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 Ka'eal nar Shellen

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[Accessing Data...]

[Processing Data...]

[Applying Data Update...]

[Checking For Corruption...]

[Applying Presentation...]

[Data Ready.]

Full Name: Ka'eal nar Shellen


Ka'eal nar Shellen Ka_eal10
-Ka'eal "Enjoying" life aboard the Flotilla, Before he Departs for his Pilgrimage.

General Info

Aliases: Ka, Karl, Shellen.

Biological Gender: Male.

Physical Age: 19 Years.

Location Of Birth: Quarian Flotilla, Liveship Shellen.

Disposition: Calm, Friendly.

Alignment: Paragon.

Sanity: Sane.

Current Criminal Record: None.

Past Criminal Record: Was Wanted For Suspected Thievery On Trident. (Cleared, False Suspicions)

Other Known Languages: Keelish.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

Relationship Status: Unknown.

Motto: "Why waste time? We may think we have alot, But looks can be deceiving."

Religious Views: Unknown.

Physical Traits

Race: Quarian.

Height: 5 Foot 10 Inches.

Build: A Slimmer, But Above-Average Build when compared to a Human.

Eye Color: Unknown.

Hair Color: Unknown.

Equipment: M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon, Various Tool's and Other Equipment.

Ability's: Combat Drone-III, AI Hacking-II, Overload-I.

Current Injury's: Minor Suit Breach, Blunt Trauma To Left Side.

Past Injury's: Unknown.


Jak'eal vas Shellen- Father - Deceased

Hana'eal vas Shellen- Mother - Deceased

Unknown Sibling- Status: Deceased


His Family- "As Much As i try and forget, i cant, i miss them, no doubt about it..... I just need to stop wasting time thinking."

Attracted To:
Kaelyn- "What?....... Her?........ Phhht.... No...... hehe......"

Close Friend:
Arglack- "I may not know him that much, But Argy seams like a good guy, He is friendly and he is very good in a crysis"

Tei- "What is there to say about Tei? he is a smart guy, Dose not give much credit But he dose when it is deserved, and is as light as a twig"

Lena- "Lena is a Very caring person, even with her past problems. I also owe her for what happened back on that colony. I'm glad to call her a friend."

Nil- "Seams like a cool guy, i've heard some things but i'm never one to judge on Past Mistakes and Rumors, i really should talk more with him, get to know him better."

Hightower- "A fellow man in a suit, only a different kind. Not the best conversation type, and we have had some problems in the past, but i guess i owe him one for what happened back on the colony"

[End Of Data...]

[Double Check Corruption]

[Ending Stream...]

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Ka'eal nar Shellen
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