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UN-#49123  Empty
PostSubject: UN-#49123    UN-#49123  EmptyMon Aug 01, 2016 6:31 am

Mainframe Error...
Camera Footage Error...
Virus Detected...
Removing Virus...
System Updated...

System Information:

Development Serial Number: 49123
Time Since Development: 5 years, 12 days, 45 minutes, 10 seconds
Development Location: *SYSTEM ERROR*
System Alias: 'Achilles'

Criminal Record: *SYSTEM ERROR*
Current Location: Batarian Supply Mover
Current Host: Mk.VI Gevaal Core
Prior Host: LOKI Mech Frame

Current Owner: Lena
Owner Species: Quarian
Owner Gender: Female

Current Obstacle:

Threat: *ERROR*
Threat Species: Turian
System Views On Threat: Future Neutralization Imminent

Vocal Sample:


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