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 Yuri 'Osprey' Garrison, former Cerberus operative turned escapee.

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PostSubject: Yuri 'Osprey' Garrison, former Cerberus operative turned escapee.   Wed May 25, 2016 9:46 pm

Steam Name: Furitaon
Steam ID: shit man I dunno
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068958421/
Rp Experience: All of the experience.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Leviathans were not even supposed to be in the game.

Character Name: Yuri 'Osprey' Garrison
Age: 23
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): All, minus the maintenance.
Character Equipment: One Cerberus Portable shield, One Lieberschaft 2180 shotgun, and one Cerberus-issued Harrier assault rifle. (All of which have been repainted, as bearing the colors of his former employer tend to unsettle his new comrades.
Moral Alignment: (Chaotic Good Hamburger)
Strengths: Due to his 'improvements', courtesy of Cerberus Labs, he is given a physical edge on most of his fellow man. His eyes have been replaced by cybernetics, which aid him in general vision, as well as target acquisition. His muscle fibers have been reinforced with a carbon compound, which aid in their recovery, and overall strength.
Weaknesses: Pieces of his armor cannot be taken off fully, which affects his ability to wear comfortable clothing. He also usually takes a lot of grief from members of other races.
Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!): At the age of 18, Yuri left his home on Earth to join up with the Systems Alliance where by the age of 20, he reached the rank of Lieutenant by means of field-promotion for his feats in the battle of Elysium. This grabbed the attention of the Cerberus corporation, a private military corporation which contacted him. He was all for it, signing on with them shortly after being discharged from the Systems Alliance. He was soon thereafter assigned to [REDACTED] a small colony on the outskirts of the [REDACTED] system. For him, this was just another security gig, but Cerberus had anterior motives. In the middle of the night, he had been snuffed, stripped of his rank, and identity and put to grueling tests, and operation at the hands of Cerberus. He was given the codename 'Osprey'. Luckily for him, his former squadmates learned of his disappearance, and opted to break him out. They went in as security detail, and unfortunately had to eliminate two of Osprey's guards in order to get to him. The base went on full alert. The newly reunited squad attempted to hijack a security shuttle, but it was no good. They were eliminated, except for Osprey and one lucky member of his squad. They escaped, and are still being hunted to this day.
Present day: Osprey has moved on, down his own path, and is now trying to make ends meet working small mercenary gigs. In this instance, he's found new work. Perhaps, this time, he may find a permanent arrangement. He was picked up by the Geisha crew on Oasis station, and a new chapter of his life is about to begin.

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PostSubject: Re: Yuri 'Osprey' Garrison, former Cerberus operative turned escapee.   Fri May 27, 2016 1:13 am

Give me a bit on how you came to the Geisha and consider yourself accepted. We've spoke on this but I really dont want a shell of an armor character. I know you well enough that you wont do this. <3

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Yuri 'Osprey' Garrison, former Cerberus operative turned escapee.
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