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 A Painful Night

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PostSubject: A Painful Night   A Painful Night EmptyFri Jul 08, 2016 1:19 pm

Milerrus looked over to the digital clock, sucking in a deep breath. 1:12 AM. Could she really sleep alone tonight? She had to. Lena and Arglack have their beds, while she just had a couch to sleep on. It was her choice, really. Milerrus just didn't want to take up too much space. She placed her hands over her stomach, closing her eyes and finally letting out a long sigh.

It took a minute or two for her to finally drift off to sleep. It seemed to be just a blink before a bright blue HUD appeared in her face with an Avenger in her hands, ready to fire. Milerrus didn't need to look around to know she was in the same damned nightmare-- that evening in Eclipse. She knew every detail of the night terror, but it always scared her to her wits end. But, was it really fear? Maybe regret? A voice caught her attention, spinning around, instinctively raising the Avenger in her hands. "hssk We won't stand for this, Earth-clan." Five civilians were lined up against a sleek, white wall. A human clad in Eclipse armor chuckled, aiming his Predator at the Volus. "We'll see about that." He turned his head towards Milerrus and her squad, a sick, twisted grin on his face. His voice seemed to amplify itself now, being loud enough to be the only thing Milerrus could hear, despite her helmet. "Open fire!" She couldn't hold herself back, couldn't stop herself. The next thing she knew, Mierrus watched five innocent corpses drop to the ground, pumped full of rounds from the squad. "Good wo--"

The voice cut itself off as she woke up with a start, her head flopping forward as she sat on the couch. Milerrus worked up a cold sweat, her panting gradually slowing. With a long exhale, she glanced over to the digital clock. 10:36 AM. It was the same nightmare every night, but, something was always different. Sometimes she was the one being gunned down, sometimes she was a helpless bystander.. and most of the time, she was the one who shot the civilians.

For once, Milerrus was glad she was on the junker of a ship.
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A Painful Night
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