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 Leave Me Alone. (Not everyone, but some people know who)

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PostSubject: Leave Me Alone. (Not everyone, but some people know who)   Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:50 pm

That's it, I wish it didn't have to come to this, but i have been pushed, again. and now i'm writing this.

Yes, it was a pamphlet, a fucking pamphlet, you all might think this have been dealt with, it wasn't, I even got people making fun of me through vĂ­deos, which i am *not* liking it, how can I trust someone who says "you are fine", when in the back they are doing such things?

Now listen up, i'm having a hard time here, i am the only one currently taking care of you all, i am the only one who is importing models you request, I am being the only one trying to make the place, I dont give a single fuck if i sounded like i wanted to be the protagonist, or if I am edgy because I got upset over something IRL, I dont care, i'm done with that, any other harassment towards me, I will take as staff disrespect and treat it how it should be.

Now straighten up, no more warnings.
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PostSubject: Re: Leave Me Alone. (Not everyone, but some people know who)   Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:43 am

Good on you man, you shouldn't be simply taking this sheer disrespect from these people; not to mention that it's over something so fucking ridiculous that it's insane.

Everyone making fun of Arglack and making his job a pain should fuck right off, and if anything you're the edgy cunts. I'm going to say this bright and clear, the 'pamphlet' that was supposed to be a joke? Yeah, well I'll be honest with all of you right now... What was made up on that pamphlet? That was more interesting that any of the other shit I'd saw that day, it was actually engaging and created roleplay and yet here you all are making fun of Arglack for it?

The people I'm going to be calling out now know EXACTLY who they are, and you fucking upset me because most of you I thought were meant to be Arglacks friends; yet instead of being nice about it and civil you all decided to make fun of him and cause him shit for no reason. Not only that, but you didn't let it go either; this is the kind of shit that made me leave roleplay and MERP last time.

Also I'd like to get another thing straight, ofcourse admins are going to seem somewhat protagonistic; they are the ones who output the story and also the ones that get everything moving and unless the admins literally force feed you everything or GOD FORBID you actually think for yourselves and not act like babies, then yeah... Only the admins and a few others are going to seem 'Protagonistic'.

I mean come on guys, use your brains. Maybe there's a reason why the admins might seem 'Protagonistic' and that's because they want to move the story on instead of seeing you all bumbling about like babies and complaining. The amount of people I saw doing things that made no sense to do or simply wouldn't get us anywhere was horrendously crazy.

Take a look at the guy spending his time wanting to burn the corpses, not to mention the guy who fished up every corpse and placed them inside the compound. If anything, everyone who fucked around with the corpses for no reason at all should have ALSO be sick and ill. Corpses just being there doesn't create more illness or disease, fucking around with them and wanting to burn them for no reason creates more illness and disease. There was no need for any of that and the time would have been spent better looking through the building and trying to find accounts or information like left over data-pads or data centres or a computer or something; which I saw very little of.

The event was made to be mystery anyway, you weren't meant to find everything straight away and you're not meant to be spoon-fed information and sometimes things are simply left as mystery and not meant to be shown; so that you can make things up for yourself which should create even more mystery around the place.

And another thing, if your character isn't managing to take any spotlights... Then sadly your character is either not important enough, or you're just not good enough to take the spotlight. Also, I don't see why you have to have a fixation with wanting to be in the spotlight yourself; if anything by doing this it just proves how you're all selfish and jealous people.
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Leave Me Alone. (Not everyone, but some people know who)
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