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 Olaf Stenmark

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Dr Holyshit

Dr Holyshit

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PostSubject: Olaf Stenmark   Olaf Stenmark EmptyThu Jul 28, 2016 8:17 am


Olaf Stenmark


General Information


Full Name: Olaf Stenmark

Nicknames; Grandpa, Beardy and Loaf.

Age: 53

Homeworld/Colony: Earth

Morale: 100%

Occupation; Black market dealer and full time drinker

Status: Active

Relationship Status: Single




Olaf Stenmark Tumblr10
"Not big on words, but if you drink like me we'll get alon' just fine"




"Lets call it a touchy subject an' leave it at that, yea'?"


Personal Relationships

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Olaf Stenmark
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