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 Sius Victolus- Turian Military Interview

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Sius Victolus- Turian Military Interview Empty
PostSubject: Sius Victolus- Turian Military Interview   Sius Victolus- Turian Military Interview EmptyThu Aug 04, 2016 9:36 am

*Static at the start of the audio tape*

Interviewer 1: The date is 2178 CE, subject: Sergeant Sius Victolus of the 43rd Marine Division.

Interviewer 2: No other aliases, male gender.

Interviewer 1: Your age is... 26. Is that right?

Sius: Yes, sir.

Interviewer 1: And you were born on Palaven. Hm.

Interviewer 2: Do you have any regular dispositions?

Sius: What do you mean by that, buddy...

Interviewer 2: Reports are from your unit that you value experience and discipline, pretty ironic, huh.

Sius: Is this an official interview? This isn't a very professional way to carry this out.

Interviewer 1: We'll decide that, kid.

Interviewer 1: Sounds as though you're quite the 'paragon', from your squad members. Shame you don't know the meaning of rank.

Sius: That's unfair.

Interviewer 2: Really? It says here that you showed continued insubordination to your superior officer.

Sius: He's 19. Placed in that position by his daddy back on Palaven. Is it the same daddy that has you on his payroll?

*A thump of a hit followed by a grunt is heard*

Interviewer 1: Show some respect, Victolus. There's a reason you're in this situation.

Interviewer 1: Back to the topic at hand. Your psychological tests show you're sane, no signs of PTSD or other problems. They must have got the wrong.

Sius: Are you trying to vex me?

Interviewer 2: Shut your mouth.

Interviewer 1: No criminal record or blackmarks to name, this is his first official offence. He speaks native Turian, that's it.

Interviewer 2: Sexual orientation?

Sius: That's not necessary.

Interviewer 2: I'll note it as confused.

Sius: This isn't funny.

Interviewer 2: Oh, really? It's humorous to me.

Sius: You fucking bareface, you-

*Sounds of a scuffle, grunts and punches can be heard, followed by a long groan*

Interviewer 1: We'll have to adjourn this meeting. Get him out of my sight.

*Audio tape ends*

Sius Victolus

Race: Turian

Height: 6'5.

Weight:110 kgs

Build: Regular height, muscular body, brownish carapace, lighter face.

Eye Colour:

Known Injuries: Bullet scar on right arm, amblyopia in left eye, scar running down left side of jaw.


Mother: Alive on Palaven.

Sister: Alive on Palaven.

Father: Died during relay 314 incident.

Service Record: Served ten years in the 43rd Marine division for the Turian military.

Served as a mercenary for several clients on the Citadel, fought in the militias during the Geth attack on the citadel, worked as a guard on Omega.


Served under Fleet Admiral Secus Agatis.
Worked with Nasurn Ziban Aegohr Sija Zaellus on the citadel.
Has a varren companion called Peritas.
Befriended Daniel the janitor aboard the Geisha.

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Sius Victolus- Turian Military Interview Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sius Victolus- Turian Military Interview   Sius Victolus- Turian Military Interview EmptyThu Aug 04, 2016 1:28 pm

Stick Dan in the relations
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Sius Victolus- Turian Military Interview
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