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 Jex Navalin

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Name: Jex Navalin

Status:A Mercenary Officer
Mercenary Group:Unknown at this time

Main Theme

Combat Theme

Vengeance Theme

Nickname: Knight Of Vengeance




Quote:"You gave up on yourself, gave up on your species, you even gave up on your soul."

Family:Currently Deceased

Retired Military Personal, Regiment/Company: BullDog Company
Status of Company: Disbanded, Two Survivors, One currently in a Coma, The other aboard the crew of the Geisha,

File Closing


Friend like Family
Jack:Damn fucking hospital.. Never even get to see my best and close friend JUST BECAUSE I'M A MERCENARY! He was there for me always we knew what will come to the end of this fucking road.. In a fucking coma for I don't know how long never even get to say goodbye..

Lena'Vamme: She cares about me I can tell you that, like a little sister, Still anyone harms her I will do the best to protect her.
Close Friend

Arglack: Never had a Krogan friend, still he has my back I had his.. just don't want to see each other off the rail anytime soon.

Octis: A Captain of the Geisha, I just remember him as my military combat buddy we looked out for our own never turn away. Still hes Tough I can give you that.






Full on Hatred
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Jex Navalin
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