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 FACTION: Yoshida Syndicate

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The Yoshida Syndicate is an organization with a long and bloody past. With a family lineage going all the way back to Pre-WWII Japan, the now powerful family started off with roots in Ikebukuro. The now powerful criminal empire was once the smallfry of the Japanese underworld, dealing mostly in entertainment, and sex trafficking. Post WWII the Yoshidas branched out across the globe, getting their hand in many different corporate dealings. With corporate backers, the once small Yoshida family became a superpower by the early 1980's. A hand in every corporate backroom deal and a dollar in every politicians pocket they quickly rose up the ranks.

2033 the Yoshida liquidate all remaining Yakuza clans, and become the Yakuza itself. Any surviving clans go underground. Leaving the Syndicate unopposed.

2149 After more than a hundred years of power the System Alliance is formed. The joint government throws a wrench in the Syndicates organization. Crimes and are now linked and borders are no longer a safe haven. Hundreds of arrest are made, the remaining members of the Yoshida clan flee to Trident, while new criminal empires being to flourish on earth.

2157 The first contact war begins, seeing an opportunity Hachiro Yoshida lines the pockets of weapon and armor manufacturing corporations on Trident. Production and research is sped up helping the war effort while turning a very handsome payout for the Syndicate. Bringing the Yoshida name back into power.

With their newfound wealth, the Syndicate began to buy up land and corporations. Dealing mainly in back room deals, technology, and drug smuggling. Their main base of operations Hiromi city flourishes in wealth and underworld activity. A deadly combination in the right hands.

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FACTION: Yoshida Syndicate
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