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 Jesse Tranton

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PostSubject: Jesse Tranton   Jesse Tranton EmptyMon Jul 18, 2016 2:18 pm

All Steam Stuff: You know me you weebs.
Age: Fifteen of your Earth years.
Rp Experience: About half a decade in general, two or three years of Gmod experience.
How did you stumble upon our server?: Y'all know me.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Quarians are genetically required to be edgy. Can't blame'em, it's in their genes.

Character Name: Jesse 'Jess' Tranton
Character Race: Human
Why did you choose this race?: Returning character.
Age: 25
What can your character do for our ship?: Resident drunk southerner, all purpose engineer, dabbler in battlefield medicine, Krogan handler.
Character Equipment: One carnifex, general all purpose clothing, medkit, box of tools, some extremely cheap hard liquor and a rather pretty and flattering pink dress.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic good.
Strengths: She has plenty of basic knowledge on plenty of topics, fairly street smart, good with people of all sorts, quite understanding and very resilient both physically and mentally. Has quite a bit of experience in street fights, fairly strong and unlikely to get scared, ex military.
Weaknesses: Rampant drunk,extremely bad schizophrenia controlled by medication, difficulty forming legitimate friendships or relationships of any meaningful sort, extremely headstrong, rather abrasive, chronically depressed and quite introverted. Has quite a bit of trouble opening up to folk, has a complete disregard for the value of her own life. Rather bad Post Traumatic Stress as well. Oh and missing a right arm.
Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):
Jesse was born on Elysium around a decade and a half before the Blitz. When she was less than a year old she was deposited at the doors of a small orphanage, with a note stating her name and nothing else. Over the next sixteen or so years she was entirely homeless, finding whatever methods were necessary to survive regardless of morality or legality. She primarily discovered her services as an escort were sought out regularly and as such pursued that as more of a career path than other, more dangerous possibilities she had explore previously like drug running or enforcing for a street gang. During her night job she ended up meeting a woman by the name of Marigold Whittaker, who simply hired her to be some company rather than for the services normally paid for. Marigold took the girl under her wing to a degree and did her best to help the little sprog out. The two grew quite close and regarded each other family over the near half decade they knew each other. Jesse's childhood was fraught with traumatic incidents, both work related and otherwise, that promoted emotional instability, not helped at all by a diagnosis of schizophrenia at a very young age, around twelve years old. This added another expense she didn't tend to have the funds for, causing it to be even harder for her to try and secure for of legitimate work or education. Despite that fact, she did her best to educate herself on topics she found interesting, primarily Engineering and some basic medicine.

And then the Blitz happened and her world got turned upside down. Marigold was killed while the two were trying to stay safe, and during the fighting numerous events continued to affect her long term mental health in a negative fashion. Despite her age, she took part in the defense of the planet as best she could, taking quite a liking to the AT-12 Raider that was in quite large supply during the fighting. During the defense she attempted to throw back a grenade, something that resulted in losing her arm all the way up to the shoulder. Recovery from her various injuries sustained during the Blitz was a long and arduous process, but ultimately she did recover though she remained without an arm due to the price of a mechanical replacement. After the Blitz, she continued to live on Elysium for another two years before enlisting in the military, receiving a replacement arm once all of her paperwork was filled and she was properly enlisted. Over the course of the years between then and the Battle of the Citadel, she served dutifully as a regular old grunt on the field. The day before the Battle of the Citadel her ship was docked at the place in question on a supply run and shore leave. While fulfilling her duties to kill her liver, another Blitz survivor noticed her and came over to have a chat. She had owed this individual quite a sum of money previously, and a scuffle ensued. She was jumped by the individual in question's goons who beat her rather mercilessly and violently removed her prosthetic arm, ditching her in a back alley somewhere and getting out of there. As such, she avoided a significant amount of the action of the battle, only dealing with combat in a few instances and all were quite brief. After, she discovered she had been assumed dead and marked as dead or missing. Not wanting to continue fighting, she decided to let it stay that way and after some downtime went looking for a job that made use of her particular skill sets and where she could easily disappear. She found such a job aboard the Geshia.
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Jesse Tranton
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