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 Eairle's application.

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Eairle's application. Empty
PostSubject: Eairle's application.   Eairle's application. EmptyTue Jul 12, 2016 9:29 pm

Steam Name: Eairle
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59575551
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/EairleTheThird
Age: 18+
RP Experience:
+GameMaster’ing of TTRPG’s with expectation of player/character division during play, four years.
+Various non-military RP over a variety of games, with high-roleplay as a focus, approximately four years.
+Little to no warnings administered regarding RP quality during my time on other servers.
How Did You Stumble Across The Server?
I was introduced to the topic by a kind administrator by the username of Arglack. The prospect of non-military Mass Effect Roleplay is something I have always wanted to do.
Mass Effect Fact:
Medical Gel can be used on some non-organic structures (IE: Geth platforms.) to repair them.
The shifty-looking-cow got its name and easter-egg notoriety from the design team creating it, and a comment about its untrustworthiness from a lead developer.


Character Name: Cass Beran.
Character Race: Human.
Why: I very rarely choose a xeno-species unless I have an extreme passion to immerse myself into the role. Absolutely no offense intended, I’ve just yet to run into any in any sci-fi medium that I would do that with, as opposed to watching someone else doing it.
Age: 32 (Earth Years).
Utility: Biological professional (Medical).
Character Equipment:
+Standard Sol Medical Attire.
+M-6 Carnifex.
+Emergency Medical Aid Pouch.
+Autoinjector Holsters.

+Knowledge of advanced medical procedures and caretaking.
+Knowledge of basic xeno-species anatomy/physiology (Spec: Turian, Krogan)
+Partook in a creative arts class.

+Physically frail.
+Will not partake in violence unless unavoidably necessary.
+Failed a creative arts class.

Born on Earth, Beran was subject to the advent of Humanity onto the galactic stage at an early age. Having a mild upbringing, Beran managed to get by in life, gradually pursuing a career in medical studies, fascinated by the prospect of foreign anatomical structures, and just how differently a xeno-species’ baseline mental state differs from a Human’s. Each roadblock merely stoked an inquisitive mind, as the medical community provided ample records for study.

Beran is a member of the medical community, and is a licensed medical professional.

Months began to bleed into each other, uncertainty started to hang in a small domicile belonging to the lone doctor. Finances were coming up dry, and questionable deals were made. Before long, Beran’s services began extending deeper the grey-market, as the waltz into the arms of a local organization became clear. Until requests for services stained with vile intention became the rule, rather than the exception.

Beran’s studies found her on the questionable side of some sector laws due to financial issues, yet has a firm grasp on her morality.

Now Beran’s services are available for any who can cover the bare essentials, and provide the means to travel. Treatment is indiscriminate as best as it can be, stabilizing is a definite, but the long-term treatment of some xeno-species outside of the specialization may pose issues. The terms of conditions are simple;

“No harm will be expected to be caused by the doctor on intention, so long as it can be avoided.”

The doctor, should the crew accept, will be stationed aboard the MSV Geisha with a perhaps less-than-legal social contract of confidentiality shared among Beran’s former grey-market employers.
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Eairle's application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Eairle's application.   Eairle's application. EmptyTue Jul 12, 2016 9:35 pm

Simple yet effective! Accepted.

Welcome aboard.
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Eairle's application.
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