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 Gez Surmius

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Dead Trees

Dead Trees

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PostSubject: Gez Surmius   Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:35 am

Gez Surmius



Age: 26
What can your character do for our ship?: Engineer, Rifleman

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Chipper, always looking for a nice time and a laugh.

Strengths: Good with people, has a knack with electronics, weapon management, surprisingly good at card games.

Weaknesses: Past can't seem to stay there, can't drink anyone under the table, a slight fear of biotics, thinks everything can be talked out of.

Physical Description: Six feet and six inches tall, green and black facial tattoos, light grey skin, a small piece of his carapace missing, a scar along his mandible. His eyes resemble an amber glow, his face always seeming to be in a calm and chipper mood. His clothes vary; when he works, he wears grey armor, some scratches and marks against it, with a green glow against it, a pair of goggles hung around his neck for when he needs them. For casual, he relaxes in human like jeans, different colored button ups with the sleeves rolled to his elbows, his set of goggles nowhere present.

Equipment: Mattock Assault Rifle (Initials of Gez and Casbus on the side), Predator Pistol modified with a silencer, grey Armor with green glow, green goggles, detachable eye piece.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Character Backstory:
On the family of Palaven, Gez was the youngest born of his family, who both were heavy militarists. His brothers, Autus and Casbus, were four and five years older than he. Even before boot camp, the three would always try to teach one another their own "tactics", which most of the time ended up with minor injuries. When Gez turned 11, both brothers had left for beginning training, leaving Gez to help his family. For five years, Gez worked with his family to fend his own, taking some hand to hand lessons and engineering with his father, and improvised medical with his mother. At age 15, he was sent to boot camp for his year of training.

Not seeing any sign of his brothers, he was put into the front line of a Batarian rebellion on the inner rim of the Terminus System. There we was reunited with Autus and Casbus, who both were the last remaining members of a squad, sent in to defend the front line. There, for both knowledge of one another, and experience together, the three were put together amonst two others. For a year, the three fought strongly with the remaining forces, lasting until the final push of the fight. There, however, Autus met his fate with a well placed grenade from a retreating Batarian squad. Gez, 17  years of age, attempted to staunch the bleeding of him, to no avail. The battle was won, but Gez's squad suffered heavy causalities, himself and Casbus being the only survivors.

The brothers were allowed home leave to bury Autus, the new hero of the family. Gez admitted to his father that perhaps the military life was not his road to take. Fumed, Gez's father warned him to be wary of his words, and stormed out. Two weeks passed, and after a lengthy discussion with Casbus throughout, Gez came to a conclusion. Under the cover of night, Casbus snuck Gez from the family home, and onto a shuttle leaving Palaven. The last thing to remember his family was Autus' weapon of choice: a Mattock.

Gez spent the next 7 years of his life on Omega, two of which were against his will. He worked, at first, as a bartender in Omega for a year. However, after a fight turned into fire, Gez was hired on by Aria for his method of holding the peace, which consisted of two Humans being shot once in the chest. He didn't see much choice, the credits were good, and he assumed he was assured protection. For six years he fought alongside some of the scummiest men and women he had ever met, and even his humor couldn't liven them up. After four, which was the agreed service, he decided to leave Omega. Aria, however, had other plans on her mind. She had heard of a rumor, a Turian the people called, "Goggles", who was taking out Red Sand operations. Trouble was, none of this was authorized by Aria, causing unneeded turf wars. In the end, Gez was forced to right his "wrongs", ending up working on fixing merc ships, as well as being sold as a merc to rival Red Sand dealers.

Soon after, Gez left Omega with both physical and mental scars. Traveling for a few months, he finally found something promising; a ship by the name of Geisha. It was only after he had stepped aboard that ship is where he remembered that name. An organization he had dipped his toe into long ago, leaving it quickly at the horrid find he had saw. With no turning back, however, he pushed forward, knowing that he has no other place but here. For now..

"It's funny, really. I can't seem to catch a break, can I?"
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PostSubject: Re: Gez Surmius   Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:43 am

Welcome aboard... Mo Mo

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PostSubject: Re: Gez Surmius   Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:03 am

Hey! I know the artist of dat turian!
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PostSubject: Re: Gez Surmius   

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Gez Surmius
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