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 Wirln's Elcor Application.

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PostSubject: Wirln's Elcor Application.   Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:58 am

Steam Name: Wirln
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:174025520
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/wirlno/
Age: around nineteen.
Rp Experience: Some years of forum rp, just recently settled into gmodrp for the first time - which, by extension, makes this the first player app I've ever done.
How did you stumble upon our server?: Found you guys while causally looking about for servers to play on. Funny story - Before applying, I managed to accurately guess the server password out of boredom. Crystalized0Rose can affirm to this. That said, I'm trying to get into the server legitimately - hence the app.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Elcor were originally going to have mouths similar to humans/Asari, but Bioware ditched it due to the extra work needed to put in (So in another word, they were hella lazy.)

Character Name: Telpav.
Character Race: Elcor. (Yes, I'm aware Elcor are a Tier Four. Kinda risky choice to start with, but I'll try.)
Why did you choose this race?: Want to try something unprecedented here, or as unprecedented in terms of a main character - don't think people pick that sort as something they play the entire server. Besides that, I genuinely like the species.
Age: Forty-Four years old.
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Muscle, Lifting and Extracting very heavy Cargo, conducting partnerships with local crew, assisting in separating conflict if needed.
Character Equipment: His metal hand, his sturdy feet, and if accepted with his character, a standard Earth Rhino Iguana, clung onto his back.
Moral Alignment: Throne Burger (Lawful Neutral).
Strengths: Enduring, diplomatic mind. Philological (though that's more of a trait than a strength), Heavy load on certain occasions. Reliable bodyguard to those he entrusts, powerful enough to take plenty of shots before collapsing. Decent in combat, provided it's in Close Quarters. Respectful of boundaries set on by local crew/enlisted partnerships once made.
Weaknesses: Sluggish/Slow - both in ambition and in general speed. Brutally stubborn in his own way, will frequently plot on his own accord.  Can't exactly use a gun, or at least without the use of a specialized Virtual Intelligence. Somewhat Heavy Insomniac, known to have frequent (though not overbearing) lapses in focus because of this.  Large Target - Can easily be shot down from a distance if not careful, though it'll likely take more than one shot.

Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):

Telpav is a difficult man to put into words - you can say he's a confused individual, trying to find his niche status in accordance to his meaning of life, and you'd be correct. You can also say he's a decent poet, trying to convince others of the wonders of living through the minimal conveyance he can muster through his person, and you'd be correct. At the same time, you can count him as an invested plotter that would serve for the betterment of him and a select few that he deems to be decent - and as it stands, once again, you'd be correct. Good nor evil applies to this person, for as to him, he's only what he can conceive as a fortuitous and self-reliant male.

Telpav was born around 2139 to a lower-class family somewhere on the outskirts of the desert colony Flozavis (for referenced, this is homebrewed). His father was an avid hiker who often neglected his family due to due his usually eccentric impulse to conquer the planets feats in his willing determination. His mother was an overworked nurse who worked at an orphanage on the western fringe of his village. Both of these aspects affected Telpav in the sense that due to being perpetually isolated, he was always subject to his own devices. In sought of this, he was pressured  to fabricate his own entertainment, and to remain both resolute and sound on the brink of hard times. As he was growing into his later adolescence, he eventually settled out of his planet, and stowed onto a cargo shop plotted straight towards the cancer-ridden, augmented blight of an asteroid known as Omega, where he would later serve as a spare muscle for the better part of his adult years. From there, his career, while relatively insignificant in comparison to most of it's civilians, would have him jolt between bars, clubs, specialized brothels, forbidden workshops and a multitude of other shady establishments, not to mention the vast amount of odd individuals taking up his bodyguard services.  Also during this time, he would go under his own spiritual journey, trying to make an appropriate sense of the universe and his place in it, contemplating his view on political and morale matters that controlled the fabric of his surroundings and how he interacted within them.

His first, initial gig was for a bouncer post under the employment of Y'Make's Grill n' Bar, though only during the days renovated for clubbing events. There, he would hold a steady position at the front gate, marking off who came in and who got bounced out, and during this three-month experience, Telpav would come into contact with a nasty group of Batarian Pirates, taking a holiday from their usual pillaging session, where five of the six were registered for the event, save for their captain - It was also during this time where he met his lizard companion - clung to the captains shoulder akin to a parrot. When the captain started to question the Elcor on why he, specifically, was secluded from the event, he was forced to pass down the memo that the remaining pirates (who were mostly youths themselves) can enter through with no questions asked provided they were under constant supervision. The captain, on the other hand, was banned due to his reputation of leading sabotage throughout multiple other nightclubs, and was sealed off from contact upon word of this. The Batarian Captain would begin to argue that his specific reservation was dropped off same as the rest, while Telpav would proceed to rebut him that the application sent to them concluded that the captain would be forced to abandon his post during the singular event. The repetitive arguing continued to circle around until the Batarian eventually got out his gun, slowly approaching Telpav and coming up face-to-face, giving him nasty one-sided remarks that his face would be prone to crumble down into powdered dust if he didn't abide and let him in. However, this proved to be a pretty daft move, considering that Telpav was able to merely shove him off with his hands halfway through his banter - which while causing the Captain to open fire through his chest region, causing him to seek dire medical attention after the incident - it proved quite effective against the Batarian, causing him smack over the railing and plunge down to the pavement far below with a thud, inflicting heavy damage. The noodle-lizard, on the other hand, luckily wrapped against the railing as it was thrown off from the Batarians shoulder, in-which out of a sudden sense of tremendous pity, Telpav was able to pick him up and carefully zip the creature into his bag.

From that end, he fled the scene entirely and darted onto a nursing facility, in which he was roughly treated for his wounds. Once he exited the building, he noticed the clan of forty-seven Batarian pirates under a sudden and rather hate-filled distress, lightly patrolling the scarcely populated sector. Upon realization that he was game, he evacuated the facility by the backdoor, and hustled down to an abandoned household. He would spend a considerable amount of time down there with his companion, frequently surfacing on the hunt for food scraps to stockpile, and to check on when the pirates would halt their search or return to the confines of space. After a final, tedious week spent mucking about in the filthy, unkempt shelter - four weeks in total - they would arise to find the men gone. although that said he was fired from his work-station due to amount of time he was evidently missing, and when trying to justify his cause, the outlying details only gave the owner a rotten taste and an incentive to put a bad word on his resume due to his apparent "desertion". In his words, he would mark this as his first true "obstacle" - an act that affected him personally, and that was both caused and settled by his own hands. This novice blunder would stick to the back of his head through the years to come, which made him eager to learn from his past mistakes, and to hone his skills accordingly to keep such an embarrassing ordeal from happening once more.

Long since then,  his adventures have brought on many memorable moments, sometimes meeting people with fascinating abilities or enduring individuals who can stand their own in the heat of conflict - but more often than not, pests in the path of his spiritual garden that wouldn't leave him even if he attempted to spray them down with an infinite supply of pepper. In midst of these encounters, he would one day find himself observing what may well have been the most important - an entranced, destabilized Vorcha trying to snatch the coin of a Volus in a chilly, blackened plaza on the bad side of an unimportant slum, where the two were bickering over a last paycheck sent by their previous organization.

The Vorcha claimed that the money belonged to him alone due to pulling his own in a more substantial way when the Volus barely mustered enough energy to even tend to the cargo-hold during their time on deck. The Volus, in retaliation, started to list that due to his stature, he was not able to administer as decent an attempt as was physically possible, and he tried to put into perspective that even when those moments rarely came where he could successfully serve a task, those that did were preyed upon by the Vorcha before he had a chance to respond. When Telpav interjected, he demanded that they keep from tearing at their respective skin and give the origin behind their synapse - which as it would turn out, would later set him on a collision course for a rather infamous practice.

Their employers, the Yoshida Syndicate, operated on the deliverance of the biotic drug Red Sand, traversing from location to location on a cargo vessel known as the Geisha. The Vorcha debated that they were fired due to the "incantations" of the Volus's constant questioning, and went as far as to reason that he jeopardized their partnership by secretly uncovering dark, company secrets. The Volus debated that the Vorcha took up hostilities with a local Turian on-board, causing a bitter and rather repulsive rivalry between the two, where he eventually took a nasty shive and had nearly gutted the Turian in an act of rage, in which he was discharged - but also had Volus comrade discharged on grounds relating to their partnership - specifically to being his trusted supervisor -where the actions were on his responsibility too. Telpav didn't quite mind their bickering - more their presence, as they were standing firm on the road to home. To cease their petty argument, he would dispatch a sum of three-hundred credits, flaying them equally to both parties as a means of calmly removing them, and marching off.

However, their rabble managed to drive an interesting idea into Telpav's psyche - "With newfound curiosity, How would I fare against a risky, yet demanding black market structure? And with further allurement, would I be able to profit in a safe and respectable environment while keeping myself from failing to the reputation brought by the establishment? intrinsically, I find myself most curious. Perhaps this is something to look into."   His query would not go unanswered for long - and soon enough, he would study the history of the Red Sand trade, the remote success of the Yoshida Syndicate, and the binding, fortune-bound livelyhood for those involved in the trade. After an extensive time delving into the study of this practice, he would finally commit himself via contact to a known consumer located on the southern side of Omega - which would direct Telpav to a viable Yoshida business man during a scheduled exchange.  From there, it was only a matter of hand shaking, short negotiation, signing a contract, and a few stern words of "encouragement" (that being the recollection that if he were part of any opposing law enforcement, things would not go so smoothly for him.) And soon after the meeting ceased, he was docked onto a transport ship, boarded the Geisha and inserted onto the team. Aside from the expected achievement of a possibly richer life, alternative goals were of protecting those who he would believe - by his mindset-  to be prominent men in the industry. This is not to say he is a necessarily a caring person, but rather that he'd consider the possibility of cooperation beneficial to both causes, as to pave the way for greater opportunities.

I'm aware all of this probably isn't enough to merit a Tier Four character on it's own, so I shall give about fifteen or so lines demonstrating how to properly go about playing an Elcor in character, if that has any chance in helping me.

** Telpav would be walking down a local storefront in Omega, searching for food to supply his pet with. Upon inspection, a slim Asari wearing local shop employee wear would quickly approach him.
"Er, pardon me sir..I'm we're about only five minutes until closing time, but I need you to evacuate the aisle right this instant - there's some last minute adjustments I need to work on before the day ends", says the Asari in a chipper, fake enthusiasm.
"With humble politeness, I shall abide - however, I require a short moment to look over the assorted brands. Reluctantly, it is rather difficult to check through, and my little pet craves one brand only." says Telpav, in his thick and devoid tone.
"That's fantastic sir, but really - I kind of need you to disperse, immediately. You can come back tomorrow to collect your grub, but I need you to step out of the way post haste. Please."
"Genuine Query; if you are truly in such a scurry, why not compromise by helping me search out my brand? For reference, said brand is Rikmcsa's Finest Kale Keep. Informatively, it should be somewhere on the higher shelf."
"But I- Well, shit, sure. Just make sure it won't take long, I don't need anymore buzz than what the Cats force down my throat." The Asari would mumble, stepping back into a closet at the end of the room.
The Iguana would appear to casually open it's maw and yawn in the abrupt silence of the store, "Modestly, it is inductive of her accepting nature to assist us, and at such a late hour as well. You shall soon get your well deserved Kale after all, Dalk."
Soon, the Asari would appear with a folded ladder, which she would extend to reach the higher shelves. From there, she would quickly latch onto a cheap, generic can of seasoned kale, which she would idly toss into his basket. Telpav would twerk his head down to his basket, then back to the Asari.
"In gruff inquisition, might I ask what you're doing? Reiterating, I specifically asked for a can of Rikmsca's Finest Kale Keep - this does not look like Kale Keep, nor does match it's quality."
Suddenly, the Asari would snap out at the Elcor, "Hey! You shouldn't be making this hard in the first place, buster. I have some damn work I need to attend, not the needs of a customer who thinks it's a good idea for last minute fucking shopping!"
"Calmly, I urge you to relinquish your stress - in apology, perhaps you have a point. However, in clarification, our last batch of Kale keep was snatched from us from on the way back earlier today, and my schedule is too busy to attend to ano-
The Elcor would tilt his head to the speakers, and back to the Asari. The Iguana would appear to perch itself up on the top of his head. The slits in his mouth would open up shortly, before returning to their original position in a fast, slight motion.
"Exasperated, I shall overlook this. Hesitantly, we shall overcome and try this new brand - if only for a week. Nonetheless, in our admittance, we shall leave you to your current work situation. May you have a good day, Asar-"
"Good, good. Now get going. No need to make this anymore difficult." The Asari would visibly palm her face, sighing immensely.
** Telpav would start to hulk over to the registers, ready to make his purchase and return home for the night.

From a physical perspective, Telpav would hunch between 7'4 and 7'5, with a bulky muscular person and a left cybernetic hand. He would appear to carry what appears to be an extended dufflebag across his back, loosely hanging on the right side. He'd also have an iguana latched on his back, aptly perched upon him (That's fine, right?). Finally, he would have a tattoo sprayed on the lower part of his right arm in an intelligible alien language.

If things need to be improved or hindered - for example, locations used, or situations that seem uncanny, I shall try to modify those sections to the best of my ability. Either way, if he gets accepted, I would be thankful of you for doing so. If he doesn't, I'll probably try another character - likely my Turian. Either way, I'm intrigued, and hope to eventually see you all for myself. Wish me luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Wirln's Elcor Application.   Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:25 am

Lots of juicy details, I find it quite interesting.

Will approve, think you'd be a great addition. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Wirln's Elcor Application.   Wed Jul 27, 2016 1:13 pm

With helpful spirit. If you need an elcor PAC, contact me or Crystal over steam.
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PostSubject: Re: Wirln's Elcor Application.   

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Wirln's Elcor Application.
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