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 Lynx's T1 Human Application [Redone]

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PostSubject: Lynx's T1 Human Application [Redone]   Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:36 pm

Steam Name: Lynx_Abydos

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59541686

Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079349100/

RP Experience: Several DarkRP servers with consistent 10+ people populations, staff member of three StarWarsRP servers and high ranking member within 5, a MilitaryRP server, and a MethRP server

Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: N7 is actually a vocational code for the Alliance. The N represents Special forces and then the level of proficiency, with 7 being the highest. Only those who have graduated from the ICS (Interplanetary Combatives Training) are bestowed with this rank.

Character Name: Alexandra Toqeph (Alex)
>Species: Human
>Gender: Female

Age: 21

What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Alex can repair and operate many types of vehicle, whether they be ground, air, or space. She is also extremely proficient with an assault rifle and pistol. Her training with the 103rd's Wolfpack has toughened her to be able to make quick decisions in the heat of battle and also to be able to lead other soldiers, should she need to.

Character Equipment: M-8 Avenger, M-9 Tempest, and M77 Paladin

Moral Alignment: Alexandra Toqeph is Good and Neutral

Strengths: Ambitious and eager to learn. Skilled with assault rifles and heavy pistols. Isn't afraid to point out flaws in logic, whether it's her own or someone else's. Is very good at maintaining and repairing ground, air, and space vehicles.

Weaknesses: Is very lacking with shotguns and long range rifles. Isn't afraid to point out flaws in logic, whether it's her own or someone else's (this can sometimes backfire on her). Alex is sometimes too quick to trust others. She is also still not completely used to her new leg and that can slow her down or even force her to stay behind sometimes.

Character Backstory a.k.a. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):

Alexandra Toqeph was born to a caring mother and an Alliance Marines veteran as her father. Alex's father was a in the First Contact War, he fought through the entirety of the war with the and came home a hero. Alex grew up a single child, but she was not pampered by her parents. They made sure that she knew how to handle several different types of weapons and how to handle herself on a space ship. She was very studious in school and cared for her parents very much. Once she graduated, she committed herself to the Alliance Marines, in honor of her father. She successfully passed all of her tests and was the top ranking cadet in her class. She was then assigned to the 103rd Division as an 18Cs with a small N5 detachment known as the Wolfpack. Within this detachment, she learned how to work with explosives and how to repair and operate various vehicles, ground and air.

Alex spent several years with the Wolfpack, working missions from defending various human colonies to taking out terrorist groups. A few weeks after her 20th birthday, Alex was on a mission with her detachment to disarm a bomb so that another 103rd detachment, Camelot, could safely stage a hostage rescue on a Freighter. What had happened was that a group of Batarian Pirates had hijacked a human freighter which had been returning to the space station, Asteroid X57, with mining equipment. They had planted a small bomb near the engine of the freighter and had sent a ransom to the Systems Alliance for 10 million credits. Instead of giving in to the demands of the pirates, a hostage negotiator was sent in with two detachments of the 103rd aboard the SSV Agincourt. The hostage negotiator then began working on keeping the pirates distracted while the Wolfpack sneaked into the engine room to take care of the bomb. Alex and the Wolfpack quickly dispatched enemy targets in the engine room and located the bomb. Alex rushed over to the bomb and began defusing it. Suddenly, the Wolfpack heard footsteps rushing to the engine room. Alex quickly finished defusing the pirates' bomb before signalling to her Captain that it was safe to evacuate. The Wolfpack then began to exit the freighter onto the shuttle that had been called in when Alex noticed that there was a fail-safe where the bomb was attached to the engine. She was able to quickly disable it but by the time she had gotten up and began running to the shuttle for evac, the Batarian pirates had burst into the room, quickly spotting her and opening fire. Alex sprinted over to the hole in the ship's hull but just as she was jumping for the shuttle, three of the pirates' slugs found their mark, splintering her femur and destroying the motor nerves in her right leg. The Wolfpack was safely evacuated back to the SSV Agincourt while Camelot was sent in to dispatch the pirates and evacuate the freighter. Alex was rushed to a Citadel hospital by a shuttle with the Wolfpack's medic while the rest of the Wolfpack was ordered to stay behind in case they were needed. Alex ended up needing an amputation for her leg and thus was honorably discharged from the Alliance Marines.

The doctors at Huerta Memorial Hospital worked as best they could and were able to replace her damaged leg with a new robotic leg. Alex was put through almost a year of physical conditioning before being allowed to leave the hospital. She decided against going through the vigorous testing to rejoin the Alliance Marines and instead applied for a job on the Citadel's docks. After a few months of dock work and seeing so many different space ships coming and going so freely, she felt a lack of purpose, soon deciding to resign from her job and join the crew of the well known cargo ship, the Geisha.

P.S. The previous post was also edited in the same way as I thought that the change should have been there until I was informed otherwise
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PostSubject: Re: Lynx's T1 Human Application [Redone]   Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:38 pm

It Seems Really Good in my opinion Thumbs up!

also R.I.P. Leg
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PostSubject: Re: Lynx's T1 Human Application [Redone]   Fri Jun 03, 2016 1:13 am

Its a bit touchy here and there, but its good enough.


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PostSubject: Re: Lynx's T1 Human Application [Redone]   

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Lynx's T1 Human Application [Redone]
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