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 Lena'Vamme vas Dathoria

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PostSubject: Lena'Vamme vas Dathoria   Lena'Vamme vas Dathoria EmptyWed Jul 06, 2016 1:18 am

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Name: Lena'Vamme vas Dathoria

Status:Exiled Quarian known as a Runner on Althos IV and Omega


General Info




Birth place: the Flotilla Live ship Dathoria

Alignment: Paragon

Sanity: Sane

Quote: "Why would you have evil control you? Why did you chose this path?"

Personal Information

Family Currently Deceased

Tallies on Indra:17


Family: I mean I uhh miss them.. I mean they all i had left its kinda hard to forget them.

Jeremy: I dont know whats up with him after the Mines just hes odd very odd but hell hes a friend but ill keep an eye on him, well more than a friend. I know he wears his helmet all the time but hes not like the crew, like joining in there shenanigans or something like that. He has something that makes him great and all.

Family Like Friend
Arglack: My big Krogan friend that i dearly care for.. He almost died in the mines and I was worried to all hell, but I know he cares for me also. Hes like a father to me I know he wouldn't just give up on me and just lose me like that. I know I haven't been talking to him from time to time but still i'm trying to make it up for him.

Octis: Still Out of it.. or I miss him I umm always would cry at his shoulder when hes out of it I dont know why but I miss him.. He woken after all of those days.. I was happy to see him ok not off into a coma that could last for a long time.. I actually cried on his shoulder once but he was there to warm me up and let me rest in his room. It feels hes my brother, Never had that feeling though.

Close Friends
Jack: The Human that cared for me, I never felt lonely every timed i talk to him.. but now hes in a Coma. I wish he was out of the coma..

Jex: He Protected me I mean seeing a Turian bodyguard who defended me but he hasnt find this crew yet and i wish he did.

Ka'eal: He cares for me I can tell its probably because I owed him for saving his life.

Kar: I hardly knew him but hell he also cares for me.. and i know i can trust him

Milerrus Vaser II: An EX-Eclipse Mercenary.. and a turian whos in a relationship with Arglack. Yet im helpin her with something that shes going through, and I hope she gets better.

The rest of the Crew:They are all good people they work hard and have each others back sometimes they would start a fight and all but they dont give a shit when it comes to a heat of battle.

Neil:Pal your just trying your best to end your life your ending up into fucking fights that could end your life.
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Lena'Vamme vas Dathoria
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