The 43rd marines, along with a few ships were tasked with cleaning up the mess.

A small raider frigate, codenamed Scylla, had been reported, and Tau squad was dispatched with its own frigate to deal with the problem. The turian frigate, with stealth systems engaged, released a shuttle with Tau squad on board, under the leadership of Lieutenant Remus, which docked in the unsuspecting raider frigate's hangar, and Tau squad boarded.

The frigates alarm was raised when gunfire opened out in the hangar: two raiders had been repairing a land vehicle when Tau squad opened fire on them, killing them both. Tau squad was slowly and carefully making its way up the frigate, crushing resistance from the undertrained raiders. They reached the barracks, where a private was injured, and so he stayed behind with another soldier, and entrenched their position.

Finally, we reached the frigate's CIC. There, the bulk of the raiders had holed themselves up along the with the ship's captain. They called for a surrender, and we cautiously entered the bridge, and began the arduous process of detaining the remnants of the crew. Suddenly, the ship captain pulled out a firearm, pulling the trigger. Lieutenant Remus was taken by surprise, and was killed instantly as the bullet entered his brain. Tau squad opened fire, killing the captain and anyone who wasn't already detained.

From there, the ship was salvaged for parts and cargo, Lieutenant Remus' body was shipped back to Palaven and Tau squad returned to the fleet, with a gaping hole in their lives. Soon enough, a new Lieutenant was brought to the squad, much younger than Remus; placed there by a hot shot father within the Turian Hierarchy.

*The report goes on, accounting for statistics such as cargo captured and soldiers involved, before ending*
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Sius Victolus- Military Report
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